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  1. Just saw Scott posting about this game today, gave it a shot and i do like it a lot. Are you still considering tweaking at all or is it a done deal? The main thing i thought could improve is more frequent mines and the boat being more likely to shoot you. In the few times i played my death was always running out of life, never the obstacles. Either way, thanks for making it!
  2. If you still need donor carts for a 2nd round, i have 7 or 8 i'd gladly exchange toward a multicart! Either size is fine.
  3. SOLD thank you! Selling my Atarimax Colecovision SD cart and modded Genesis Controller for Coleco. The multicart has a full SD card, this was for my personal use. Genesis controller was modified to work with Colecovision, keypad 1 is start and 2 is A. SD Cart $110 Controller $30 prices include shipping, paypal only. Thanks!
  4. Great to deal with! Excellent communication, extremly fair prices, and immediate shipping. My Super Cassette Vision collection just got even sweeter!
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