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  1. you might have to replace the RF cord thats hooked up to from the VCS to the switch-box (or adapter) maybe it isn't shielded too well, or it is damaged.
  2. Looks like a Normal Canadian box to me. Whats so special about it? Maybe I haven't seen the other "common" one.
  3. This auction has just given me a great idea. I can sell Photo Quality Paper (you know that nice Ink Jet paper that can cost up to $1 a sheet) I'll sell it on eBay for 1 cent. Surely I will lure people in with the attractive 1 cent price. I will state shipping is $6.00 to ship 1 sheet of photo quality paper anywhere in North America, this will also lure people into buying more than one of my sheets of paper. I will have thousands of these 1 cent sheet paper auctions on eBay. I will also state you can combine auctions to save on shipping. 6 bucks for 1 sheet, might as well pay a little more and get a few extra sheets huh? So you win 50 sheets, damn!!! I got a good deal on eBay. 50 sheets of high quality photo quality paper for only 50 cents. Now, shipping is $6.00 for the first sheet and only $4.00 for each additional sheet. yes you ARE saving on combined shipping. $2.00 savings per sheet to be exact. Hmmmm..buy 50 sheets of paper i'll ship it to you for only $202.00 + 50 cents for the paper. Nice huh??? ohhhh you didn't expect shipping to be $202.00?? Too bad buddy..did you email me about the combined shipping cost??? I don't care WHERES MY MONEY. did you do your research that I was a known scammer? I don't care WHERES MY MONEY. What? You've NEVER watched the Soprano's???? I don't care, WHERES MY MONEY. eBay will protect me since I did say you will SAVE ON SHIPPING in my auction! Did I lie??? No! So what, I am only selling paper!! what is the difference if I'm selling video game cartridges, paper, bottled air -- fergetaboutit! Anyone interested in Webistic's stock?
  4. He's a scammer!!! this guy is a Post Office reseller...he doesn't have any current auctions going now, but one of his older auctions state : "SHIPPING TO USA AND CANADA IS 6 US. LOOK AT MY OTHER AUCTIONS FOR GREAT GAMES. I WILL COMBINE SHIPPING TO REDUCE YOUR SHIPPING COST." when I look at that, I see trying to win more than 1 cartridge because you will save on shipping...it does not say anything about a FLAT RATE PER ITEM! plus I don't see anything in his auction about "handling" charges. Just shipping.
  5. I hear ya...I had a BOXED like new 1050 drive (tested and working) with all the goodies and the thing hit $3.25 ( I think I had a $25 dollar reserve on it) anyway I ended up selling it to someone outside of eBay for $20.00 meanwhile, at the same time people were bidding on used 1050's for $20+ !!!! Anyway, it don' t make sense...all you need is 2 people to compete in a bidding war and the price just shoots up.
  6. Good news!! I did some more experimenting tonight and I managed to fix it by just reheating each of the pins on the TIA chip. I guess there may have been a loose contact somewhere...i also checked the schematic and resoldered any of the parts specific to the Pin 13 on the TIA. Seemed to work as now I have sound... I changed the pots around again with the sound working, and nothing seemed to change at all. What do those pots actually adjust???
  7. Yes that would be great, but I would only need 1 :-) Maybe we can make a deal with those 7800 carts you have?
  8. Thanks, I've tried adjusting the "sound" tower but nothing changed. There is also a pot on the RF mod, but that didn't seem to make any difference either.
  9. While I've had many packages opened by customs I haven't seen any damage done by them. This may be a problem with U.S. Customs and shipping from Canada to the USA. In Canada, a yellow tape will be used to reseal the package - It contains the words "Opened by Canada Customs" Here are some tips for people shipping to Canada from USA: Never underestimate the value of the package, expecially if it is a large or heavy box. Usually the customs person will assume large or heavy should be worth something. This is a problem with vintage stuff like Atari's where there is weight with the power supply etc. and you declare $5.00 for the value. Declare $20 or under for items arriving to Canada. I'm not saying to declare $20.00 for an item worth $150, but if the item is $25, or $30 or perhaps up to $40 you can declare $20.00 that way chances are that the item won't be taxed. If shipping using UPS to Canada watch out with the declared value (anything above $20). UPS will charge $27.00 in fees just to cross the border with your package. A $40 US Dollar value item could end up costing you $35-$40+ more in Customs Brokerage Fees. Avoid UPS at all cost!! When shipping to Canada use USPS (since Canada Post will only charge a $5.00 handling fee when collecting customs charges)
  10. Thanks, the system is really clean and the board looks brand new. Does anyone know which parts on the board are specifically related to the sound output?
  11. I think its real since I recall seeing this before in the late 80s. At the time (In Canada) there were several models available, with and without cartridges back in the late 80s and early 90s. Even some models included 1 or 2 joysticks. I remember you could buy a Jr. for about $49.00 or less Canadian dollars in K-Mart, Zellers, Canadian Tire, Woolworth's etc.
  12. http://www.atariage.com/2600/archives/sche...2600A_High.html There is a schematic there and I found the Sound Adjustment, but I don't have a proper allen key to adjust it yet.. Dunno if that will work
  13. I fixed the color by adjusting the pot, now it looks great but I don't have any sound (still static) what controls the sound output?
  14. I have a 2600 that is just static and the color is well off, there is a hint of color when you power it on, but it fades to dull b&w like color. There is no sound at all, it is all static. I've tried Channel 2 - 3, and different power supplies and RF switch boxes. Anything I can check inside the machine? I have no problem desoldering/soldering any chips etc. as long as I know what I'm looking for.
  15. thanks for all the replies. I'd rather not get boxed / sealed games, mainly because I don't like the fact of opening a sealed game to play it :-( and the added expense in shipping. CPUWIZ: How many do you have? Let me know what titles and how much you want, also, I 'm in Canada so you'd have to be willing to ship here. If not, I can provide you a U.S. address to ship to.
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