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  1. If you go to post 1 in this topic, at the bottom there are 14 st ports that will work with the GD. Star Wars is one of them. CyranoJ says all of them are available for the GD. I was asking where the other ones are.
  2. I thought only the bottom 14 on post 1 was available.
  3. I don’t suppose that anymore of the ST ports are available for the GD? Thanks…
  4. Any update on this? I see the last post was back in 2015.
  5. I don’t suppose anyone is working on porting Starglider and Starglider 2 to the Jag? These were my favorite games on the ST.
  6. Do we now have a set process for ripping the CD’s? If so, can someone articulate it? Thanks,
  7. It won’t read them. Saint has a proprietary format for the files. His conversion tool will convert the images to the correct format.
  8. Until Saint releases a new update to the GD, it doesn’t support CD game play. In his tweets, he indicated that his conversion tool will support CloneCD. No other information has be provided since. The best guess is the appropriate way to rip the cd’s is with the data option, but until it is released and Saint gives the official information, you’re own you own
  9. Crossbow just did the recap and power circuit replacement on my Lynx. His charge for doing the work is very reasonable and his work and communication was excellent. Anyone that needs to have their vintage electronics worked on, I can highly recommend him. Ken
  10. I’m using Clone CD and I picked they Data option.
  11. These are what I got: Battlemorph - 615.5 MB Hover Strike - 415 MB Vid Grid - 732.4 MB Blue Lightning - 546.1 MB
  12. The JagGD supports a custom format. Saint will provide a tool to convert the image file to that format.
  13. Hey, it gives us something to do . Saint did say his conversion tool supports clonecd so in case I got it right, I now have 20 CD games converted
  14. Saint said that his tool supported CloneCD. He told me today on Twitter that it will convert ccd and cdi image files. CCD is CloneCD. CDI I think is Diskjuggler. Ken
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