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  1. No free time to play Atari this week, either. No play makes Weird Paul a dull boy.
  2. I'm glad this one is two weeks because I haven't had any free time to play them this week!
  3. Yeah it would take one of your pieces away (even though it couldn't have made a move allowing it to do so). My dad used to yell at it when it did that (video chess was "his" atari game.
  4. Made it to 6,210. One game I really hated was Video Chess. The computer player actually cheated at times, which would really get you riled up!
  5. Today I feel like saying this is the game I hate the most. After many games I could still only achieve 3490. I'll try again another day this week.
  6. This game has been pretty hard for me. I was able to score 14,760. I may give it one more try on Saturday.
  7. Thanks a lot! I appreciate you letting me in on the "how-to" for the situation! I was able to go back and edit my post.
  8. I'm a new kid on the block. I didn't have much free time this week, I only had time to play two games. I got 7,000 on the first game and then 46,860 on the second one. I'm pretty happy about that because I haven't played Atari in years. I'm glad to get back into playing again and participating in the club!
  9. Thanks! Yeah that's for sure - I was 9 years old then and had probably never even heard of Atari!
  10. Thanks for the shout out! Great Miner 2049er avatar, by the way!
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