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  1. I just found a literal Easter Egg!!!! If anyone wants to know where hit me up directly. Don’t want to spoil this for anyone. So awesome!!!
  2. Tip: Save your bombs and use your bullets in the unicycle stage (if you have unlimited ammo) That said, anyone know how to kill the black unicycle that deflects back bullets?
  3. I seriously love this game. It’s like a mix of Pitfall meets Super Mario Bros. I know I am going to bed looking forward to taking another crack at it tomorrow. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  4. Is that the item at the other end of the car with skull and crossbones that you have to use a parachute to cross? If not, what is that thing? I probably should upload an image. 😂
  5. first and foremost thank you all for many of these tips. This has helped. Q: how/where do you get unlimited ammo?
  6. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the rarity of two carts I found in the wild. I was not familiar with the MSX system, but the carts intrigued me because one was in arabic, the other japanese, so i grabbed them. Konami Nemesis River Raid River of No Return Any info would be appreciated. Late, p
  7. still available. $8 + shipping and she's yours late,
  8. Make me an offer PM if interested. Late, p
  9. Includes: Protecto Cover, all connections/PSU, Jupiter Lander, Road Race, Display Manager, HES MON/Instructions, Programmers Aid/Instructions, PPP 8K RAM, 16K RAM, Super Expander/Instructions, Expansion Interface/Instructions, Intro to Basic Book & Cassettes, Reference Guide, Protecto 80 Diskette, Vic Calc 80 Diskette/Instructions, Protecto 80 Cassette, Smash up Derby Cassette, Box and Original Store Reciept from K-Mart Everything is in excellent condition, however case opens in back, right hand internal snap connection(I don't know what you would call it) is missing. $30/OBO + shipping/insurance PM if interested late, p
  10. For Sale: TMNT II: $5 Marble Madness: $5 Spy Hunter: $5 Double Dribble: $3 PM if interested late, p
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