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  1. After seeing the controller in action, could we please get modern versions of Gyruss and Time Pilot? Those games would play really well with the disc! Both games are still a blast to play, but the arcade originals had Monroe joysticks, and standard joysticks don't do them justice. The Amico controller is perfect though. You have to admit Tommy, that Gyruss soundtrack is still amazing.
  2. For the Pac-Man MyArcade unit, it's a shame they went with the crappy dpad/joystick combo. I'd happily pay $40 for one if it had a joystick like the Space Invaders unit. It's cool that it's using the arcade rom, but I think the dpad makes all of the MyArcade units look weird, and not like real mini arcade units.
  3. It looks like QVC raised the price to $112.50 + $12.50 shipping. Definitely not worth it when you can spend a little more to get the 4 game version. So much for $99...
  4. I own quite a few Arcade1up cabinets, but I would sell them all for my Atgames Legends. Better support, better quality, better value, and versatility. Instead of trying to repackage and sell me a few more games, Atgames keeps adding value and options. Now that I upgraded the art on my cabinet, it is perfect. The built in games are way better than people give it credit for, and the new Taito games just knock it out of the park. Adding my own games is as simple as loading up a flash drive, and OTG mode means I can even run PC games. With new options and accessories coming soon, it's hard to compete with what Atgames is offering. Anyone looking to buy an arcade cabinet should seriously consider this one!
  5. Double Dragon for the 2600 and 7800 Hat Trick for the 7800 (loved the arcade version) Mat Mania Challenge for the 7800 Defender for the 2600 (I did play this a lot as a kid though!) Donkey Kong for Intellivision Burgertime for 2600
  6. I think you guys are doing a better job of making my point than I am! Yes, 8 to 10 dollar games is huge. I also think that pick up and play sports games could be system sellers. It's hard to think of a modern baseball game that wouldn't put your family to sleep! Every year before the Superbowl, I hook up Tecmo Superbowl and have a mini tournament with my family. Even the non-gamers can figure it out and have fun. If I tried to do that with the latest Madden, we wouldn't even get past the menus! Just give us some pick up and play, fun sports titles and I think that might win over an untapped market. Intellivison had the best football game on the market all the way up until Tecmo Bowl came out on the 8-bit systems. Even the M-Network version on the 2600 was a lot of fun.
  7. On the Vectrex, the homebrew Asteroids does have the large glowing shots. Definitely not an exaggeration on a real vector monitor. Unfortunately, I think it might not look great on the small screen. The graphics on the Arcade1up Asteroids look pretty bad and on my Legends Ultimate they look even worse. The only way they look decent is if you emulate with AdvanceMame, and even then, it's not the same without the real vector glow.
  8. Great point! If this just had a standard controller with analog sticks or a snes clone, I'd probably be less enthusiastic. The disc on the controller looks really promising with games like Pong and Breakout. I bought an AtGames Legends Cabinet, which is awesome by the way, and the two spinners are so much fun. Tron, Super Breakout, Circus Atari, Warlords, get lots of play on the cabinet. And the screens can really add to the experience. I actually loved the overlays on the original system because they personalized many of the games.
  9. I keep seeing videos where people say the Amico needs a killer app. I also see a lot of people saying Skiing looks amazing and they are really excited for it...and it's a pack in game...and so are Astrosmash and Shark! Shark! As an Intellivision fan, those three games alone make for a killer app. Cornhole and Farkle are just icing on the cake, and we even have another pack in game yet to be announced. I didn't get any pack in games with my XBOX One, PS4, or Switch. Honestly, Skiing alone makes me want to buy the system. I still play Skiing on my 2600 and Intellivison, and I haven't found a modern Skiing game out there that is as much fun. Let's keep talking about killer apps though. Cloudy Mountain and Night Stalker look fantastic, and we've seen gameplay. These look to be well into development. Then we get Moon Patrol, an absolute arcade classic, and we can already get a taste of the gameplay on our phones. As a retro gamer, just hearing those titles makes me excited. And before someone calls me out for nostalgia, these retro games are actually still fun to play and totally hold up. I'm not worried about the gameplay for these classics, and the graphics are appropriately scaled up for modern gamers who want a fun experience. I agree that maybe there is still some polish to be done on the graphics, but these are all still in development. Let's talk surprises. Evel Knieval and Space Strike. I had zero interest in Evel Knievel--until I saw the gameplay and stylized graphics. Seems like a winner. But then, out of nowhere, Space Strike is shown and it looks like Rocket League for retro gamers! Let's talk about future games. Earthworm Jim 4. Do we need to say more about this one? Graphics looked promising, beloved franchise, still recognizable even today. MLB Baseball could be great as well. Name the last "fun" baseball game since the 16-bit era? Maybe "The Bigs" or "Mario Baseball," but games like Sony's "The Show" would put my family to sleep! And personally I can't wait for Asteroids because I'm a huge fan. And I love that game. And it still holds up. I think my long rambling point is that a new console can't survive on nostalgia alone, it needs multiple fun games to play. I can be very honest about games that I used to play and love that don't hold up anymore. This happens in all media. Try watching that "hilarious" movie or television show from your youth and maybe it's surprisingly no longer entertaining. I think what we've seen already is a promising library of games that should be a lot of fun to play. I understand that most of us have not even had a chance to play these games yet, but I haven't played any of the upcoming new games on the next gen consoles either. The list of Amico games that have already been announced have gameplay styles that absolutely still hold up, and that's "killer app" enough for me.
  10. I already have an Arcade1up Space Invaders cabinet, so I'm only interested in the MyArcade version for the mirrored screen.
  11. I agree with Bill, the mirror is what makes the game unique.
  12. Ordered Space Invaders today. I want the company to keep making products like this, so I figured I should support them. Give us Asteroids Deluxe with button controls next!
  13. Hi Tommy, I was hoping to hear more about the following games in the recent announcement video: 1. 10-yard Fight 2. Beauty and the Beast 3. Bocce 4. Bowling 5. Burgertime 6. Cosmic Ark 7. Demon Attack 8. Dracula 9. Dragon Fire 10. Football 11. Hockey 12. Ice Trek 13. Lode Runner 14. Spelunker 15. Utopia Could you please provide the following information: Are all of these games actually in development? If not, are they not currently planned and were only rumors? Are any of these coming out at launch? How soon will we see screenshots or gameplay from any of these games? Sorry for all of the questions! It would really be helpful if you could offer some perspective on this. I think many of us would like to see some of the old Imagic games like Demon Attack and Dragon Fire be confirmed. Thank you for your time!
  14. I would buy Asteroids Deluxe if it had the mirror and button controls, for sure!
  15. I agree, when I played Space Invaders in the arcades back in the day, it had buttons. I would prefer that, but at least this unit doesn't have the stupid dpad like the other ones do.
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