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  1. Thanks for the response Tommy! Can the games be backed up as well?
  2. This is my most anticipated console in a very long time. I do like modern games, but I will buy this before I even consider the next Sony/Microsoft consoles. The console design, controllers, family and fun focus, and game lineup are all outstanding. I own and collect for the majority of U.S. released game consoles, and I can safely say that this has great potential. I have one important question for Tommy. As an owner of the Ouya (I know this is different) and various delisted digital games, my concern is for the future. As a collector, I want to keep all of my old consoles, and still play the games well into the future. Even a big, successful company may have to eventually stop supporting a project, or lose a particular license. What assurances can be given to customers that games will not be restricted by DRM or no longer available after the console's life cycle? I feel like this is the only thing holding back digital only downloads. I know the Ouya is in some ways a bad example, but with the store gone, and aggressive DRM on many of the games, people who legitimately own those games can no longer play them. If the Amico team committed to freeing all purchased content in the event of the store closing, I really think this machine would be a big hit. Without that worry, and the affordable price and great game selection, it would be hard to beat. Just my two cents. I'm buying one no matter what. However, I could see myself investing significantly more on games knowing they are secure and that I'll never lose access.
  3. I would love to know the answer as well. I would love to see pc engine cd and 32x support added. MSX would be cool too.
  4. No argument here. it's an excellent port, and very impressive for 1984. It is way better than the nes port as well. I guess my only semantic hangup was the phrase "arcade perfect," but I admit, that was my bad. I do kind of think the snes version of Joust, and maybe even the Sega Genesis one might be better than the 7800. They did come out much later though. I'm also not sure if those are emulated. I wouldn't think so, given the hardware, but it's hard to say.
  5. Yikes! I can't stand the 7800 version of Galaga. Still, I think it's interesting to see what version people like best. For example, I like the TI version of Burgertime even more than the arcade, but I know it's not an accurate port. To me, it's just more fun. I can see what you are saying about Galaga on the 7800, even though it's no fun to me. I actually like the nes and PS1 versions better. However, now that I have an Arcade1up Galaga machine, I play that version the most.
  6. I respectfully disagree. The sound and resolution are noticeably downgraded. I play the arcade version all the time at the Arcade Museum in Daytona Beach. I think we should be more judicious with the phrase "arcade perfect"
  7. Got Galaga for $125 today. Nice machine, and I think worth the price!
  8. Well, I have a really small house and one full size arcade machine already. I did some rearranging today, and found some room!
  9. Got Asteroids and Centipede for $75 each. Don't really have room for them, but hard to pass up for that price!
  10. Thanks for the info! I was convinced that either my cart or the system was defective! Much appreciated 👍
  11. These are amazing and well worth it: https://retrofighters.com/#home
  12. Ghouls n Ghosts is really good for the Master System and somewhat unique. Wonderboy 2 is amazing as well. Hidden gems: Black Belt, Ghost House, Teddy Boy, My Hero, Fantasy Zone: The Maze, Cyborg Hunter, Penguin Land, Ghostbusters (best version), Zillion II, Alien Syndrome, Enduro Racer
  13. Don't know about anyone else, but I love the mini so far. Having a ton of fun with it. I still have my original C64, so if I want the authentic CRT experience, I have it!
  14. A few questions: Is the Flashback 9 Gold the same as the hdmi standard Flashback 9? (other than the wireless controllers and 10 extra ganes) Also, with the custom firmware, do either of these games work: Stay Frosty 2, Space Rocks?
  15. I've been trying to find a St. Nick cartridge for years!
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