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  1. Will they be using RFID cards for the physical games?
  2. I'm having trouble deciding on what color to go with. I usually hate wood grain (my 2600 is a Vader!) but the woodgrain Amico looks nice! The white is also cool, but then so is the black. As long as I get in on the VIP edition (missed out on the Founder's), I'm good. Question for Tommy, will the patch from the Founder's edition become available for purchase? I'd love a patch to go with my new system, just sayin...
  3. I finally unsubscribed to Pat and Ian. Not a fan of negativity. I play games for fun, not mean spirited conversations. I won't let Internet hater culture ruin my excitement for a cool new game system!
  4. Looking forward to screenshots or a trailer for Beauty and the Beast and also Dracula.
  5. If Bowling has traditional controls, I'm in! Motion controls are fine as long as they are optional. I didn't see Hockey announced yet, but I would love to see an old school hockey game like Blades of Steel.
  6. Here is my list of must have Amico games (includes pack-in games and ones I will definitely buy): Asteroids Astrosmash Beauty and the Beast Burgertime Cloudy Mountain Crown of Kings Cosmic Ark Demon Attack Dracula Dragon Fire Earthworm Jim 4 Football Ice Trek Lode Runner Moon Patrol Night Stalker Shark Shark! Skiing Tron Deadly Discs I'm sure I'll be interested in others as well, but these are my must buys right now!
  7. Intellivision is a fun, unique console, with a manageable library and modest costs for most games.
  8. Anyone know why Atari 2600 Flashback controllers don't work with this? I thought they were basically almost the same as the originals. Also, does the new Trooper 2600 joystick work with this? It's weird that my original works fine, but my Flashback and even my Wico bat top stick does not.
  9. I'd buy a Bally Astrocade mini--but not too many other people would! I'd like to see a 7800 mini with most of the original release games and some homebrews. Also, the European style controllers, not the painlines!
  10. For some reason I find hitting in Tommy Lasorda Baseball really difficult. I like the graphics and style, but that part is just frustrating I think Sports Talk Baseball actually plays the best, so that is the one I recommend.
  11. I finally got around to ordering a colusb from overseas. Still having the same issue with corrupted graphics. For example, in Frenzy the shots have weird lines going through them. So, now I have a modern power supply, AV mod, and new power switch, cleaned the cartridge slot and power supply port with Deoxit, and still issues! It was weird because I got it to work fine for a couple games, and then it went right back to the graphics issues. Sometimes the title screens would have weird colors, lines through sprites, corrupted graphics, etc. Does that mean I have a VDP issue? If so, how would I fix it? Would installing these be the solution: https://console5.com/store/colecovision-5v-memory-upgrade-kit.html Seems like a test for my soldering skills, for sure! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. I just ordered one from that website over the weekend. I did have to pay tax for some reason ($10) and I also paid $3 extra for expedited shipping. I just got tired of waiting! If it doesn't eventually get released in the United States, I'll be glad I got one while they are still in stock.
  13. Thanks for the response Tommy! Can the games be backed up as well?
  14. This is my most anticipated console in a very long time. I do like modern games, but I will buy this before I even consider the next Sony/Microsoft consoles. The console design, controllers, family and fun focus, and game lineup are all outstanding. I own and collect for the majority of U.S. released game consoles, and I can safely say that this has great potential. I have one important question for Tommy. As an owner of the Ouya (I know this is different) and various delisted digital games, my concern is for the future. As a collector, I want to keep all of my old consoles, and still play the games well into the future. Even a big, successful company may have to eventually stop supporting a project, or lose a particular license. What assurances can be given to customers that games will not be restricted by DRM or no longer available after the console's life cycle? I feel like this is the only thing holding back digital only downloads. I know the Ouya is in some ways a bad example, but with the store gone, and aggressive DRM on many of the games, people who legitimately own those games can no longer play them. If the Amico team committed to freeing all purchased content in the event of the store closing, I really think this machine would be a big hit. Without that worry, and the affordable price and great game selection, it would be hard to beat. Just my two cents. I'm buying one no matter what. However, I could see myself investing significantly more on games knowing they are secure and that I'll never lose access.
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