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  1. For me, it's: 1. Demon Attack 2. Beauty and the Beast 3. Microsurgeon I love Demon Attack on the 2600, Intellivision, and TI 99/4A, so I'm a little biased. Beauty and the Beast has a lot of gameplay potential as a modern Donkey Kong style game. I own Microsurgeon, but I could never really get into it, but I know it is very popular. Dragonfire is also still a popular game. I've had young people gravitate towards that one. It is unique and sort of a hidden gem. Dracula could be fun as well.
  2. Question #1: Thunder Castle Question #2: Either one is fine
  3. The original RBI Baseball for NES is still really fun! I can't get into modern baseball games, and I don't follow the sport anymore, but I'm always down for a classic baseball video game. I'd also like to add Space Strikers to my must buy list. Hopefully it's a launch title, but that might be wishful thinking.
  4. I hope this is a launch game. I'll definitely buy it!
  5. I think holiday releases are always more exciting. I have plenty of games in my backlog to keep me busy until October. Looking forward to a hot new game system around the holidays brings me back to my childhood, so I'm happy with the delay. We should have a solid lineup of launch games and more time to work out the bugs. I do wish we could get an update on physical media soon. I feel like we have been waiting a bit too long for that information to come out. No complaints though!
  6. Fortunately, Shark! Shark!, Astrosmash, and Skiing come with the system. I believe the pricing structure for games is $2.99 - $9.99, so games won't be any higher than that. I think Tommy did say that $2.99 is possible for some titles, but not likely.
  7. I'm already starting to think about my budget for the Amico's launch day. I'm assuming $10 for each game, but hoping some of the ones I want are cheaper. Here is my preliminary list: Will buy on day one: 1. Cloudy Mountain 2. Battle Tanks 3. Breakout 4. Evel Knievel 5. Finnigan Fox 6. MLB Baseball 7. Moon Patrol 8. Night Stalker 9. Nitro Derby 10. Pong Depends on the price: 1. Biplanes (though this could be upgraded to must buy once I see more) 2. Snafoo Probably some games that haven't been announced yet that will make the list as well!
  8. I'll be fine even if the Amico is delayed until holiday 2021. I've still got plenty of things to play until then. However, a delay to 2022 would be very disappointing.
  9. Tommy, have you seen the new Space Invaders Forever collection for the Nintendo Switch? I feel like all three games would work great with the Amico controller. Gigamax already has four player support, and the Arkanoid vs. Space Invaders game could probably be adapted for tv mode. These look like great pick up and play, modern takes on the classics.
  10. Wow, this is perfect! Thank you!
  11. Although I have a physical Ti and lots of cartridges, I thought it would be fun to test out emulation through Retropie. I've got quite a few games working, but I'm struggling with games like Bigfoot, since I can only find the rom in .bin, not .ctg. Can the .bin files be converted to .ctg? Bigfoot has been my elusive physical cartridge!
  12. Tried again tonight and got all of my joysticks working! Maybe I had bad firmware before? Anyway, all good now!
  13. Yes, I have an older Atari joystick that works fine with it. However, the Wico Boss, Flashback 2, and the Wico Atari Command Control do not. I'll check out the new firmware when I get home and try again.
  14. I think we are all anxious to hear more about physical media. As someone who owns three Intellivision consoles and lots of cartridges, I can safely say that the collector mentality is different than that of the general consumer. Don't get me wrong, I love Steam, and use that for PC gaming. But for old school style gaming, there is comfort in knowing that twenty years from now, my games will still work, long after the servers may have closed, and the companies may have moved on! Whatever the solution is for Amico, I hope it means that games will still work, long into the future! If we are still playing games made in the 70's, there's a good chance we'll want to fire up Amico Tron in 2040!
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