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  1. Space Strikers Intellivision Pool Evel Knievel Finnigan Fox Dynablaster Missile Command
  2. Hot Take: The 70's sucked (I was there) and I hate wood grain electronics! That's right, I said it! I owned a Vader 2600 like the rest of the cool kids. To answer the question, black is my favorite.
  3. Thanks for the music Tommy! Such a great gift!
  4. Tommy already knows I want Sneaky Sasquatch, lol! Sneaky Sasquatch trailer By the way, how do you insert a Youtube Video into a post? I don't see the option, but probably missed it!
  5. The disc controller makes the Amico unique and negates the "just buy a Nintendo Switch" argument. It's funny because the hybrid functionality of the Nintendo Switch also negates the "just buy a PS4/XBOX One" argument! I'm also excited to have a console that is pick up and play when I have non gamers over.
  6. Thanks for the clarification! Hopefully the Amico ski lift will be in service this holiday season.
  7. Tommy, I preordered a VIP edition last March, not a Founders Edition. Are VIP's part of the preorders you are trying to fulfill in 2021, or just the Founders Editions? I'm fine with another delay, but please also consider some of us have to budget for the final purchase (and hopefully lots of games) and after three missed launch dates, a realistic launch window for preorders would be helpful, especially if it is around the holidays.
  8. As an old school Intellivision fan, of course Night Stalker and Cloudy Mountain are my killer apps! Wish they were launch day, but I think they are scheduled to release before the end of the year (assuming the system launches this year). I'm also a huge Asteroids fan, so I can't wait for that one as well. For launch day games, man Skiing looks super fun to me! Astrosmash and Shark! Shark! are also looking like great fun, and all three come with the system! I will say though that the old Imagic games are some of my favorites too, and having Dracula, Demon Attack, Beauty and the Beast, and Dragonfire would be amazing--sooner, rather than later!
  9. I know there is some anxiety about launch right now, but I'm more excited to talk about the games. The whole thing might get delayed again, but I'm still interested in the games that will eventually launch with the system or come out soon after. Right now I'm most hyped for the following: Launch Day Games Astrosmash Battle Tanks Biplanes Evel Knievel Finnigan Fox MLB Baseball Moon Patrol Nitro Derby Pong Shark! Shark! Skiing Launch Window Games Asteroids Breakout Cloudy Mountain Night Stalker There are others I might consider as well once we see more footage, and I may change my mind about games like MLB Baseball if I don't like what I see in the final product. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but that's a whole lot of great games to keep me busy in the launch window. What's on your launch games hype list, and do you think I'm missing any potential must haves?
  10. Tommy, Is there more footage you can share of Biplanes? It's one of the games that is getting a physical release and is a launch game, but I feel like I know the least about it. Maybe I missed it, but I haven't seen much footage of this game. How is the single player mode? It feels like a game that would be great for multiplayer, but I'm not sure about the single player experience.
  11. I'd buy Asteroids on day one as well
  12. I think it's unlikely that the Amico comes out this year, as much as I want it to. As long as we get some more information about the launch games and also the physical media soon, I'm fine with waiting until the system is ready to launch the right way. Maybe April 2022 is a more realistic goal.
  13. It was a nice video for the general public. A few very brief glimpses at stuff like Dolphin and Flying Tigers, but not much else for this group. I do like the idea of bringing my games to a friend's house through the controller. I really wish we got the physical media reveal though!
  14. The artwork for these physical releases looks fantastic! Remember the lame artwork for the early Sega Master System Games? I do--I grew up with it!
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