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  1. Hi All, finally just about ready to add the TIPI card to the Hidden Reef BBS P-Box for mass storage of the Up/Down load section. During the process of getting this change going I came across a handy little reference board for the 40 pin connector of the Raspberry PI 3B+ at >adafruit.com<. Might be a neat little item to have laying on the bench for those that do much playing around with the Rasberry.
  2. The joys of being a SYSOP. I found the Hidden Reef, a BBS that never crashes, unresponsive today due to flaky IDE operation. So now the up/down load section is not available until I get the parts together and install SCSI to run the up/down loads available again. SYSOPs have all the fun. :)
  3. Rave 99 was one of the companies I got the rights to when I bought out Cecure. I have one of the Rave 99 P-Boxes that actually works. I might have an owners manual but I'm not sure why anyone would want one since any boards used with it needed their power supplies removed from them. This caused much confusion in the community and countless MYARC, CorComp and TI boards were ruined when those boards were removed from the Rave 99 P-Box and installed into TI P-Boxes. As far as I know there are no existing drawings and/or manuals available for the Rave 99 P-Box.
  4. I seem to recall being told by someone who knew way more about ttl logic than I that the TMS9901 is a chip that actually "wears out" over time. Hard for me to understand how something with no "moving parts" can wear out but when I think about cards that use the TMS9901, the CorComp RS232 for instance, I believe it.
  5. Ditto what atrax27407 typed.
  6. I remember the last time I was typing with him when he got a Geneve setup from me he was typing about the "RoHS" standard and how much reflow work he was doing for Atari/Nintendo.
  7. All EPROM versions prior to 1.6 may or may not work but are more likely to work using the Geneve than the 99/4a. The 1.6 EPROM should not be used without the complete upgrade which requires different hardware modding for each card in the series.
  8. I think I explained the WHT SCSI controller history here on AA in an SCSI thread a while back so a search for the long version of the history can be found if needed. Here's the short version on the WHT SCSI controller series history. I was the authorized WHT repair/upgrade station here in the USA until Competition Computer bought the rights for the WHT SCSI series "E", "F" and "G" boards. At that point Don requested I ship all remaining boards/chips I had to him and he shipped that inventory to Competition Computer as part of the sale. At this point any upgrades/runs of boards will need the permission of Competition Computer. Although many of the original "E", "F" and "G" cards did function on the Geneve most did not on the 99/4a. The 1.6 upgrade gave all three card verisons very stable operation characteristics with all available popular hard drives including ZIP and Syquest EZ-135 units. Hope this helps.
  9. Just for giggles shift338 do you have the correct orientation with the three resistor packs at location R1, R2 and R3?
  10. With the renewed interest in BBS exploration using old school hardware and a landline @110 baud through 56K connection speed the Hidden Reef BBS is found at 718-448-9402 running on real TI hardware 24/7. The Hidden Reef has a large download area for TI Geneve users to download directly to their 99/4a or Geneve. Once on the user's machine all that is necessary is to unarchive the file and run it the same as users would normally do with any native 99/4a/Geneve file. The Hidden Reef BBS is dedicated to the TI, CC40 and Geneve family of computers but all retro machine users are welcome. Enjoy your BBS travels, Richard Bell, SYSOP
  11. The latest version of Fred's DSR V12 is available for download on the Hidden Reef BBS 718-448-9402 24/7 for those that still have an old school 110 baud to 56k modem and land line hooked up to there 99/4a.
  12. Good point Mizapf. There are a few bug fixes after DSR V07 and everyone should be using DSR V12 now.
  13. How far are you from a decision? Weeks? Months? Is the "bare board only" still an option? I know you have the Genie 2.0 project going too so it's a time jam I'm sure.
  14. There are a few design problems with this controller card like many designs problems don't exist until the design makes it out into actual use. The 10K resistor location next to the heat sink at the bottom right corner needs to be placed away from the back edge of the card as it often gets knocked off when the card is inserted into the P-Box. I can't tell you how many of those I replaced for TIers that often swap cards in and out.
  15. This is a pic of the IDE controller with compact flash that has been running 24/7 for almost a decade in the Hidden Reef BBS P-Box and holds the up/down load files.
  16. Check with Ksarul on this as I recall he started a thru hole project for this IDE controller a year or two ago.
  17. Hi matthew180, the BQ4852YMC-85 carries the 512k SRAM on board so there is no need for a 512k SRAM at location IC23.
  18. Hi Fred, there is supply of BQ4852YMC-85 but Rochester electronics instead of no longer available Texas Instruments. https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/rochester-electronics-llc/BQ4852YMC-85/2156-BQ4852YMC-85-TI-ND/11538020
  19. My favorite solution for the IDE has always been the bq4852YMC-85 like the one listed here. The TI has gone obsolete but the Rochester one is still available. https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/rochester-electronics-llc/BQ4852YMC-85/2156-BQ4852YMC-85-TI-ND/11538020
  20. Looking forward to getting an assembled version for my SNUG sys. The monitor I have on it now has started rolling when it's cold.
  21. Will this be a parts kit or prebuilt unit? Just curious was it the capacitors that went bad on the monitor?
  22. If it's just the 4464's you think are bad you might be able to test the two socketted chips in your programmer and see if they are good. If they test good and you have to desolder the other 4464's don't forget to heatsink the chip temporarily while desoldering. Then once you have the chip out you can install sockets to make things easier in the future if problems return.
  23. I agree, I also understand the limits of today's SNUG. They got overwhelmed by the USA market for the SGCPU series. They were not that many people to begin with and certainly not in existence as a business. I seem to recall one SNUG member getting over a hundred e-mails in one day. Some wound up burned out and I'm not sure how many members make up the club today or if the club still meets. I wish SNUG ASCSI2 DSR code weren't proprietary and could be made available to trusted TIer's. I have an ASCSI2 sitting here that I got for repair and about 3 WHT "G," which is also proprietary, with fried programmable logic needing repair. At one point I was told I would get some PLD's in a shipment of the EVPC2 cards when they came out but that shipment never came to pass. I still have some Lattice IspLSI 2064A chips I ordered for the "G" cards at the time. My last contact with SNUG was when I sold the remaining SNUG SPVMC stock I had in the USA here on AA.
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