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  1. Vocelli, thank you SO much for your work, what a blast, I'll be here in August:)
  2. WELL stated and totally agree
  3. You wanna get nuts? Lets get NUTS:) Edit: Novastar contacted Satan through his 2600 And I'm totally out of running having missed Barnstorming, hope u guys dont mind me posting score:)
  4. NADS this is literally WORLD RECORD impressive, congratulations man. But will OldManG answer?
  5. HOLY CRAP this is incredible, screens on Facebook group
  6. Jason that was a CHAMP of an awesome go, congrats, and SO impressive OldManG, congratulations both, big time
  7. WHOA thats nice work, congrats! You see OldManG's score in Gold thread?
  8. I'm trying:) I will have my revenge on the psychedelic peacock
  9. Activision: KUNG FU MASTER, Commando Arcade: TAPPER, Phoenix, Bump n Jump, Ms Pac Man, Berzerk Never Played HSC: no idea! Paddle Games: Astroblast, Circus Atari Homebrew: Draconian, Seaweed Assault Would like to play: MOONSWEEPER, TURMOIL, above homebrews, Super Cobra Arcade
  10. sad but I must concede, too busy and this game is kicking my butt! One of those games I just cant get the rhythm of, not to mention the programming/hit detection:) I concede, good luck Jason! Nice score BTW
  11. ugh it had to be Kangaroo *shudder*
  12. Spriggy thank you so much man, really neat gesture to the community!
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