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  1. thanks I congratulate classicgamer for puting up some good competition!
  2. Stampede 3644 After an hour sucky scores become all better.
  3. oh geez... classic gamer got really good at dolphin... and i cant play stampede. we'll see if i can get any better at dolphin
  4. Pro tip: Try not to lose your first life until about 100k. Afterwords, lives dont matter. Well I achieved my goal of getting highest atariage dragonfire score, and my highest recorded score. Hopefully I'll get 300k next, even though that would take too long. 225740.
  5. What about Todd Rogers? he had like 1.5 million. And, If I remember correctly, I'm pretty sure I got 250k once, but that took like 1hr and a half.
  6. 118620. Apparently I still have it in me, despite not playing in a while. Hopefully I'll beat frostbite76s score.
  7. Now I am freakin awesome at this game! This is going to be my week! You guys will have nothing on me!
  8. According to TG, Capitan classic has a world record right now, but he has to be playing on a console. Great job Capitan!
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