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  1. You would think!!! This is the first time I’ve heard of it and I’ve been to Florence (it was back in 87’ but they’ve been doing this since the 16th century!) That is a good question about the fighting because the link RxScram put up describes it as a combination of soccer, rugby, and wrestling, but it looks more like MMA!
  2. What the actual f***!!! That is the craziest sport I’ve ever seen!!!
  3. Correct, the pre-orders (FE and VIP) are Golden Ticket gift cards to be used in the online store for games or merch.
  4. At this point I feel they are so deep into their stance against the Amico that they can’t change it without losing face to their devotees. That is why they will never accept your offer of an interview (public or private) or come into IE offices to do a hands on no matter how sincere you appeal to them.
  5. Yeah, it could be the angle. The concave part seems to be shallow.
  6. Doesn’t that Classic Controller look a bit odd? All the prototypes shown had the part inside the orange ring to be concave and here it is even with the rest of the controller body. It doesn’t look like the stick has any space to actually move. It looks photoshopped to me. Has there been any footage of anyone even using the Classic Controller?
  7. So, I was an Atari guy (still am) and then went onto PC gaming which is what I play on to this day. I have never played an Intellivision game ( I am a collector and own a bunch of games, just no console!), so my choices are strictly based on the new versions shown in the gameplay trailers: Cloudy Mountain - I love adventure (all the Sierra/Dynamix games were the best!) and D&D/RPG Games. Biplanes - I don’t recall seeing a trailer for this, maybe just one second in the first trailer. I am into planes and I have seen gameplay of the original and it looks fun. Baseball - No footage of either of these, so I would go with Baseball Bowling - Again, I don’t think there has been footage of this one yet, but Wii bowling was a big hit in our house. It got my wife to play video games with me (well, just that one game!). I’m hoping this one will get her to play again and have better motion control than the Wii had. Safe Cracker - Not knowing how the originals played, and only seeing the gameplay for this one is why I selected it. Auto Racing - This one reminds me of the Atari Indy arcade game I used to play a lot of back in the day. Breakout - These are Atari ports so yeah I know them well! Breakout just looks fantastic in it’s Amico reimagined form. This is what I think of a reimagined version to be, familiar but with a new twist.
  8. What a moronic thing to say. I personally know of 5 people who had COVID, various ages and it hit them all with different results. The oldest one died of it.
  9. To all the fathers out there, happy Father’s Day. So, my dad wasn’t a big gamer, but there were a few games he got into. In the mid/late seventies he would love playing Tank and Gun Fight with my brother and me when we would go to the boardwalk arcades in Wildwood, NJ for vacation every summer. At that time Pong was the big home console and of course we wanted one for Christmas. In his infinite wisdom he convinced us to wait until they came out with a console that you could change the games with cartridges. Of course we were like, what is he talking about, how are they going to do that (I was 11 and handheld games, digital watches, and calculators were the extent of my electronic knowledge). I don’t know how he knew that companies were working on cartridge based systems, but he was an electrical engineer at IBM and worked on power systems for their mainframes. Maybe being in that field he was in touch with the electronics field at the time. So, when the Atari VCS came out we got one for Christmas. The fact that it came with Combat was icing on the cake. We later purchased Outlaw and my father would play those two games with us all the time.
  10. Thanks Tommy, I will do that. Kevin assisted me with my order and was extremely helpful. Starpaddler & Swami thanks for your input as well.
  11. I’m a little disappointed about the Golden tickets. I ordered a hoodie back in March, never received the Golden Ticket 🙁. Lost in the Mail? Order missed due to third party handling the merch orders and COVID mayhem? Don’t know, it would have been fun to participate in whatever they will be used for.
  12. The exact point I was getting at in my reply to @Relicgamer....we can’t call out the “non-believers” for making comparisons about the Amico without having played it and then turn around and do the same exact thing by making comparisons to other systems.
  13. Sorry, this is what I was talking about in that last post.....
  14. Just to play devils advocate, how do you plan on doing this? At this point without an actual Amico to compare against you don’t know how the Amico controls are going to work. You obviously mean when the Amico comes out you do a comparison....
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