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  1. Glad to hear from someone in Illinois on this. I think most states have that fringe. The scary thing is it just takes one of these laws to pass to set a precedence and than it can snowball from there. Luckily the 1st amendment prevails in these cases, but one of these days it just might not if people don’t challenge them.
  2. This is one I can agree with you on! I loved this game in the arcade, and like Arcade USA I played on the cockpit version in my local arcade. Loved this, loved Star Wars more. It would be cool to see an Arcade 1Up (and Amico of course) of this too so I can put it next to my Star Wars sit down 1Up.
  3. I am really troubled by this post. If this is in fact what is going on in Illinois then if you live in that state you need contact those house representatives and let them know how they are infringing on your first amendment rights and that they need to be voted out of office. There are ESRB ratings on games for a reason. There doesn’t need to be a ban forced on by the government. There are plenty of violent movies, but you don’t see them trying to ban them. There is music that has violence in the lyrics, but you don’t see them trying to ban them (well they tried with Ozzy’s “Satanic” and suicide lyrics, but that failed). I’m glad that the article went on to convey the fact that there is no scientific evidence that video games lead to violence. If this passes it sets an extremely bad precedence. I don’t need the government censoring what I can or cannot buy.
  4. Done! I know how hard it is for these non-profits to raise money in this current COVID environment. My daughter is a graphic artist in media/marketing for The Cure Starts Now based in Cincinnati (look it up and maybe purchase a mask from them - hey Tommy how about Intellivision teaming up with them to sell Intellivision masks on their website with a portion going to their cause...just an idea). All of the big fund raising events they would normally have they can’t due to COVID. They really have had to come up with new ways to get their message out in order to get donations.
  5. I think you are missing an obvious one on that list: Willy Wonka! Oh, and may Spider Man too!
  6. I was just thinking about the motion controls for the system and how they work. The Wii used the IR sensor on top of the TV to sense controller movement. The PlayStation and XBox used a camera to do the same. I don’t have a Switch so I don’t know how that system works. How will the Amico detect the controller motion? Is there something in the base unit that does this and if so will the unit need to be placed in a certain way, or is everything to sense movement packed into the controllers?
  7. Just to correct you, RPi 3B and 3B+ both have onboard WiFi and Bluetooth, no extra hardware needed. I would say these would be the minimum spec models to use for any decent emulation.
  8. EWJ is a work in progress.....it has already been revealed.
  9. Yup, COVID related. That really is a beautiful picture of her.
  10. Of course there are games for the VCS. In reality the VCS has the ability to run thousands of games any low end (and cheaper) PC can run if someone wants to add an external drive and a Windows license to it and boot to the sandbox. We really do not need a thread for every low end PC game out there.
  11. Sorry, I’m a little behind in my reading, but WOW that looks familiar! Dream Machine must have been a chain because there was one in the South Hills Mall in Poughkeepsie, NY that I used to go to. Great Memories! I remember they used to run a promotion at report card time where they would give out free tokens for every A on your report card! Unfortunately that mall was knocked down to make way for a strip mall, which seems to be the thing these days, rather than the nice indoor ones of yesteryear! I would frequent Space Port at the Newburgh Mall in Newburgh, NY since it was closer to my house and I had a job at Sears (automotive dept.) which was in that mall. I can’t seem to find any pictures of it in the 5 mins I looked online! I actually met my wife at that Sears, we were coworkers. I was up front selling tires, shocks, batteries, etc. and she was a service writer in the back setting up the installs. We still make a great team to this day! That mall is still kicking and Sears is still there, one of the few left in the area.
  12. Sounds like you really should pre-order an Intellivision Amico! It will have more reimagined Atari classics on it than the VCS.
  13. I highly agree with this. I do hunt deer and I firmly agree that hunting should not be done for sport or just to kill. I do not go out just to “bag a big one”. I do it to put food on the table. While everyone was looking for their red meat in the supermarkets at the beginning of COVID, my freezer was stocked with the most organic meat you can get. I also do all the processing myself and feel if you are going to hunt and take the life of an animal you need to give it the respect of doing the whole process start to finish. I know many do not feel the same way about hunting and I respect that.
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