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  1. Just wondering if a grading company would down grade it due to the stickers. Any thoughts or experiences with grading companies?
  2. Well at least you have the pictures to show them, and from the ones you posted back then of you and your friends it looks like you guys (and girls) had a lot of fun times down there. Life sometime gets in the way and priorities change.
  3. Ha! I remember back in (what, 2006) when you posted about finishing this game room! I also remember those metal Space Invaders you have on the ceiling (which must have been after 2006 because those original posts didn’t have those). Unfortunately I never snagged any when you where producing them. What is in that game room now that you got rid of the arcade cabs? Also, as others have stated, this is an entertaining thread. Prices have caused me to stop collecting Atari since I was only trying to get sealed boxes. Maybe the loose method is the way to go!
  4. X=user(1536), speaking of tacos, I just noticed 913 S Broadway, LA……I see what you did there! Looks like a great hole in the wall!
  5. I call foul! Religious dig, CPUWIZ moderate yourself!!! LOL! 😂
  6. I don’t think that is going to happen. Someone stated a page or so ago that their Kevlar pre-order was canceled if I am not mistaken. I’m along the lines of this was something that they were hoping would court someone to buy them out and when it didn’t do that they had to put something out. The backers are going to be the only ones that get these and possibly any Walmart/GameStop pre-orders that didn’t get canceled. I would be very surprised if they crank out any more to put on store shelves.
  7. I think you are right about that....
  8. It is a shame that we tragically lost Curt Vendel. Before he passed away I remember him stating in the Taco thread that he had some info but couldn’t talk about it at the time. I would have loved to hear what he had to say about his dealings with them.
  9. If it shows up there I’d buy it for $50. But here’s the thing, the only way it shows up in places like Big lots is it is liquidated by other retailers. For that to happen other retailers have to have had it on their shelves. The only units that have been produced are Indigogo backers and Walmart and GameStop preorders. Has their been any sign that retailers have ordered any units for their stores?
  10. 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗. No posts here in almost a month and the last few pages were about Linux and the Raspberry Pie. The VCS is really setting the world on fire! I guess it will really take off once it hits the retail selves.....oh wait, that is never gonna happen.
  11. Just to correct you, RPi 3B and 3B+ both have onboard WiFi and Bluetooth, no extra hardware needed. I would say these would be the minimum spec models to use for any decent emulation.
  12. Of course there are games for the VCS. In reality the VCS has the ability to run thousands of games any low end (and cheaper) PC can run if someone wants to add an external drive and a Windows license to it and boot to the sandbox. We really do not need a thread for every low end PC game out there.
  13. Sounds like you really should pre-order an Intellivision Amico! It will have more reimagined Atari classics on it than the VCS.
  14. Just an FYI, the Epic Games store free game this week is Roller Coaster 3 Complete Edition......
  15. And do we know if a Linux version exists today? The Wiki for Tempest doesn’t mention a version for Linux.
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