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  1. I call foul! Religious dig, CPUWIZ moderate yourself!!! LOL! 😂
  2. Very disappointed in hearing that kevtris is trashing your wife. I have found his products (Analogue) to be extremely cool, but just always out my price range. I don’t know why he would see Amico as the competition when Analogue products are about purely playing your original retro carts on a modern device without software emulation. I don’t see the connection with that and Amico. After hearing about this behavior from him I would recommend building a MiSTer instead of going with an Analogue product. There is no excuse for behavior like that.
  3. Ain’t it the truth....US Army Airborne and US Air Force in my case! I have three girls, 26 & 24 (24 are twins). The one twin is a police officer and is with a civilian. Both the boyfriends are no longer in the military.
  4. Yeah, but he made up for all that by naming a computer after her. (LISA)...... NOT. He was pretty sh*tty in that regard.
  5. Ok, yes I can see the tax issue, but I believe the power supply is universal and just requires a different plug adapter. I’m not entirely sure about that, but RX Scram might be able to shed some light on that. Also, not sure why there would be a lack of warranty. IE warrantees the unit, not the place where you bought it. Yes, some merchants have a return policy and obviously if that merchant was in your country it is easier to return but for a warranty issue you are going to send it back to IE regardless. It might not be IE in the US, but possibly in Europe. Maybe Tommy can talk to how the warranty will work for overseas customers.
  6. What would stop you from ordering from IE directly for other options? Or Game-Legends.com in the EU for Galaxy Purple?
  7. Good god that is going to kill me if they do that! The collector in me will want to get every version, 2 of each. One to open and one to keep sealed, lol.
  8. 100% agree with you on this. Bugs will always pop up even with the most thorough amount of testing. The extra time has given them the opportunity to go the extra mile to make sure everything is as smooth as it can be for launch, whenever that is.
  9. Exactly my point. Be excited, but have some patience. We are all adults here, not some adolescents who can’t wait for Santa to show on Christmas!
  10. See the thing I see flawed about that logic is that this was supposed to launch last 10/10/2020. All of the things you mentioned should have already been ready to go for the original launch date. More than likely when COVID shut downs hit in early 2020 that meant work on those items wasn’t able to be done since they weren’t able to work as a team on site. That along with the supply issues was probably the cause of the first delay. I would think that by now most of that should be buttoned up and they should be in the polishing up phase. But here is the thing, there seems to be a lot of whining about missing another launch date and being disappointed again. Come on people, what are we, teenagers here? Most of us are in our late 40’s to mid 50’s, this is a toy we are talking about! Yes, we all have a passion for video games, but holy hell, it comes out when it comes out! We all know the significance of the 10/10 date for Tommy and his family. If it is at all possible the IE team will make that date happen. If not we will just need to wait and continue reading this great forum and pass the time. Oh, and there are hundreds of other threads to read on this fantastic site that is Atari Age to take your mind off of Amico if you need to. Sorry folks, just my little rant!
  11. The last one by me is in the process of going out of business. It is a bit sad. It was in that store that I met my wife of 28 years. We worked in the automotive dept., she was a service writer and I was a salesman. I jokingly told her we should go and renew our vows in the tire section before they close the doors! She was not amused!
  12. Very nice !!! I’ll be getting 2 😎 and now it has to come out in 2021 because the patch says so 😜 Ahhh, but has that date been CurlyQ’d!??? Lol.
  13. I don’t think that is going to happen. Someone stated a page or so ago that their Kevlar pre-order was canceled if I am not mistaken. I’m along the lines of this was something that they were hoping would court someone to buy them out and when it didn’t do that they had to put something out. The backers are going to be the only ones that get these and possibly any Walmart/GameStop pre-orders that didn’t get canceled. I would be very surprised if they crank out any more to put on store shelves.
  14. I think you are right about that....
  15. Remember, Amico is being marketed in other countries so there will need to be other flags offered, not just the good ole Stars and Stripes (but yes the flag is a good overlay!)
  16. It is a shame that we tragically lost Curt Vendel. Before he passed away I remember him stating in the Taco thread that he had some info but couldn’t talk about it at the time. I would have loved to hear what he had to say about his dealings with them.
  17. I personally wouldn’t mind seeing something with some depth to it. If Amico is truly going to be a family gaming machine then it should have games that appeal to family members of all ages. Remember, it is not all about the retro titles. In order for it to be successful it needs to grab the attention of more than just the limited pool of retro enthusiasts. Having some in depth strategy games that older family members can play together doesn’t seem like a bad thing to me.
  18. Just to clear up the FE/VIP shipping, they are both shipping prior to the official release as stated on the Amico VIP Pre-Order page here: https://intellivision.com/vip-preorder-faq I would assume the FE orders would be filled first and then the VIP orders, but it doesn’t specifically state it.
  19. http://Wishbookweb.com This one works. I think I messed up the imbedded link when I corrected a spelling error.
  20. I’ve posted this link previously: http://wishbookweb.com It has a lot of old catalogs from Sears, JC Penney, Montgomery Wards, and more going back many decades. The late 70’s and early 80’s are my favorite of course! It is cool to see the earlier ones though. Happy Easter to those that celebrate!
  21. If it shows up there I’d buy it for $50. But here’s the thing, the only way it shows up in places like Big lots is it is liquidated by other retailers. For that to happen other retailers have to have had it on their shelves. The only units that have been produced are Indigogo backers and Walmart and GameStop preorders. Has their been any sign that retailers have ordered any units for their stores?
  22. 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗. No posts here in almost a month and the last few pages were about Linux and the Raspberry Pie. The VCS is really setting the world on fire! I guess it will really take off once it hits the retail selves.....oh wait, that is never gonna happen.
  23. Has the Nike swoosh changed that much in 30 years? I never took any notice, I’m sure the “Nike” lettering has gone through some font adjustment over the years.
  24. Just noticed I moved up to Moonsweeper with that last post....only took 18 years lol. I guess I don’t post as much as Intellivision Master!😁
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