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  1. Yes it does, just like the master system
  2. Forgot to add that the unit comes with the pictured case
  3. Rummaged up some pictures for ya
  4. It would cost $100 from him. But you lose everything. You have to hold the old game gear for controls. You have to be close to the TV. Close to a wall outlet. It doesn't look nice next to your other consoles. Doesn't play master system games in high quality. No replaced caps. And the list goes on So yes, for $100 you could get a really bad version. If you want a real version that would be easily playable, you have this
  5. Im making an Atari Flashback 2 Portable and cut right through resistor R57, can anyone tell me what the value of that resistor was?You should be able to just use a multimeter to check.
  6. If a new version of retro pi comes out you simply plug in a keyboard. hit F4. type "sudo apt-get update" hit enter. Wait a few minutes and your done. No flashback under the hood, if I mentioned one it was because im using it in an Atari 2600 portable that is near completion
  7. Bump, I need cash big time. Im taking a hit on this for parts alone
  8. New listing because ebay thinks im selling a boot disk. I don't even know how stupid people are -__-
  9. The actual connector, from Digi Key. Otherwise I did the rest on my own
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