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  1. Of course it happened... in fact it was Kubrik’s best work 😉
  2. My father dragged me to the first screening on opening day. He had read something about it in the newspaper, but I took one look at the poster and thought it was a boring cowboy film. Boy, was I wrong. As for the game, I had it for years before finally figuring out how to beat it one day with a friend.
  3. Jstick

    Windows 2600

    I laughed out loud just reading the thread title
  4. Wow, mind blown! This looks amazing, and the gameplay is so smooth and spot-on! If I had to pick my #1 wish for an unreleased 2600 game, this would be it, and here it is, unbelievable! Great job to all involved. Up till now Lady Bug has been my favourite 2600 homebrew, but I suspect Galaga might top that... In any case, I’m very happy this was kept a secret, because otherwise the wait would have killed me
  5. CX40 all the way. Anything else is just weird. I have 2 from Best Electronics with the PCB and silicone boot upgrades, hopefully these will stay in better shape than my original sticks. I am interested in trying the microswitch board posted here in the forum though.
  6. I played a ton of Commando Raid and Entombed back in the day, more than some of the more popular games that I owned at the time.
  7. Emulation is awesome, especially for preservation. There is absolutely no doubt that it is ultimately the way forward for the future, whether via software, FPGA, or some other hybrid hardware solution. But I'll be hanging on to all my 2600 stuff until either it dies or I die
  8. That’s quite a subjective statement you’ve made Cartridges are still very much magical, and they absolutely do offer a better experience even today... FOR ME! Sticking cartridges into an original VCS with original controllers is integral to my enjoyment of the system (and original cartridges at that, despite owning a Harmony Cart). I will admit that for practical reasons I’ve come around to using ROMs for other systems, although I still enjoy using my original Amiga as well.
  9. MiSTer has zero lag on its analog output (which will put out the equivalent of the original signal to a CRT). As far as the HDMI output, the scaler currently produces less than a frame of lag (using the vsync_adjust=2 setting). Of course the particular HDMI display you use may add its own lag, depending on the model. MiSTer is currently very much a work in progress, but overall is quite promising. Some systems are almost flawless, however the 2600 core still needs some work to properly support all games. I am using MiSTer for NES, SNES, Genesis, PC-Engine, Amiga, the Atari 8-bit computers, and the arcade cores it supports; and I am very happy with the experience (especially with regards to input lag). For the 2600, I’m currently using original hardware and carts.
  10. Garry Kitchen’s first game... it’s amazing what a difference there is between this and Keystone Kapers/Pressure Cooker, both of which were released only a year later!
  11. Probably like many who are hanging around this forum, I’ve been a gamer since the home version of Pong was released. I have owned almost every console up to the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, at which point I became disenchanted with modern gaming. In terms of strictly playing games, I would say my favourite consoles of all time are the original Playstation, Super Nintendo, and Dreamcast, in that order. However, I would say the 2600 is the console that has had the most impact on me (in an almost emotional way), and to this day I’m still endlessly fascinated with it. I think it’s awesome that amazing homebrew games are still being released, and would love to live in some parallel world where the Atari VCS was still a thing. The thing is, I’m not really sure why this is the case. Why is there still a connection with this primitive outdated machine 40 years later? I wonder if anyone else feels the same way, and if so, can you articulate why?
  12. Darn, for a second I thought I had a rare prototype or something
  13. That label is amazing, it uses artwork from the Trend scratch n' sniff stickers of the early '80s! (Well, except for the deformed E.T. they stuck in there)
  14. Speaking of which, has anyone ever compiled a list with the best recommended variation per game? Having a single reference for all games would be a lot easier than digging out a specific manual when playing these games infrequently. (On a side note, I always found the idea of variations weird. I mean isn't the whole point of almost every game from that time to get a high score, just like in the arcade? With variations, it makes it almost impossible to compare scores with family/friends: "Hey, I just got 24100 points, on variation 33 with left difficulty B!"
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