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  1. Might be a good idea to show the console
  2. It does come with the original leather cover, which I don't see included in most other 2600 sales.
  3. @djsky717 are you suggesting these particular carts were already problematic at manufacture? Or is this the result of some general misalignment over time, either of the cartridge port or the PCB in the game itself?
  4. Funny, I just did the same a few days ago on my Harmony Cart. These are my current Folders: Demos Hacks Homebrew Menu Prototypes Starpath
  5. That word, I do not think it means what you think it means...
  6. The 7800 is also missing the most important detail... it’s all about the woodgrain, baby! (apologies to Vader/Jr. owners)
  7. Yes, all the Supercharger games work perfectly on either version of the Harmony Cart.
  8. It is being created by "Mickguyver", creator of the open source Daemonbite low-latency game controller to USB adaptors. I found the info on the Classic Gaming discord, where he posts updates in the MiSTer chat. Website is here (nothing on the case as of yet): https://www.daemonbite.com/shop/ It is unlikely that MiSTer will ever support physical carts, due to the sheer number of systems it replicates
  9. You can https://misteraddons.com/ He’s got a nice new custom aluminum case coming soon too. Also, heres another case in development that is probably closer to what you are looking for (prototype is laser printed but final will be metal)
  10. MiSTer has very good Atari 8-bit/5200 cores, and a serviceable 2600 core (that is lacking in compatibility). There is a 7800 and (new) 2600 core being worked on by one of the devs. MiSTer will accept pretty much any wired/wireless controller that exists, with the right adapter.
  11. If you look at the page for Gas Hog, it mentions the cart being rare in NA because it was primarily sold in Canada: https://atariage.com/software_page.php?SoftwareLabelID=205
  12. Awesome! (love the creative touches too)
  13. "That's horrible that your insurance isn't covering everything from the house fire! By the way, did any of your game collection survive? I might be interested" "I'm really sorry to hear that your dad died... Hey, he had a collection of Atari games right? Mind if I come over and take a look?"
  14. Hope you can fit Toronto in there, lots of Canadian Atari fans here on these boards
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