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  1. Jstick


    Street Fighter II: 2600! (Only need one sprite per character, one missile each for projectiles, it's perfect)
  2. Let me guess, you bought a MiSTer?🙂
  3. Bought 4 games, was very pleased with the entire transaction. Would buy from again without hesitation! 👍
  4. I'd imagine most of the VCS systems sold in Japan would be 2800s.
  5. I had pretty much the same experience in Canada, I don’t ever recall seeing a playable 2600 kiosk. I do remember a TI 99/4A in Sears (or Eaton’s?) on which I couldn’t resist writing a naughty basic program. I can say that at least some Woolworths did carry VCS games, as my father was a manager and I’m pretty sure most of my Christmas games came from there. Where I did get a chance to play Atari (before I received one) was at my relatives’ house, where I was always champing at the bit to bolt from the dinner table and use those precious remaining minutes to play before the long ride home.
  6. It does come with the original leather cover, which I don't see included in most other 2600 sales.
  7. @djsky717 are you suggesting these particular carts were already problematic at manufacture? Or is this the result of some general misalignment over time, either of the cartridge port or the PCB in the game itself?
  8. Funny, I just did the same a few days ago on my Harmony Cart. These are my current Folders: Demos Hacks Homebrew Menu Prototypes Starpath
  9. That word, I do not think it means what you think it means...
  10. The 7800 is also missing the most important detail... it’s all about the woodgrain, baby! (apologies to Vader/Jr. owners)
  11. Yes, all the Supercharger games work perfectly on either version of the Harmony Cart.
  12. It is being created by "Mickguyver", creator of the open source Daemonbite low-latency game controller to USB adaptors. I found the info on the Classic Gaming discord, where he posts updates in the MiSTer chat. Website is here (nothing on the case as of yet): https://www.daemonbite.com/shop/ It is unlikely that MiSTer will ever support physical carts, due to the sheer number of systems it replicates
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