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  1. Yes, all the Supercharger games work perfectly on either version of the Harmony Cart.
  2. It is being created by "Mickguyver", creator of the open source Daemonbite low-latency game controller to USB adaptors. I found the info on the Classic Gaming discord, where he posts updates in the MiSTer chat. Website is here (nothing on the case as of yet): https://www.daemonbite.com/shop/ It is unlikely that MiSTer will ever support physical carts, due to the sheer number of systems it replicates
  3. You can https://misteraddons.com/ He’s got a nice new custom aluminum case coming soon too. Also, heres another case in development that is probably closer to what you are looking for (prototype is laser printed but final will be metal)
  4. MiSTer has very good Atari 8-bit/5200 cores, and a serviceable 2600 core (that is lacking in compatibility). There is a 7800 and (new) 2600 core being worked on by one of the devs. MiSTer will accept pretty much any wired/wireless controller that exists, with the right adapter.
  5. If you look at the page for Gas Hog, it mentions the cart being rare in NA because it was primarily sold in Canada: https://atariage.com/software_page.php?SoftwareLabelID=205
  6. Awesome! (love the creative touches too)
  7. "That's horrible that your insurance isn't covering everything from the house fire! By the way, did any of your game collection survive? I might be interested" "I'm really sorry to hear that your dad died... Hey, he had a collection of Atari games right? Mind if I come over and take a look?"
  8. Hope you can fit Toronto in there, lots of Canadian Atari fans here on these boards
  9. Using a Melody board doesn’t imply using all the resources available; you could put Combat on a Melody board and it wouldn’t magically become an enhanced game. That’s why despite Galagon being a VCS dream come true, I still consider Ladybug to be the pinnacle of homebrew for the system. As far as I’m concerned, the limited edition in the Coleco case should be retconned into 2600 history
  10. Can you give us a hint of what these might be? I already have a Harmony (which I have been totally satisfied with) but might be swayed to upgrade if there was a compelling reason
  11. What better time to get digital delivery up and running than now...
  12. Fantastic job! 👍 I’ve been introducing my daughter to some of the VCS classics while we’ve been stuck at home; this will give me an excuse to pull out the driving controllers
  13. Thanks for the heads up, but looks like shipping to Canada isn’t available unfortunately.
  14. I had a 2600 at the beginning of the 80s that I was obsessed with and really enjoyed playing. The funny thing is, when the NES came out, I wasn’t so interested. I had 2 different cousins with an NES and I certainly had the opportunity to play it regularly, but it never really tickled my fancy (I think I found the palette really drab compared with the vibrant colours of the VCS). At some point my original 2600 stopped working, so I bought a Jr. and some of the newer games (Solaris, Midnight Magic, Title Match Pro Wrestling, Skateboardin‘) and continued to enjoy the system until I received an Amiga, at which point I had a new machine to be obsessed with I will say that exploring the NES library these days (via MiSTer and a CRT) has given me a better appreciation for the system, although it still doesn’t rank among my favourites. What I WOULD have killed for back in the day, however, was a Colecovision...
  15. Make sure that you clean your cartridge port as well. Swab some IPA on the contacts of a clean cart, and then while it is still wet, fully insert and remove from the system several times. Clean the contacts on the cart, and repeat. Allow time for the alcohol to dry before turning on the system and testing.
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