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  1. Actually I've been meaning to ask, have you come up with a fixed schedule for how soon ROMS will become available on your store after a physical release? Just curious; if you are still feeling it out or working through the details that's ok
  2. " It's worthless. Ten dollars from a vendor in the street. But I take it, I bury it in the sand for a thousand years, it becomes priceless... Men will kill for it. Men like you and me."
  3. The name of the game is not printed on the cart; anyone doing enough research to find out the name would likely have discovered the potential value in the process.
  4. Good point! I guess I was thinking more of having breathing room for feedback and iteration with regards to polishing. Being able to post a WIP (like I see many devs here doing), having end users test it out for a while, gathering some feedback, making some changes and then repeating a few times has to be of benefit. Even just the luxury of having some lulls on a project or being able to put your attention on other tasks for a while can give your brain some time to work through problems or consider new approaches. Being in a crunch often just leads to releasing the minimum viable product (Pac-Man, E.T., etc.)
  5. This applies to many original commercial 2600 releases as well (mainly due to extremely short development schedules that were measured in weeks). To me, this is actually where unfair comparisons come into play, where homebrew developers today have the luxury of taking 2 years to polish a game, vs 2 months to hit the Christmas sales window. Fancy new technology or not, you still need time for iteration and polish a to make a really enjoyable game (to Nathan's point).
  6. This is not necessarily true; if you check the link in the first post of the thread you referenced, you'll find it was in fact Sorgelig himself who made the initial suggestion to combine ARM emulation with the FPGA: "I want to bring attention to one interesting thing which can be achieved on MiSTer. It's hybrid emulation. It's where both emulation worlds can meet each other." I think what is discouraged is porting projects directly to the ARM (i.e. Retroarch, etc.), essentially treating the DE-10 Nano as a very underpowered Pi. This type of use seems like strictly an academic exercise to me, and not of much value to the end user.
  7. Still worth it if it leads to even a single $300 purchase of a $120 item. Just means the profit is $150 instead of $180. People will often use the most recent sold listing as a guide (especially for infrequently listed items), so this trick has a fair chance of working for a scarce item.
  8. Could be a fake purchase, just to make it appear to anyone interested that someone had recently paid that amount. (Not an uncommon tactic on eBay to drive up prices)
  9. So you're going to start using the new shells from Audacity?
  10. Jstick

    RetroN 77

    In the video that was posted above, it was insinuated that this was the case... not sure if he has specific information or just making a guess. EDIT: I suppose if this is true, we’ll see the original version disappear once stock is depleted.
  11. You'd think it would be "Mage Craze", "Maze Crane" or something similar. That's so far off, it almost seems intentional (like the C3PO boner Star Wars card "error")
  12. Did you update the Harmony Encore firmware, following the instructions here? https://atariage.com/forums/topic/318521-harmony-encore-circus-convoy/?tab=comments#comment-4782378
  13. Wow, I'm going to go take another look too! ...nope, still just a regular Harmony here.
  14. But it's Pac-Man... c'mon, PAC MAN! That you can play at home!
  15. Yep, I started with just the DE-10 Nano and 32MB Ram. Cut a top plate out of cardboard to mount a fan (connected the wires directly to pins on the DE-10). Used a small USB hub I already had laying around. Bought a $10 HDMI > VGA adapter to connect the MiSTer to a VGA CRT. The only upgrade I've done since then is the 128MB memory. I've been waiting 2 years for a case to wow me; the upcoming MSTR case looks quite interesting.
  16. You can add extra RAM / processing by using one of the 2600 flash carts (Harmony, Unocart, PlusCart). These will allow games that use these extra capabilities to run.
  17. I see. I have a pair of CX-30 paddles that I bought new from Best Electronics with upgraded S-5 "Super Pots" , they are as smooth as butter (and supposed to last forever).
  18. Are 2600 paddles supported via any of the 2600daptors (or is it some kind of direct SNAC connection only)? I have 2 D9 adapters I'd like to use with this core.
  19. Well, I found out that the "fixed" version of Superman related to a gameplay bug, and not anything to do with a display issue. I dunno, I'm stumped...
  20. Here is a good site that goes into detail about different Atari label variations: http://www.ataricompendium.com/archives/articles/vcs_label_variations/vcs_label_variations.html As far as Tele-games, these are renamed versions of Atari games sold by Sears for their version of the 2600. There are 2 games exclusive to Sears I believe, Submarine Commander and Steeplechase (there may be one more but can't remember off the top of my head).
  21. Just curious, why skip the Sega consoles? Many folks are using a Genesis pad with the 2600 for example.
  22. Hmm, I've been using this same setup for a few years, and haven't seen this issue on any other game (I've probably tried several hundred different titles). The B/W switch seems to work as expected for games that switch the colour on / off. The weird thing is that the issue for this game is consistent, so it will always start off in colour, then switch to b/w, then entering a specific area back to colour, then exiting that area b/w, etc. If it was a faulty chip or switch, I would expect the problem to manifest randomly and intermittently... (I did notice that there is a "fixed" version of Superman for the Harmony Cart, is it possible this game is doing something nonstandard, like pushing the boundaries of video timing or something that causes my TV to interpret the signal incorrectly in certain areas?)
  23. This one really exceeds the definition of hack in my opinion, having so much extra added... I think this is the only "hack" I would consider buying an actual cart for (maybe with the exception of Berzerk VE, but that is more of a cool novelty) I'm sure everyone would agree Venture Reloaded definitively replaces the original.
  24. When playing Superman on my 4-switch woody, the game will alternate between normal colour and "black & white". The "black & white" has a lot of thin vertical lines running through it. This is NTSC via RF. I've never seen this issue with any other game. I had always assumed my cart was faulty, but I get the same result with the game using a Harmony Cart. Any guesses as to what the problem might be?
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