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  1. Thank you for all the hard work you are doing to put these games onto our hard drives.
  2. yeah, it's me and someone is trying to drag me into the mess but I have no interest in it. I have lot more important things to deal with.
  3. I had an email today saying thanks for helping in making this video. I can assure you I didn't help out on the video as I don't want anything to do with Mr Hawken at all. If he wants to write books that are basically Wikipedia in psychical form then good for him. I can only say that I won't be buying anything he publishes.
  4. When I run STEEM with a disk game I can use my controller no problem, but when I make a folder and run games from the hard drive the joystick refuses to work. Anyway I can solve this issue?
  5. I should be getting my Atari STE this coming week and I am very excited. This was the machine way back When I cut my teeth into the ST a long time ago. Once I get it I will be expanding it like the TOS switcher, memory and such, but I want to get a real hard drive for it and not the SATAN. I am thinking in the lines of If i am going to get the full Atari experience then I am going to try and go legit and not use any "modern" hardware. My question is how hard is it to get the real hard drives for the STE and what other alternatives do i have apart from the SATAN. Also what do i need to check out on my motherboard as i heard a lot of different things about the STE having dodgy chips.
  6. Very nice I like your videos and have subbed to them
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