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  1. ^ Yeah, I figured it was a clone or hack plug-n-play console like many out there. Just didn't know if you were adding them or not. There are several versions of the "Entertainment System" out there. There are many good/great games on it, but there are also a lot of "filler" games and duplicates on it,too. I have taken a liking to plug-n-play TV consoles over the years - they are just so fun and convenient, even if they are NOACs or emulated. Keep up the updates/list!
  2. I hardly log on anymore, but do check this site from time to time. Has the thread been updated with the latest TV plug-n-plays? I recently stumbled across an "Entertainment System" plug-n-play with 620 classic built-in games that I bought on ebay. It was dirt-cheap brand-new for only $20. Obviously from the name, it looks like a mini NES, complete with 2 NES-like controllers, AV cable and power adapter. It does have the real-deal classic games like Rescue Rangers, Ice Climber, various Mario games, Donkey Kong series, Dig Dug, Contra series, the list goes on. But there were a lot of repeat titles if you go thru all pages, so there are really only (I haven't counted) probably 500 or so actual different games; not 620. Some games like Mappy seem to be messed up. There are Homebrew/hack games on it that I haven't heard of, and there are many games with Japanese or Chinese script in them. Just adding to the list if it needs it!
  3. Yep, and it's a good version of Tapper. Besides the stiff controls, Tarzan is one of the best looking games on CV. Those apes are pricks, but it's hilarious to punch them off the tree or into water!
  4. -Penguin Land -Columns -Opa Opa (Fantasy Zone 2) All on Sega POGA plug-n-play.
  5. Usually, NES. That's what I'm playing now. Was playing the ColecoVision in spring. I tend to play more video games in the spring & summer months.
  6. I'm doing my part in keeping pre-crash systems alive. I usually 'rotate' my classic systems every once in a while; focusing on one at a time playing it. Played ColecoVision for a couple months, now on Atari 7800 (yeah, yeah, ...technically post-crash) playing 7800 & 2600 games.
  7. Great vid! It's neat seeing the old Coleco main headquarters and factory buildings. Kinda sad at the same time, though Just 30+ years ago those buildings were bustling with many people making & assembling ColecoVisions, video games, Cabbage Patch dolls, and other goods. But now I've seen the buildings where my ColecoVision, it's peripherals and games were made. The big 'Coleco' sign atop the building is an eerie reminder of what was once there decades ago...
  8. I don't think any game has made me cry. But many games have made me laugh
  9. Yep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNRC0u5zc70 Go to 5:30 for the green hall monster.
  10. NES. It made up most of my childhood. First we had the C-64 in the mid-80s. I would usually watch my older bro play, though, as I was still pretty young. But by 1988 we got an NES and everyone played it; even my mom. Neighborhood kids would come over to our house to play NES because we had so many games. We would buy and rent games all the time from the local video store. We got several consoles in the proceeding years. But the NES gives me the most, best memories and many of the games still hold up well today and are still fun to play
  11. LOL, you must be talking about the 7800. The NES has the highest native/out-of-the-box pixel resolution of the 3 mentioned consoles. The NES is known for it's hi-res (for it's time) rounded, "cartoony" graphics and great sound. The 7800 isn't. One of my biggest 'beefs' with the Atari systems is the lower-res, blocky graphics compared to the competition. Compare the Atari 2600 vs. Astrocade......Atari 5200 vs. ColecoVision......Atari 7800 vs. NES & SMS and see. Look closely at the games on those systems and compare the sprites and background graphics -- look to see how 'round' or 'blocky' they look! I'm quoting Darryl1970s' post below so you can read it again: Again, the NES (and ColecoVision and SMS, for that matter) has native higher-res graphics than the 7800.
  12. Can't resist..........just gotta respond to a couple "trolls" The primitive 1970s-hardware Atari VCS was sold worldwide until the very early 90s. The 8-bit Sega Master System was still popular in Europe well into the 1990s. It should be noted that the Famicom (NES) was released just one year after the 1982 ColecoVision. And the Sega Mark 3 (Master System) was released a full two years after the Famicom. ColecoVision (1982) -> Nintendo Famicom (Japan, 1983) -> Sega Mark 3 (Japan, 1985). Early NES games were similar to ColecoVision games. Later NES games (SMB 3, Kirby's Adventure, Blaster Master, etc.) were easily on-par with SMS games, and with better sound I see you are a fan of the Atari 7800. I really don't think you wanna "talk shit" about the NES when the NES takes a dump on the 7800 in every way. And yes, I grew up with both systems, but there is no comparison. Some developers can do amazing things with the 7800 now. But "back in the day" when it mattered, the 7800 was already an antiquated console = crappy 2600 sound, low-res native graphics for it's time, few games, joystick-controllers that were worse and more UNcomfy than the NES controllers, poor rf picture. You get the idea.
  13. Everyone seems to like what they grew up with..... First gaming system was a C-64 in the mid-80's. We were the only ones in our little neighborhood that had one. One family across the street had a Tandy computer and a kid up the street had an Atari (2600?) that my older bro played before we got our C-64. Then in the summer of '88 we moved to another neighborhood and got an NES. Several other kids/families in the neighborhood had NES; one family had a SMS. Then later in 1990 or 1991 we got a TG-16CD, which was amazing for it's time. We were the only ones in our area and school that had one. Also got an Atari 7800 about the same time, as my own present. Even back then I could tell it wasn't on the level of our NES, but it was still fun with it's "old" arcade-style games. About a year or so later we got a SNES, which was our last family console. It was fun playing Mario Paint and Mario World. Soon after I entered high school and lost interest in video games until YEARS later after graduating from college. Been playing video games on-and-off for the last 5 or so years on various "retro" consoles. Yeah, it's a combo of that and just how the games are programmed. Early SMS games like Alex Kidd may look good and have good layout/gameplay for their time, but they sure don't control well. Alex slips and slides all over the damn place, and the hit detection is terrible. And that is where the NES shines in comparison = tight, smooth controls with good hit detection. Most NES games just play/control very well and are fun to play.
  14. Guessing you are being sarcastic? Sure hope so.... Anyway, my overall fav is 3rd generation....because I grew up with the NES. But I also have a lot of respect for the previous 2nd generation. I really like the Astrocade and ColecoVision. And to me, I see a pretty big leap between the Atari 2600 / O2 and ColecoVision / Atari 5200. The ColecoVision has the same native pixels/graphics resolution as the SMS and NES, but with fewer colors and sprites and poorer scrolling capabilities. But compared to the 2600, or O2, the CV has much higher-res graphics, more colors and sprites, and better sound. Overall, exactly half-way between the 2600 / O2 and NES / SMS. Early NES games like Duck Hunt and Excitebike are very "ColecoVision-esque". And Antarctic Adventure is nearly identical on both CV and NES.
  15. Atari 5200. Bought it used several years ago. Besides the crappy controllers, the console itself crapped out after one year. I have not bothered getting another 5200 because I prefer the ColecoVision's native higher-res graphics and games library. The CV has also been more reliable (for me) - I've not had the issues other ppl have had with the CV. The NES (and it's clones) can sometimes be 'picky' with it's cart slot. Sometimes you have to make sure the cart is in just right and that it's clean!
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