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  1. quick question, i have built a couple of the carts and they seem to only boot to the blue 'ready' prompt as if the carts aren't being recognized. after programming, i do get led flashing, but it's as if the carts aren't being seen by the 800xl. any ideas or suggestions are appreciated! thanks, kneehighspy
  2. not sure if you are still having your white screen issue, i had the exact same thing happen, double checked everything. turns out i flashed the wrong screen controller firmware to the unit, once corrected, it worked properly. edit: just re-read your post, don't think this is your issue, just ignore
  3. is the problem with the cart not being recognized in some veccys due to ncart signal issues?
  4. personally I find it utterly rediculous that some 'percieved copyright / trademark' holder comes into a scene that has kept alive a product that hasn't been produced or sold for over 30yrs. kept alive by folks such as opcode and other game / content creators, not out of the want to make a fortune, but by the products they create out of love for the colecovision and all they ask for is a small cost to recoupe for their time and their out of pocket expenses. in comes this supposed owner / holder smelling perhaps a way to line their pockets with cash from the time and hard work of the actual creators who do what they do out of love, and this 'owner' can just waltz in and make profits without even doing one ounce of development or anything at all. just trying to cash in by taking ownership of a defunct / dead brand name and claiming rights of the hard work of others. i have been a fan of the colecovision since i purchased my first one back when it first launched in the early 80s and thanks to the hard work of opcode and the other developers, I can still purchase new hardware and software. but now all of a sudden, the 'real' coleco waltzes in and starts slapping their cuck into the faces of the true developers, supporters and fans demanding takedowns and their fair share of the monies being made and all they have done is claim the name of a dead product from 30yrs ago? the classic gaming and vintage computer scene was such a great scene, but the last few years things have changed dramatically and the scene that was once great enjoyment has been replaced by money hungry vultures who want to screw anyone they can out of the most money they can get by the least amount of work as possible. damn shame that our hobby gets invaded by lowlifes wanting to screw anyone they can out of their sheer greed and laziness. //kneehighspy
  5. recieved my sgm the other day, everything is top quality, great job eduardo and opcode games. everyone will be greatly happy, the sgms are here, everyone will be very happy //kneehighspy
  6. i recieved my shipping notice today that my sgm was on the way, thanks for fulfilling the promise eduardo, thats why i hung on, i had faith in you, everyone should now. and i really love the direction that opcode games is going, congrats! //kneehighspy
  7. i want to thank opcode games for the email and i am really looking forward to my sgm. of course gotta get my playing colecovision going since it laid down an said game over. i know its gonna be worth the extreme wait.
  8. eduardo, i double checked my paypal email info and everything is correct. i still havent recieved any confirmation emails. thanks! //kneehighspy
  9. never recieved any confirmation email. i am on your list as boysnextdoor. i emailed you and pm'd you to make sure you have my correct email and current postal address. been on second order list since early 2013. thanks!
  10. RT @CommodoreUSA: New Kickstarter for a new Sierra-type adventure game... http://t.co/Bcyot9MtoK

  11. opcode, i see my name on the list as BoysNextDoor, i want to make sure you have my real name and new address. i am gonna trry to pm you here, last time i tried it kept giving me erros. if doesnt work i will post here. thanks.
  12. RT @spazchickens: We released http://t.co/KXfunqnPAi beta, let us know if you have any suggestions for features :) #gamedev #indiedv #in

  13. RT @textfiles: @gregmaletic we are now easily in the realm of the entire early concept of the arcade or the microcomputer being lost.

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