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  1. excellent, will adjust. thanks! so.. no one here versed in action game stuff where your sprite is made to collect an item physically and manipulate it?
  2. thanks for the input, guys. attached is my latest, and with the use of multisprite kernel, i've abandoned the color method. i've now got several sprites on screen doing a couple different things. when the wasps move off screen, sometimes it seems that the scanline count increases (assumption) because it looks like it jumps or rolls. trying to track down why. with my next gameplay mechanic i'd like to have the player bees pick up missile (nectar? pollen? whatever.) objects and carry them back to the hive. the code shows my current attempt at this, but it definitely isn't working. it checks for collision && joyXfire and is supposed to set the missile's coordinates to follow underneath the player. as soon as this takes effect the objects are no longer colliding. error! beehive.bas
  3. i've read as much as I can find regarding multicolored backgrounds (not playfields) using kernel_option background. but.. it doesn't work. what am I missing? code: set kernel_options pfcolors background const noscore = 1 player0x = 35 : player0y = 27 player1x = 115 : player1y = 27 player0: %00000000 %00000000 %00000000 %01010101 %11111111 %00101010 %00000000 %00000000 end player1: %00000000 %00000000 %00000000 %01010101 %11111111 %00101010 %00000000 %00000000 end __Main_Loop COLUBK = $D8 COLUP0 = $44 COLUP1 = $94 pfcolors: $D0 $D0 $D0 $D0 $D0 $D2 $F2 $D2 $D0 $D0 $D0 $D0 end playfield: XXXXXX...XXXXXXXXXXXXXX...XXXXXX XXXX.......XXXXXXXXXX.......XXXX XXX.........XXXXXXXX.........XXX XXXX.......XXXXXXXXXX.......XXXX XXXXXXX.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXX ................................ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX.......XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX.........XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX.......XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX...XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX end drawscreen goto __Main_Loop
  4. thanks cybearg! your work rocks, and is a huge help. and it compiles, too, so maybe thats a backdoor entry for me, as the titlescreen generator never seems to work for me.
  5. i feel like some kind of idiot. can't get it to compile. here's my up to date game code. could you attach the title screen to this one the way you did to the old version? and could you set the titlescreen gem color to a green tone? thanks for trying to teach me to fish. and thanks for the work. it looks awesome. Moon.bas
  6. man this is super frustrating. no combo i try seems to make that .bas something I can compile. thanks rev for the link to your version, wish it worked. i assume that the .bas cybearg posted compiles for you?
  7. cybearg! this looks amazing! and the compiled game looks great too! but for some reason it won't compile on my vbB build. I wonder why? which build should i be using to compile this, and are there any critical files needed in the directory somewhere that i should be checking for?
  8. I made a silly no-goal game for my son to play. It stars him as a little astronaut collecting moonrocks. I'd like some music in it someday, which I'm working on, but I really need help with the titlescreen kernel. My other silly no-purpose game featured a standard kernel playfield-based title screen, but after looking into the titlescreen kernel, i'd really like to incorporate it into this game. if anyone wants to help me build it onto this code, i'd be totally stoked. attached is the game .bas, and 3 image files I'd like on the title screen. i've dedicated the last day of vbB use trying to figure out this thing, but it just isn't compiling, no matter which build i use or which version of the kernel i use. the wizard produces code, but won't compile. bah! alternately if anyone can give me a .zip of an install directory package that has a working titlescreen wizard and working sound/music generator that runs under x64 windows, i'd be able to work on this myself i think. Moon.bas logo.bmp copyright text.bmp
  9. thanks bogax. i'll explore that as well. new question: what all standard collision arguments work in multisprite? i've got (player0,player1) working and (missile0,player1) working, but no other combinations. i know that (player?,player2-5) won't work, but why not combinations of missiles?
  10. i will absorb that information, and do thank you for it, but i feel as though i have not garnered a solution from your post. in the mean time, i'm exploring using the ball object instead of a separate virtual sprite, as differentiating between them is proving difficult or impossible for me.
  11. well, seeing as no one is weighing in, i'm going to double-post with my findings. here's the excerpt of code that handles collision detection with the player character and the 4 falling rocks in my game. i could use variables and clean it up and maybe some a couple bytes, but as i'm still learning vbB it helps me to actually see the objects written out. rem player collisions if collision(player0, player1) then pfscore2 = pfscore2/4 : goto __Start_Select if collision(player0, player1) && player0y = player2y && player0x = player2x then pfscore2 = pfscore2/4 : goto __Start_Select if collision(player0, player1) && player0y = player3y && player0x = player3x then pfscore2 = pfscore2/4 : goto __Start_Select if collision(player0, player1) && player0y = player4y && player0x = player4x then pfscore2 = pfscore2/4 : goto __Start_Select this code works sucks! originally player0,player1 collisions included an x/y check as well. apparently the virtual sprites are also player1, because the real player1's x and y weren't returning on those collisions, never registered as collisions. so.. hope this helps someone in the future. edit: well.. no. now this code doesn't differentiate between players 1-4 and player5. all sprite collisions are lethal. bah!
  12. so i've been working on this one for a couple days, and have poured over both the code and forums and just can't figure out why it works sometimes but not all the time. maybe someone can check it out. i've got routines that check if collision && if coordinates belong to each virtual sprite, and i'd like 4 out of 5 of them to be player-killing collisions, and the 5th to be point-adding collisions. i dont have the routine that adds points yet, just moving the 5th sprite to a random location on collision. i also have a routine that causes a shield to appear on joy0fire that causes the score to stop rolling up and will block the falling rocks. still working on that, but its coming together. what actually occurs is that sometimes the 4 out of 5 sprites (falling rocks) don't actually return as a collision, and sometimes collisions with the 5th (a collectable rock) hurt the player. it seems that my routines are faulty, but the math makes sense to me. it should work! i don't understand why it doesn't! before i seek out another way to handle multiple sprites in my game i'd like to determine if there's a better way to do this. if i can't get it to work, i can't get this game to work either. i think i did a decent job of adding comments on this .bas so it should be obvious what does what. any help or guidance or suggestions or revisions would be helpful. edit: also, sometimes the collectible rock disappears and the only way to make it come back (even though it should have never disappeared) is to walk the length of playfield and it will show back up. weird. unintentional. Moon.bas
  13. could RT or jbs give an example of checking x and y positions to differentiate between collisions? it must be simple, as all references I've found to this are without examples, but if one of you guys (or anyone else) could spell it out for me, that'd be fantastic. i'm using multisprite, and before i recode my game to utilize DPC i'd like to see if i can get checking x/y's to work. also, my apologies for necropost.
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