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  1. You are correct. The later revision "light grey trim" Atari PC's produced in 1989 had either a 5.25" or a 3.5" as the floppy drive. FYI the earlier "dark grey" revision produced in 1988 (as seen in the other listing) only had a 5.25" as the floppy drive. I should mention, how nice of that guy to rip the specs right off my website but fail to realise the keyboard he has included is NOT the original Atari XT Keyboard. The original keyboard is Atari branded and has the F1-F12 keys on the left hand side just like the original IBM XT Keyboard. That guy is a dead set idiot (sorry no nice way to put it). I'm not joking, he's been listing that exact same complete Atari PC3 for YEARS but doesn't get the hint that the price he has listed is way too much in fact it was higher! I tried to reason with him a few years back when I was first looking but despite showing him listings where others had sold for less than 100 euro's (box only I might add but to give him an idea of price) he wouldn't budge. A couple of months later I picked up a complete system almost identical to his (it was a German version not Italian like his) and I think it cost me about 500 all up including shipping from Germany to Australia which in itself wasn't cheap. Correct, they basically just rebadged the Atari ST peripherals for the PC line. The STM1 Mouse became the PCM1, the SF314 External Floppy became the PCF314 etc.
  2. If you pay to have them build and test their PCB for you, then yes it will be installed in the case. But you will have to take it out again anyway as you will need to solder the power and video connectors you get with the GBS-8200 to it then put everything back in it. Pretty easy to do. Their full kit (which includes a GBS-8200 which they supply) can be fully built and ready to go for you. Apparently too they've made improvements to the GBS-8200 to fix a "snow" issue under some circumstances. But I've never had a problem with mine.
  3. I'm not sure, but I think he may have been replying to the comment about running GEM EGA on the VGA display? That can definitely be done as VGA can emulate EGA graphics. I brought one of these from a company which manufacturers them here in Australia. I'm pretty sure they also ship overseas. http://www.microbeetechnology.com.au/vga_video_converter.htm I already had the GBS-8200 PCB which I brought off eBay a while ago so I just brought the "short form + case" option and had them put their board together for me. Works great on my PC3 (which has the same onboard EGA as the PC1) as well as being great for when I want to use my Amiga 500. Very versatile.
  4. Thanks that's awesome! I'll put them up shortly. Will be great to finally have something worthwhile for the earlier PC's on the site. If there is anything else you can contribute that would be fantastic too.
  5. *Bump* Just looking for a PC4 system now, I've managed to find a few PC3's. Still interested in any spares, accessories, documentation however for the PC3 but not a complete system.
  6. Wow these are great! Any objections to me putting them up on my website? I've been in the process of developing a kind of one stop shop for all the Atari PC's and trying to get as much detailed information as possible. These will be fantastic as at the moment unfortunately it's very Atari PC3 / PC5 focused as these are the only two of the series I have. Finding any detailed information on the others is getting really hard considering they seem to be very rare to get hold of and many Atari sites generally only focus on the "true" Atari's and have nothing more than a brief mention of the PC series. If anyone has anything more to add I would love to hear from you.
  7. Hi all, Recently I started a website dedicated to the Atari PCx series of IBM PC Compatible PC's which I'm slowly building to be a one spot source for these PC's. So I'm looking for anything not only for my personal collection but also to share on the site, manuals and disks especially as they seem to be particularly hard to find, but also parts even entire PC's, even if they are not working. So let me know what have.
  8. You may be in luck. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/214399-vintage-heaven-treasures-of-the-past/page__st__25?do=findComment&comment=2799682 If your ever thinking of selling it, I'd definately be interested. Just thought I'd put it out there.
  9. Hi all, I'm going to be restoring an Atari PC3 8088 and I'm hoping someone might have any parts / accessories (particulary the Atari keyboard) or even a complete box you are looking to part with? I'm also interested in a PC4 if anyone has one of those. Really hoping someone can help me out as this PC was my very first IBM PC Compatible so I would love have one complete and working to relive those memories. I'm overseas but I'm happy to pay postage. However if your in the US and don't want to do international postage, I have a freight forwarder in Oregon I use regularly so that is a good option if you prefer that. Thanks for looking!
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