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  1. This link was requested by Peter Boon. It's a slideshow demo made more than 3 years ago using 4 different data compression : Pletter, Dan1, Dan3, and ZX7. Because Dan1 and Dan3 were made to focus on bitmap screens, and Dan3 for full screen pixelart and pictures with dithering, Dan3 performs better in this demo. However, because we tend to draw graphics in a way to somewhat be simple to compress, Dan2 is a better option for our game projects, often better than Pletter. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x6r7YHc65ViaXp_VkApPwngLivFeJdso/view?usp=sharing
  2. This is a patched CCI3 source code with its compiled version to replace the one in the devkit. It somewhat bypass the "coleco.h no such file or directory" issue I'm having right now that I've never seen before. cci.zip
  3. Sorry. My mailbox here was always a problem. I will try to free space and contact you.
  4. It's a hardware thing. The sound chip specifications are telling us that we can use the "frequency" data from the channel tone 3 as an input for the noise channel if this one is set for it. I do use this "peculiar chemistry" in all my ColecoVision musics. The mode 3 on the noise channel is called PERIODIC NOISE tuned with the TONE 3 (sort of) to produce a BASS instrument sound. The mode 7 on the noise channel is called WHITE NOISE tuned with the TONE 3 channel, allowing for cool explosions sound effects without being limited to only 3 presets of white noises.
  5. I didn't see your PM. have you tried on Facebook or here?
  6. Thank you! Beside decoding the data written in the new format I've invented, and using a little bit of RAM to store pointers and instrument codes, these sounds are played by the ColecoVision BIOS sounds routine. Therefore, this doesn't use that much extra CPU power than regular CV sounds. By exploiting the BIOS power, I was able to plugin my routines and avoid adding too much codes in the ROM. All the sounds priorities and effects are for the most part from within the BIOS. In other words, this could have been implemented and used back in the 80s without a doubt.
  7. You are fast! Meanwhile, after hours of work, I've finally fixed a special tiny sounds routine bug and converted (most of) my ColecoVision Commando music based into tiny sounds. It sounds similar to the original without some nuances only possible by coding every notes by hand. More than half the data size was saved by using this new format. Bugfix : Removed the unneeded RESET " (ix+7),0 " that was stopping the special code 3 to play fully if the duration was more than 1 unit of time. This is important for the special drum code 0xfe and the freq and volume swept code 0x03 (see CV BIOS sound format). Music Commando (src) with updated tiny sounds routines : TinyMusic - Commando - src.zip Music Commando (bin) both original and tiny sounds versions : TinyMusic - Commando - bin.zip
  8. One step at a time - I'm getting closer to a stable sounds player with vibrato and arpeggio support. This is just a spark, an idea of routines based on my way to compose music with a bonus of data optimization. My goal is to code something stable I will use myself to compose even more music in the future. And if there is any interest in using this experimental sounds format to compose musics, I'm sure talented programmers will figure out a way to make it easier to use.
  9. Fixed an out-of-sync issue by simply make sure the duration counter in the init sound routine is reset to zero before trying to play any note. Version 0.3 Alpha (just the tiny sounds routines again) : sndtiny.zip This version seems stable enough to try adapting part (about 5K data) of my compositions to tiny sounds format. I've selected the hardest one to adapt which is the elaborated Commando Chiptune music. There will be differences in the sounds quality of course but it should be close enough. And since I keep the bass and drum sounds data as is from the original composition, only the melody will be affected by this experiment. And, because of all these notes with arpeggio everywhere that were coded into multiple sounds swept codes for each note, tiny sounds format will make a big difference in size, like saving 20 or more bytes per 12 cycles duration notes. The size of the tiny sounds routines should be worth it right at the start of the Commando music. To be continued...
  10. Tested and... I've spotted some issues in version 0.1 Alpha including an incorrect "6 bits code to 12 bits period" conversion, and also other bugs I'm not sure how to fix at the moment. Will work on it again another day. Version 0.2 Alpha (just the tiny sounds routines file) : sndtiny.zip
  11. Hello everyone! In 2018, I was working on a way to add music data as small as possible in my future projects without typing each note as a frequency and a volume effect. As a bonus, I've also considered to add vibrato and arpeggio support which sure increase the code size but do provide a richer sound experience. To achieve this, I've simply extended the CV BIOS sound format by using its sound type 4 which is just a call to a routine. The routine is reading differently the sound data as my proposed new tiny sound format which reduces to (almost) 1 byte each note. I've coded this routine based on my needs and the way I compose music. Some details are written in the "sndtiny.asm" source file, and you are invited to look and modify the data in "snddata.asm" to figure out by yourself how the notes are coded. The way I code music in my projects in based on CV BIOS sound format, the channels 0 and 3 are working together to play NOISE and BASS notes in a loop, these channels are not affected by this new format. The channels 1 and 2 are the melody channels and those do benefit from this new format by quite a lot for long music composition. I have trouble to make this new sound format work with my music_update routine, so I'm also considering to write a more stable music sequencer in the future. The source code is entirely in assembly code and uses keywords only used by tniasm assembly cross-compiler. But it can be easily adapted to be compiled by other cross-compilers. Version 0.1 Alpha : TINYMUSIC.ZIP Version 0.5 Alpha (bugfix) : sndtiny.zip
  12. newcoleco


  13. I've modified my "About me" here, just to be up-to-date, adding a few things about the drama with the brand holder and the big change in my life that I'm glad many responded with positivity. Thank you everyone for your support through all these years.

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    2. newcoleco


      Indeed, it seems I need to setup a new page somewhere. Thanks for telling me.

    3. Mike Harris

      Mike Harris

      Looking at your picture here and your Twitter I can only assume that you made a BIG change.

      As long as you are you then you get a thumbs up from me.

    4. newcoleco


      Big change, indeed. I've admitted openly my identity disorder only last year, and started my coming-out this year. I'm talented and intelligent but it is a lie to think that we can handle by ourselves a mental disorder. Each crisis went stronger and stronger through time to the point of feeling like crap and powerless. But, with the proper help from a psychiatrist, life counselors, and health professionals, I'm going through HRT and living as my trueself. See, it's not a choice, it's living finally. After dealing with many depressions, worries, and fears of unknown consequences, I'm feeling way better now, smiling every day, with better sleep, and a zen mind. No more hiding, no more hurting myself, I'm out and free to be me.

  14. Dear Coleco friends, I've been again inactive for months in the ColecoVision scene, sorry about that. I love thinking about composing musics and ways to bring some projects back to life after years on ice. But for now, I've nothing in progress. The reason I'm writting this message, is to inform you that I'm alive, and I'm also going through a big change. It will be a shock for some who haven't seen my Facebook page in March this year before it got blocked. I can't deny who I am anymore; I'm doing a transition from Daniel to Amy. The name is changed legally, and I've psychiatric and medical support for almost a year now. I stay the same person, I'm just having some physical and emotional changes. I suppose my godfather title is no more valid, but feel free to keep using it. Thanks for your support and appreciation of my work through all these years! Best regards
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