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  1. I've modified my "About me" here, just to be up-to-date, adding a few things about the drama with the brand holder and the big change in my life that I'm glad many responded with positivity. Thank you everyone for your support through all these years.

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    2. newcoleco


      Indeed, it seems I need to setup a new page somewhere. Thanks for telling me.

    3. Mike Harris

      Mike Harris

      Looking at your picture here and your Twitter I can only assume that you made a BIG change.

      As long as you are you then you get a thumbs up from me.

    4. newcoleco


      Big change, indeed. I've admitted openly my identity disorder only last year, and started my coming-out this year. I'm talented and intelligent but it is a lie to think that we can handle by ourselves a mental disorder. Each crisis went stronger and stronger through time to the point of feeling like crap and powerless. But, with the proper help from a psychiatrist, life counselors, and health professionals, I'm going through HRT and living as my trueself. See, it's not a choice, it's living finally. After dealing with many depressions, worries, and fears of unknown consequences, I'm feeling way better now, smiling every day, with better sleep, and a zen mind. No more hiding, no more hurting myself, I'm out and free to be me.

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