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  1. There is an awesome 7800 emulator that run on a softmodded Wii. I highly recommend that for getting your 7800 emulation fix on.
  2. If by "luck" you mean encountering as few knife throwing bastards as possible, then yes.
  3. Ms. Pac-Man is reason enough to own the 7800, and I prefer the original to the PMC version because it seems a bit faster, though I LOVE the Plus mode. Anyway, I hold a strong distaste for the Tengen NES, Genesis, and SNES versions with their screen scrolling. If it ain't Jr., don't scroll my Pac-Man!!
  4. Much obliged, Rom Hunter! A Happy New Year to you, good sir.
  5. I hope its successful so it spreads across the country. Never can have to many Pac-Man related restaurants.
  6. Dear Mods, If there is a better area of the forum to plop this thread, by all means relocate it, and accept my apologies.
  7. Feast your eyes on this video!! New Retro Arcade for the Oculus Rift DK2 looks amazing. Imagine being able to virtually meet up with buddies across the country or planet and play throw down on some Tekken or team up on some Final Fight! I have hoped and dreamed for this day for years. Anyone out here have an Oculus Rift DK2 to try this out on and share with us their experience?
  8. Didn't the 7800 sell better in Europe than in the States? I'm guessing that there wasn't a big enough market for the joypad to justify it but I'm only speculating as I have no numbers to back that assertion up. *Google Fu* According to Wikipedia the 7800 sold 3.77 million units worldwide with 2 million sold in the US, so I guess that rules out the above guess.
  9. And congratulations to you on your victory in Space Invaders, oyamafamily!
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