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  1. I have a Concerto. Not sure what it is worth?
  2. Seethransom


  3. Has anyone kept a broken joystick? I need some parts to restore one. Thanks.
  4. Is this topic still live, and at the same price?
  5. I've become very good at making great working 5200 controllers. I use Best parts. I normally have some Atari stuff for sale. I'd love it if you took a look. http://www.ebay.com/usr/paddlefeet
  6. mine just broke too. No BIOS screen to pick game. IF anyone is selling one, please let me know?
  7. The Thief's in view on level 2

    1. retrorussell


      Oh wow.. Space Dungeon!

  8. I like the 70's look in the decor.
  9. I recently received 2 broken Jag's. I thought I could make one of the two. I realized, after some helpful threads from here, I could have both fixed. They both have the blown chip, meaning someone used the wrong power supplies. I found a friend who could soldier. I ordered the chips, and the whole cap sets from Console5. I failed to get the sound chip at that time. So, I am half fixed. I gave my friend the other Jag, and parts for his help. He's coming back soon to fix the sound. I only have Tempest 2K so far. This is an expensive (for me) console to collect for. Mark
  10. Nice upgrades! I use the Mako pad also.
  11. Sorry, also looking for Jag Controller.
  12. Hello, I just expanded my console collection. I am looking for some reasonable loose games. Perhaps your doubles, or the ugly one with torn labels. I now have SNES,NES, and their import counterparts. I also have a Genesis, and a Jaguar (90% working needs a REG1). I would like to spend no more than $50, lots are welcome. Thank you for reading.
  13. My Jaguar is partially fixed! I bought parts at Console5.com. Terrific transaction. I ordered the U38, and the Cap kit. I have an excellent picture, but no sound (yep, hit Zero). Some more reading leads me to believe REG1 also got fried. The chip is $.33. I recommend you order this with your U38.
  14. If I have the clearance to fly, I will be down that way next month.
  15. Spring cleaning! That, and having a heart attack. I need to earn some cash. This is mostly miscellaneous. Feel free to PM me with offers. Thanks!
  16. Recovering from a heart attack.

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    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      I think this proves that video games cause heart attacks. Ban them!

    3. DoctorTom


      Seeth -- Prayers going up for you. Hang in there!

    4. Jess Ragan

      Jess Ragan

      Man, that's pretty crummy. Get well soon.

  17. I received mine broken. I have 2. I'm going to order the kits. I have a friend who does better soldering than I. I may sell one, and hold on to the other. That video above is awesome.
  18. I am so happy this place exists, and Everything is kept. This old thread saved my Jaguar!
  19. Thinking of my eBay name to Grundle's Games?

  20. Anyone been to "The Quarters" right outside Springfield Ma? Cool place!

  21. There are some good ideas. I have a controller with a heavier boot. It helps. As a kid, I would recenter it without thinking about it.
  22. Wico's seems like are getting a little bit rare. I have seen them go from $35 to over 100. I suggest making a saved search with eBay. Every time one gets listed, they mail you. Personally, I'd stay as close to $50 for the whole set. Y-Cable should not be bought for more than $25. Bohoki makes a fine product though! Good luck.
  23. You gave the 5200 much more time, than others would. People won't even buy one because, they've heard all the bad things. The 5200, and a Dreamcast are my favorite. The 5200 is only my favorite because my parents bought us one. Lucky, I liked to tinker. If they bought me a Colecovision perhaps that would've been my favorite. I've often thought of getting an A8. I like Pastel one with controllers. The controllers are a pain. I have two working ones. I use the system often, keeping the controllers clean. Never taunt the 5200 controller. It will break down immediately. Good luck with an A8. Thanks for taking the time to form a complete opinion.
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