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  1. Nobody has said Superman! Yet?
  2. I wired an Atari Compatible 9-pin connector into a clone DC controller so I could plug in my CX-40. It works for the games I play.
  3. Zonie


    One of the reasons I asked why no Dreamcast Subforum At AA. A lot of the DC forums and sites are gone. AA will always live on, so putting it here should help. "If you build it, they will come". Thank you, Albert.
  4. Thanks, Albert. I and I'm sure the rest of us really appreciate it. Other Forums come and go, but this should live on here in AAo
  5. I was kind of thinking this would be the case. Thanks for the info. Getting one.
  6. Zonie


    You may have been the first to post, but I asked for this subforum. You're welcome.
  7. Cool, Thanks! Classic or Modern? Probably classic...
  8. I've been ignoring the DC relm for a few years, and happened to stumble across the GDEMU board and all of its' ripoff clones. Wow, this makes me consider bringing this console out of the closet again. Anyone here have this, and what are your thoughts? I made some killer Emulator disks for the DC about 15 years ago for the CV, 5200/8-bits, 2600, etc. But the disks and drive were so problematic. Now all of this on SD cards! the 3d printed holders and such are cool too. I have custom controllers, VGA adapter, etc., that the SD card really makes it work.
  9. Where? There is a lot going on with it right now, with the GDEMU board, but there really is no sub board where we all come together to talk about it. I consider it a classic, like the N64, but then there is no N64 sub board either... Maybe we need a "Tweener" console section with sub boards for those in the middle which could include these two and the saturn, PS1-3, original XBOX, etc.
  10. Am I missing something? The DC isn't in Classic or Modern gaming... Kinda in between, I guess?
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