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  1. "Mr. McKittrick, I've come to the conclusion that your new defense system sucks." I used to click on "my content" and see what I wanted to see, only that and got my fix. If I had more time, I'd look at new stuff. Now I cannot see what I want when I log in. Too much work. Tried to set it up but it doesn't show it how I want to see it. "The more you try to overtake the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain." My drain is plugged. Sometimes change is not good. Losing interest. edit: upon posting this, I noticed my avatar is clipped.
  2. That is a CX10 They are identifiable two ways. 1. They don't say "TOP" at the top. 2. In these, there is no plastic ring at the base of the boot. you can see the boot all the way to the edge of the recess, and sometimes the tabs of rubber in the slots. I find them in the wild more often than I would have thought.
  3. Linear Taper and Audio Taper. Probably the latter...
  4. I think the 7800 is superior to the 5200.
  5. Cool Box Idea. On second look, Maybe it is but The mountains look too big. Might be the angle of the camera or something. I don't see the Hyatt but its pretty short and may be behind something. If it is, It must be looking west. Chase tower looks right..
  6. 90 boards? Yeah, I'd use a fabricator.
  7. You know, that's funny. I had some show up w/o ss from PCB express. Wonder if they use the same house.
  8. Don't forget the XM. I'm considering a Phoenix and since the XM is coming, having the Phoenix, my AV modded 7800 with an XM is all I need. And the NES and SNES are all I need. I need my XEGS too, and this chair. I need this Chair too... https://youtu.be/rSWBuZws30g?t=115
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