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  1. I just sort of figured it was a placeholder sound...
  2. Would you be interested in selling just the enclosures? Those don't look like anything I've seen from the usual suppliers.
  3. Interesting... Y'know, I wonder if anyone has ever considered making a "console" based on one of the more prevalent arcade platforms, like Namco Galaxian Hardware for example. Lots of games are based on it. Even Pac Man, or the Namco Galaga platform, which is similar. And I don't mean early consoles like the Bally Arcade/Astrocade which may have been related, or The Colecovision which was, sorta. I mean a system made today with our much lower memory costs... Just spitballin
  4. - DASH ^ SHIFT 6 (On a US Keyboard)
  5. With me, it's the demos, so that makes sense. A1 console.
  6. Hmmm... I get that screen sometimes too. No biggie. This thing is still in Dev mode. It works for most of what I want it to and I'm happy for it.
  7. You have no concept of what I'm trying to do. I mean really, who made you the upgrade police anyway. Sincere? No. I don't expect to make some new standard and controller and thrust it upon others. Sure I could build it and I'd be a fool. I'm trying to start a productive dialogue between users, programmers, and hardware engineers. We may come up with an agreement to do things a certain way, and then we all benefit. My suggestions are a starting point from my perspective. Others have also chimed in. If CPUWIZ hadn't been dissuaded in the past, just imagine what the last 7 years would have given us. Maybe nothing different, maybe some amazing new stuff. At the very least, an adapter that people could program a Sony PS controller to work for them on 7800 games. That's a win in my book. What have you given the community other than negativity? Yeah, he did make that without me. But then assholes like you pissed him off and he gave it up. Now I come along and try to get some folks interested in getting together doing something that maybe we can all agree on, and he chimes in with an amazing thing that nearly saw the light of day, except he said fuck it, people don't deserve it. He's right, when people sit back and bitch and moan but then don't try to help and just complain that it doesn't meet their desires or they want it now and can't wait for it to be ready... Maybe, just maybe this discussion has rekindled a desire to make the adapter, then here you come saying nobody wants it. We get it. You don't want it. Move along. You act like a troll. I said it before. If you don't like what people are trying to do to make something cool, then scroll by and ignore it.
  8. Now we're cookin with gas!
  9. I looked at a 2600 and 7800 schematics (hand drawn, lol) and the Digital IO for the joystick go to PA0-PA7 on the RIOT, The fire buttons through the hex buffer to the TIA and the Analog to through current limiting resistors to P0-P3 on the TIA. The TIA can and does use them as psudo-digital inputs but the Riot cannot use its inputs as analog. This doesn't affect your concept at all as they can all and are all used in the matrix controllers (KB/VTP/KC) and the 7800 actions... I've been looking at both making the spinner with "stuff" and using an encoder, but encoders are not exactly cheap cheap... It'll be a while before I get anything concrete, but I've begun working out the details of the actual controller itself based on some stuff I came up with in the past. I've read through the threads with CPUWIZ's DS converter, and that is the shiznit. A lot of good work went into that. I get why he stopped, some shit went down here in the past that really soured some of these guys from making cool stuff, but hopefully all that negativity remains behind us...
  10. I'd have to look a the console schematics to answer the first part. As for the matrix, sure, you could probably create a matrix with resistor values (what I think you are getting at here) and the code could probably read it, but too much variation from different quality components, voltage drop on the cables, solder issues, etc, that it may be more trouble than it is worth. I really think keeping to the "standard" types of connections to the existing inputs (pots on pot lines, switches on digital lines) is probably best and easiest. It's a good idea, though.
  11. Ultimately, this scheme could be used to interface a regular modern controller like a playstation, Xbox, etc. This would make these games more interesting to younger gamers who grew up with them. I'm not as adept at using them but the idea is to move the bar forward, gain a larger audience. The flight stick shown probably does have a pot in the throttle and does have a joystick on top of the flight stick. I have seen some with wheels up there too, so the spinner would provide input for that. If the stick on top is analog, then the two pot lines would handle that and the throttle can be handled by the spinner. Lots of ways to spin this. LOL. And I agree that Homebrewers have only been using port 1 partly because they had no need or desire, and, I can only assume, partly because no agreed standard exists on HOW to use port 2. If a controller could be made available that sells in sufficient quantities that they are out there, and there is a standard agreed upon method to use it, we hopefully will see it used. Quite frankly, I'm surprised Atari (or hombrewers, for that matter) didn't/dont use the joystick in port 1 and the keyboard/VTP in port 2 (like Star Raiders) or a driving controller in one of the ports and maybe a holder for both it and a joystick for more games, but many people didn't have either or both, and the latter would have requred yet another piece of hardware (the holder), and, they were cheapskates. Everyone did have paddles, though, at least with the non jr 2600's packed in, so they could have done something with that. Being cheap with ROM in the carts was probably a factor then. This is a perfect opportunity to come up with something instead of getting what Atari did and living with it and then 40 years later saying "gee, they should have done this or that instead". This allows us to improve it. It's our time. It's monday morning QB time, with a DeLorean to go back and fix it. The inputs are and have always been there for us, we just haven't standardized on how to use them. I'll have to look up CPUWIZ's adapter and that Tom+ thing. I must have missed that. One of these could be the standard or the basis of one.
  12. Exactly. This sort of controller would benefit from a USB to Atari converter...
  13. OK that's pretty much what I came up with too, but I inadvertently thought the spinner encoder was on left and right. See my schematic first post. You also are forgetting the fire button on the right port. That is button 3, and up and down are 4 and 5 respectively. I'll update my schematic to reflect the correct pins on the rotary encoder. ZoNiE Controller Rev A.pdf
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