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  1. We've discussed this before, both here and 2600. The hardware is easy, but it is not worth doing (as a supplier) unless there are games that need it.
  2. "After the body is cold?" really? Now that is a pretty cold statement. I agree, this needs to be locked, and a new thread needs to be started by and when the folks involved have a plan, if it even continues, and I'm sure nobody needs to bother any of them until they are ready. I second the dedication to Curt. Anyhoo, I'd be willing to help out with the manual... I really want to see the XM completed.
  3. So sorry to hear RIP Curt.
  4. Wow, so sad to hear. Rest in Peace, Curt.
  5. Wanna sell a third one this way?
  6. Singles? Asteroids Galaga Moon Cresta Donkey Kong But, I have to agree, a multi cart would be better.
  7. Not a big fan of background music on games myself. It tends to get repetitive and you get sick of it, like a song getting stuck in your head. Just crank up the stereo instead!
  8. Not fraud, "Fuck it"
  9. Wow... Maui hasn't changed much. Was there last summer!
  10. I, personally, and many others, I feel, have faith in Curt and the team. He's really been through a lot. If it were me, I'd have sent all the whiners their empty XM cases and said to hell with it. I can wait. I have a lot of stuff in front of it anyway. If it showed up tomorrow, it would go to the bottom of the pile and wait its turn. It's now in a race with the Commander X16... Think about it... 11 years after buying in, and this thing shows up and opens up a whole new era of games... Sounds like a win to me.
  11. I hadn't considered that. BUT, how did DK end up on the 7800 then?
  12. How about offering it as a fully do it yourself assembly kit? Or just provide the housing and a BoM of what to buy and where? I'd be interested in that.
  13. Didn't Star Raiders use a lot of keys? It was the game I wanted one for. But yeah, those four buttons are on the XEGS.
  14. How old do you think most of us are? I still Have a dialtone on my IP phone... @ High Voltage, Yes, she is.
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