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  1. Well, somebody had to say it.
  2. I stand corrected...
  3. Ummm... Why not just write a 7800 game? ???
  4. On the one hand, if there is another board rev coming, (due to the missed ground pad, for example) then adding a jack would be rather easy. It can be added, and appropriate means for isolating and/or combining the power from both sources also needs to be designed in, which would require some thought and consideration for different versions of the 7800, possibly. HOWEVER, that means there needs to be room on the edge of the board and a hole in the case, which there probably is not. That means, if a suitable location is found, isolation/combining of dual sources, an access hole still would need to be manually added to the existing run of cases. Curt already has, what, 100 cases? Leave it up to them to decide...
  5. I'd like to see a 7800 version that uses the XM.
  6. Any splitter will work, but all inputs are connected at the same time. Just only turn one console on at a time... Not sure backfeeding anything into a powered off console will do any damage, however.
  7. Hope they wipe them off before they ship 'em, and then make sure you open that shit outside!!!
  8. X2 on Marble Madness. The NES version just doesn't cut it for me. Given the quality of Galagon for the 2600, I'm convinced Gyruss can be done for the 7800.
  9. Oh, do tell. I use expressPCB!
  10. Only three straps? Wow, I'm impressed. That is a very detailed board to get it nearly perfect. Bravo.
  11. Hope my preorder is one with an original Pokey!!!
  12. We've talked here about extra buttons before. I think we all bottomed out on using the paddle lines as extra buttons for a three button controller as a standard that the homebrew developers can use. I think that perhaps we should have a proper vote on it and decide as a community to create a new standard?
  13. NOTHING beats the original sounds from Galaxian in the arcade. Takes me back.
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