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  1. My pit kind of takes care of all of it in a more or less passive sort of way and also feeds wildlife. They escorted alive to the pit, stripped of any clothing or metals that can harm animals, and there are guards keeping them from climbing out, but coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, bears, and large birds of prey, etc. have full access to them. Eventually they succumb to either heat, cold, starvation, thirst, or are taken by the wildlife. There is little to no waste, and there are no chemicals that harm the environment. Overhead is low. Everyone wins.
  2. I had a thumb drive stolen from the back of a TV we were using at a convention to display our products. We know it was the cleaning people. It was covered and not visible to regular passers-by. Not a big deal, but someone had to run out and get another one so we could load the PPT on it. It really sucks that some overpaid union Moscone center asshole employee who probably makes $50 an hour to push a broom took a $6 drive. It's like a thief breaking the most expensive window in a car to steal $10 worth of crap in the center console. They get practically nothing, and the repair costs $100's. I hate thieves. They all belong in a pit in the desert so the coyotes and buzzards can eat them.
  3. So sad to hear. Condolences to the family.
  4. When Sears and Kameapart merged, that was the end. Cheap K mart brands like champion tools ended up in Sears next to Craftsman, and the clothing, which was never really great, ended up being nothing anyone but the poorest of the poor wanted. Sears did try online, and for a little bit looks like it may have worked, but retail doesn't do online well, and the stores make terrible warehouses as the employees don't get the shipping thing, and products on the shelf when you order can disappear due to a customer picking it off the shelf. Home Depot fails miserably here. It is sad, because the stores were all over the place and you'd think it would have been an advantage. Best/Labell's and service merchandise died too soon for online sales. If one or both had still been around, we may have seen something different. We have a Deseret in Mesa AZ, smack dab in the middle of LDS territory. Mormons do donate good stuff. I used to go there at least once a week when it was near my workplace and I got nearly all my 5200 stuff there. But yeah, the stores were a mess.
  5. Sell them for $25 in the USA. Cover your costs and time.
  6. Sears didn't make the console. Atari did. It was just branded a Telegames for Sears. Like Sears' Kennmore appliances are made by GE and Whirlpool, etc.
  7. I had a friend who had one and all the cartridges. Some of the more wealthy families would buy the console and all available carts and his dad was a homebuilder so had tons of cash to burn. Another friend who's dad was a doctor had a 2600 and all the carts at launch. I was intrigued by the Channel F even though I had a 2600. The controllers were fun, and there was a drawing game We played with a lot.
  8. Cheap computers. Plain and simple. A VIC20 cost $100-1030, about what a 2600 cost. Eventually a C64 cost $159. The 400 was getting cheaper by the week. The Apple II was what the "rich" kids got and an IBM PC was what kids who's dads were Engineers got. I gave my 2600 to my sister when I got my 64. I eventually got it back when they got a Sega Genesis and I put it into the closet for years to come. I got new interest when I found this thing called a 7800 at a swap meet in 1993, but I already had a 386 Based PC by then.
  9. I found the dot just looking around with the bridge. I was looking because the room was blinking. I didn't try it anyplace other than the gold castle, then I heard about the Easter egg, so my friends and I called Atari (yes we called the 800 number from the payphone at school) and they sent us the instructions.
  10. Personally, I know nothing aboot Atari Canada... SORrey
  11. Zonie

    HOKEY demo

    Nice. Thanks for creating such cool stuff for all of us.
  12. 1. Moon Cresta (Homebrew) 2. Asteroids 3. Galaxian (Homebrew) 4. Centipede 5. Dig Dug 6. Pac-Man 40th anniversary edition (Homebrew) 7. Donkey Kong 8. Joust 9. Galaga 10. Ricki and Vicki (Homebrew - Maybe. looks good.)
  13. Zonie

    RetroN 77

    Or Arizona...
  14. I didn't even notice the 7800 when it came out. In 1986, I was in my first year of college, and was chasing girls, making car payments, working, and hacking into the college's VAX to do my chemistry lab work on my C64 at home instead of those printer terminals with the green striped paper. Any gaming was on the 64 and driving across town to meetup with other users to copy games. I first played a NES in 1988 or so and was "Meh" more of that stupid Mario shit, and Duck Hunt? Really? I found the 7800 at a swap meet in 1993 and almost overlooked it as a 2600Jr, but then a "wait a minute, what's this?" Aha! moment and that was it. Hooked and also wondered how the hell did I miss this? Well having stopped watching saturday morning cartoons, never saw a single ad.
  15. I hated it and still do. They had an arcade machine in the student union at my college at full volume. The droning music and sounds of this game drove me nuts. I also don't see the appeal of the side scrolling coin collecting bouncing platformers. Pitfall and Prince of Persia were more fun.
  16. For me it was Electronic Games and Compute's Gazette. CG was the Commodore-centric one. I also had an Atari Age subscription. Fun times. If it were not for all the content online, these mags would still probably be a valid medium. I pick up a copy of Retrogamer once and a while...
  17. Talk about the ultimate "What-if" scenario. Yeah, it really was good until it jumped the shark in Season 3. I'll leave the details out. I was wondering if we would see an Atari in that since everything seemed to come out years earlier, like the Concorde, Video Phone, etc... Season 4 is really interesting.
  18. No offense, but this sounds like it was written by someone who wasn't around back then or didn't pay attention. The killer app was Space Invaders, not Asteroids. Asteroids wasn't a great port to the 2600 but we did all enjoy it. I also know of nobody who thought they wasted their money on the 2600. Every family that I knew that had one played the hell out of it and some of the more wealthy kids got every new cart as they came out. One Family bought every cart available when the 2600 came out. We all also kept all of our games when we did eventually upgrade. People who got Intellivisions or Colecovisions kept the 2600, and nobody I knew thought the adapter made any sense since that 2600 was still sitting right there next to the Colecovision in most homes, or went to the younger siblings as a hand-me-down. Two kids could play in two rooms this way. Game trade-ins and selling them really didn't become a thing until the Gasmestop/Babbages/Software Etc. trade-in programs came along in the very late 80's and those programs were clearing houses for the crappy NES and later Playstation games that sucked. I personally never thought it made any sense to get a couple of bucks off a new game by trading in something I paid $20-$40 for. Better for me to keep it. I did, however, complete my Dreamcast hardware peripherals collection very cheaply with these places...
  19. Right there. That. My next console after the 2600 was a Vic-20, and then a C64. The 400 would have been next, but at $399 it was way more than the $129 that my parents reluctantly were willing to pay for the Vic when "you already have an Atari". The 8-bit computer price war made consoles obsolete for a short time. The $299 5200 was not worth the price when a "real computer" could be had for less. I think I paid $249 for my C64 just a year or two later. I bought the 1541 disk drive when I had my Vic, so it was natural to upgrade to the 64 than go to an Atari at that point. But, Many did get the 400 instead of the 5200. Too bad the 400 wasn't just the next console as planned for $299 or less. Too bad they didn't figure out the give 'em the printer and make money on the ink back then.
  20. I have a 4x8 sheet of 3/4" plywood and four 8 foot two-by-fours. Will that do? Don't haggle. I know what I have.
  21. Hmmm... An interesting project TODAY would be to make such a VCS-e (enhanced) OK OK OK maybe maybe maybe If such a console were to be homebrewed, but with 100% backwards compatibility (using some sort of extra pins on the cart like the 7800) or if only one pin is needed, add a little phono plug cable and a phono jack on enhanced carts? Pop cart in, connect enhance cable, play... What would our homebrewers do with such a thing? Hmmm...
  22. Like I said, the 7800 didn't even need to exist if the 5200 was done right. Too bad they didn't quickly figure out the joystick fuckup and release a digital one. If the Jag controller was conceived earlier...
  23. I've been wanting to do this for years. I made a MAME machine 20 years ago, but no longer have it. With the Concerto, I really need to get cracking and make one of these, but I'm going to use a CRT... Have not found a suitable one at Goodwill yet. Too many people buy them for $1 for target practice around here...
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