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  1. When I read an uncle was goinna toss them I thought theres a black sheep in every family and why's it gotta be the uncle?
  2. Asteroids for 2600 right after I got it christmas 82, asteroids as your probably know was a 2nd pack in. I spent hours rolling it over and over again. Berzerk was another. More recently Raiden for Jaguar, and lately Gran Turismo 3 which comes & goes.
  3. Dwhyte, The whole point about rybag is not just what he said but his negative attitude. Arrogance and immaturity just don't wash with me, nor in the real world in general. That aside I don't use an emulator. Also as I previously stated I have a doubled 1050, and a normal 1050 there is no reason to limit the disk images to 90k. As a8isa1 said there are several methods that would require hardware not everyone has. I don't have the equipment for them all. As I also stated on a minimum I (or many 8bitters) could dump them across a serial connection with a minimum of hardware and extract on my 8bit. Diskcomm will extract the files just fine without any extra steps.
  4. Steve, Thanks for the info, that is what I was asking. The ATR is less of an issue though I do have some of these. I do have a PC with a 5 1/4" drive and a doubled 1050 so the one method you suggested will work on my setup. Another slower method that would work is using an RS232 connection provided the PC has it as does the Atari (ie 850, PR connection). That would indeed be slower but would work for those who don't have the hardware for the other methods you suggest. I must say your answers ARE accurate I just don't have all that hardware available here right now.
  5. Rybags, Your ignorant tone is most unwelcome. As I have stated twice already I am NOT using an emulator but a real Atari 8bit! I am not insulting your use of an emulator even though I choose not to. My question is can I use the XEX on a real 8bit with or without converting it. I am not asking for your condescending attitude. Since you cannot behave in a mature fashion then either grow up or leave me alone. I am here to enjoy my hobby not as your whipping boy.
  6. There was a place in downtown toronto like this, Arcade and console sales on 4th floor, middle 2 floors were D&D and other games, basement was other hobbies like model kits. Was called Gameways Ark, also long long gone, was late 83 or early 84 as I remember. It saddened me to see one place with all my hobbies turned into a camping supply store. All the other arcades in the Toronto area I remember are all long gone as well.
  7. Rybags don't you read? I made it quite clear I'm wanting to run the software ON A REAL 8BIT! please do read before you make comments like "WTF would you want to convert atrs to dcms". Really man, it was a simple question and your insulting comments are uncalled for.
  8. Hi all, Hopefully a very quick question. I found a bunch of .ATR images and found a utility to convert them to DCM so I can use them on a real 8bit. What can I do to use XEX files on a real 8bit? I haven't tried them before and I'm not sure if it just needs renaming to .exe or some conversion is required? Until recently I had not downloaded any 8bit stuff for quite a while, last time was from a bbs.
  9. If you have an electronics supplier nearby you could assemble one yourself. I've done it myself, get 2 8pin din commectors and one of those composite/stereo cables with the 3 rca connectors on each end. Cut the cable in half and trim back the insulation just enough to connect the din connector. The pinouts are listed in programmers reference guide and should be found online too. I don't have the link but you can find it via search engine with little trouble. That should give you 2 of the video cables with the seperate chroma/luma + audio used on the Commodore systems.
  10. Wavetek Meterman 37XR is a very good meter I've used for about 5 years but you'll be hard pressed to find one for $50. Though they do make some more basic models closer to that range which can be decent. Keep an eye out for the Wavetek and Fluke dealers, every so often they clear out the warehouse and last of the old models do go on some really good sales.
  11. Most of the custom IC's is worth keeping as theres no real other source for them these days, even if your not into commodore yourself you can always sell the good ones to others who are. Basically 6510, CIA's, SID's, VIC II, PLA, Roms are all worth keeping. Rams could be a close call as most 64's have these socketed which makes them a bugger to remove intact unless you've got good desoldering tools (which braid and the radio shlock vacuum pumps are not, neither will cut it for keeping intact chips)
  12. Ok well put me down for 2 for now. I need one for a repair and a friend needs one. If its in my budget I may go for 3. Any idea of what you'll sell them for?
  13. Hi all, I know this is an older set of messages but I too remember "glenn the 5200 man" conversions from my bbs days. But I no longer have any of them on disk. Anyone else know of a spot where they can be found. I did grab the zip file mrfish put together but haven't tried it yet. What I'm interested in is Vanguard, Space dungeon and xevious.
  14. I have no idea the names of the arcades I went to growing up in and around Toronto. The mall at Warden & Finch had some good games in the kmart at one end and the towers store at the other end. Both stores and the games are long gone. Another good mall for arcade games was on victoria park some games near the food court area and in the bowling lanes downstairs and had a small but decent arcade. I did spend a couple of my high school years in whitby, Whitby mall had a good arcade and so did Oshawa Center now long gone. My last arcade haunts in the late 80's were down yonge street all of which are sadly long gone due to yuppification. Currently only arcade machines within 50 miles is a coin laundry with a couple of early 90's machines. Only thing that could call itself an arcade is the movie theatre in scarborough town center which during the 80's had a dedicated arcade. The spot where the arcade is now the long hallway to the theatre. Only thing I could really call my arcade now is the basement of my house which now has several "retro" computers and some game consoles though no real arcade machines there would be a murder in the house if I tried.
  15. Planet Patrol - that game convinced me to go 2600 back in summer of '82 though I didnt get the 2600 until that christmas. Fate intervened and I never got that game until 2004. Pole Position is another I've always wanted and still don't have. Smeg, nearly forgot the cart version of the Star Trek arcade game.
  16. Hey Mirage, I could use a SID chip for a 64 I have here, I'm not too picky what revision it is as long as it works. Also do you have any Atari repair parts? I could use an XE keyboard or two if in new usable condition.
  17. Hi all, What's purturbed me is what keys and how many affected seems to be very intermittent, mostly is the "function" key row aka Select, Start, Option etc. Anyone know what resistor values to substitute? I have a small stockpile of parts so coming up with resistors shouldn't be much trouble. Piggybacking does involve some calculating as resistors in parallel are always lower. I had the same thought Jacobus did and had tried the alcohol cleanup tip already which unfortunately didn't help even on the 600XL I have where the traces had gotten badly corroded. It does bother me as it again delays me getting my 8bit fix.
  18. Well not an Evilbay thing but I did pickup a 65XE at a fleamarket couple weeks ago for $15, got manual and PS for it too but keyboard need fixing, and it could use a new badge, the existing one has split in the fuji logo. Still its a nice find. First Atari related thing I've bought in about 5 years too. Now if I could find another couple floppy drives or some other storage.
  19. Hi all, I've been getting my 8bits back in operation and run into some troubles with keyboards. I first dug out my 130XE and hooked it up, both 1050's work fine but the keyboard was getting flakey some keys weren't working like 1, 2, Q and some others that were not grouped together. I replaced the mylar with one I got from best and it improved marginally, more keys are working except HELP, SELECT, START, OPTION aren't working so well, SELECT & OPTION being the worst off. Suddenly this week a 65XE I found at a flea market started doing the same thing, at the exact same time! well I tried cleaning the contacts where the mylars connect to the mainboard on the 65XE and the 600XL with no difference. I've spent hours on the 130XE with the new keyboard mylar also with no luck there. The new mylar is not scratched up and has no damage to the traces, that for one seems like a mystery. I can't think of any logical reason for it not to work. Btw, I have tried connecting some of the pins on the keyboard connector with a short while (after following which connected together for certain keys) and I did determine the computer itself (130XE as its my main 8bit) so I know the problem is in the keyboard itself. Is there any advice from the hardware people here I might try?
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