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  1. SORT OF. DVI connectors CAN carry analog video signals, but aren't required to. If they don't, then a simple plug-and-cable adapter won't get you anything and you need a box of electronics just like you would for HDMI. The digital signal portion of DVI, however, is virtually always there and is almost identical to HDMI(HDMI being built atop DVI, with intercompatibility as a goal initially), so converters for DVI->HDMI are always cheap plug-and-cable affairs.
  2. I kinda love the idea of putting modern expansions in speech synthesizer casings. Just for the confusion as people look at your TI and try to figure out why it has four speech synthesizers attached and nothing else.
  4. FCC regulations at the time where much stricter than they are now. I'd wager the 4a is pretty quiet by modern standards.
  5. I've considered it. Main argument against right now is that my beige unit doesn't work completely right. It boots and everything seems to respond, but there's an endless waterfall noise coming out of the sound chip. I've not had the right combination of time and ambition to debug it.
  6. I really like how the beige units look, though a power LED would be nice. I think it has a "futuristic" style that the black units lack.
  7. I've been using the term "MAMESS" to refer to post-merger MESS.
  8. It is eBay. There's two classifications for anything interesting, "rare" and "untested"
  9. JB

    Better cpu

    Also the absolute best Missile Command clone.
  10. Awww, you know there was only one computer made in the 80s. It HAS to be for the Commodore.
  11. JB

    Better cpu

    The TMS320 series is actually related to the TMS9900 series, so it does make a nice pairing from a warm fuzzies point of view.
  12. At least we aren't in the Nintendo community, where trust-fund kids are putting their crap in plexiglass coffins and driving prices up to completely insane levels. Just mildly insane, and not entombed.
  13. Where you guys see a preventable failure, I see a feature: an easy way to disable the 32k on the NanoPEB for future expansions!
  14. Not necessarily. Some folks have a following precisely BECAUSE they don't behave themselves.
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