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  1. I looked into this, and my gut was wrong. X doesn't do it natively, and the software that would make it happen hasn't been maintained for years and doesn't run on modern Linuxes. This suddenly became more complex, if you want to use the TI's keyboard. If you want to use an IBM keyboard adapter on the TI, it is dead simple. Get a KVM that supports keyboard-controlled switching and call it done. 'S basically all the Triton XT sidecar was anyways, a KVM switch.
  2. MAME running on a Pi emulating a 4a with a Tipi. Seconds per frame.
  3. Honestly, if X supports keyboard input over TTY, it'd be doable with nothin' more than RS-232 adapters and a terminal emulator on the TI. I don't know if X supports that, though my gut instinct is yes.
  4. To answer the question: it could be done, but not through the Tipi card. You'd need a SECOND Pi hooked to your 99.
  5. We need Triton XT emulation. I'm sure I'll come up with a good reason eventually.
  6. TI is weird. The modulator's actually in the switchbox, not inside the console. The cable carries composite video, mono audio, and DC power to the switchbox. There's no RF video output from the console, because that would make sense(or possibly because they were playing games with the FCC).
  7. That's actually brilliant. I never would've thought of running an antenna wire alongside the DC power wire.
  8. Yeah, that's what stopped the Widgit use here, too(the wearing out, not the Geneve). It just ain't robust enough sor the task at hand. The multi-base modification seems like a good idea, but I never worked up the ambition to try it.
  9. The game over scene TERRIFIED me when I was little. I was honestly scared of that game because of it.
  10. Zero Zap is fine. It is in the same vein as video slots, only there is SOME control.
  11. The tape drive is named CS1
  12. I quite enjoy the TI port of Moon Patrol.
  13. Qix is a fantastic game, and one that definitely needs more ports.
  14. It is worth noting that TI produced clones of some popular arcade games of the day. TI Invaders and Munch Man are readily available, and competent "homages" that are easy to overlook if you're focusing on specific titles. Also, if you do get a 32k expansion, you won't need to open the system to install it. It plugs into the right side of the computer, no disassembly required.
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