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  1. To answer your questions: Yer, the RF shield is that metal can around the main board that the keyboard goes over. No, the power supply doesn't care if you have an RF shield. The FCC might care, but it is doubtful.
  2. I'm mostly just being a smartbutt. Though what I've seen of the Spectrum's left me ... unimpressed.
  3. There's no way the friggin' SPECTRUM is better. The Guardian is foisting british propaganda off on us.
  4. No one's said it, but Extended BASIC is much more powerful than the console's woefully limited built-in BASIC. Even if you wanted to play with an unexpanded system, I'd get an Extended BASIC cart or put XB on your FinalGROM, and forget that regular BASIC exists.
  5. JB


    I think it is really a combination of two things. 1. The TI's short life and quirky architecture led to it having an unusually large percentage of enthusiast users. The kind of people who view it as a tool to be modified to suit personal tastes, inside and out. Maybe they're just trying to fix the crappy video output, maybe they want the 32k as integral to the system's form as it is to the system's use, maybe they're through waiting for wait states. But moreso than most, it is a system that begs to be modified(and arguably HAS to be, thanks to the self-cleaning cartridge slot). And if the guts aren't sacred, why should the skin be? 2. I mean, if the flimsy aluminum trim is gonna get damaged ANYWAYS...
  6. Oooooh yeah. There's a tendency to write everything in the family down as 9918 or 9918a. From a specs and programming point of view, this is even accurate. ... And then you flip a coin to determine if the writer writes "9918a" for both the a and non-a families, or writes "9918" for both. Of which neither approach is right in any way.
  7. I believe it is true of the 99/4a in PAL land, but not the kingdom of NTSC. In America, TI used a 9918a that directly outputs composite video. The 99/4 with no a used a 9918, not a 9918a. Not sure on the PAL-land situation there.
  8. Can folks not named OLD CS1 suggest Zero Zap?
  9. As I understand things, it is rated for very low amperage as the pin exists specifically to power the speech synthesizer. It was designed to supply pretty much exactly that amount of current, and not one drop more.
  10. Oooor we can accept what we already know to be true, acknowledge that the beige systems look cooler anyways, and move on from trying to match damaged aluminum trim. Please don't hurt me too much.
  11. Yeah. That was the HDX mod, if I'm not mistaken.
  12. Whenever you tell someone outside the community about this hobby, they will ALWAYS, without exception, think you're talking about a calculator. It doesn't matter how you approach the subject.
  13. Quoted for truth, as the kids say.
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