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  1. We are Borg. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. Insert disk two to commence assimilation.
  2. I don't know, but I really hope the GROM just has "OKAY" in ASCII.
  3. I'm already using the Chrome-based Edge. It is a sad thing, and I really hate how Trident Edge went out. But one of the things I use Edge for is keeping Google away from my normal browsing, and the YouTube diffrence was quite stark by the time Google was done "optimizing".
  4. I use Seamonkey as my primary browser, Edge is a secondary for some specific purposes.
  5. It is most likely a power-saving optimization in the last Edge update. I've noticed something similar on YouTube recently(if a video's been playing, but not visible, it stops rendering the video portion entirely until I click on it).
  6. That's what I was about to say. Even if it can't, you can still load data off a CD or DVD. The cassette port cares not where the audio came from.
  7. I'd be afraid to drop a P-Box three feet. Not that I might damage the P-Box, mind you. It'll be fine. I'm worried about whatever it lands on.
  8. As I understand things, the trace on the circuit board feeding that pin is VERY thin and won't be reliable with an appreciable amperage running through it.
  9. The 4a is not designed to supply power to external peripherals, as a general rule. That 5V pin is only designed for a teeny bit of current to power the (surprisingly miserly) speech synthesizer.
  10. There were probably restraints on other game console versions, unoficially. Coleco had the game console rights to Donkey Kong at the time, and was developing all the game console ports, and naturally wanted the ColecoVision to look better than the competition. I've never seen any verifiable confirmation that they intentionally made sure it looked better, but it wouldn't surprise me a bit. The 4a is a computer, though. Atari had the computer rights, and no need to nor interest in making Coleco's game console look better.
  11. Given it apparently works at 60 Hz but not at 50 Hz... it seems likely your 9929 is actually a 9928.
  12. That is a beast of a 4a right there. Mine's at the "I removed the greasy nasty felt" level of mod. Nothin' worth showing off.
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