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  1. I gotta admit, if you're upgrading with some modern parts, having a supply that can source you a few extra amps of +5VDC for accessories is a nice convenience. Host-powered Genesis controller adapters , TIPIs, memory sidecars, NanoPEBs, etc.
  2. Is it? I never got the impression it was a particularly hungry device. It runs cool(not even slots in the case for passive ventilation), and is among the few things the expansion port can be trusted to power. I thought pretty much anything else you could do with that bus used more power than the speech synth.
  3. Sort of like the Commodore community's "Mega 65" project(more or less a resurrection of the unreleased C65)?
  4. If it takes 12V, you could use the power line on the AV connector.
  5. The time and money to dedicate to my hobbies.
  6. As I put it when doing a 99/x history summary for someone when I got to the whole market implosion thing... "Bill Cosby then sued TI for damage to his reputation. Cosby would later do far more damage to his reputation than TI ever could."
  7. It is kind of ridiculous for the browser to force it to HTTPS, and then throw a big scary warning about the site hacking you because the certificate for the secure mode the site doesn't even support is invalid. I could rant for days about web browsers.
  8. Well, it is an HTTP link, not HTTPS. There shouldn't be a certificate error at all unless the browser is forcing it to HTTPS erroneously.
  9. Alpiner teaches us that just because your game CAN speak doesn't mean that it SHOULD speak. (Seriously, I used to unplug the speech synthesizer so I wouldn't have to hear the computer's harrassment.)
  10. Indeed. That's the job of the fuze.
  11. The stylish solution, if ever there was one. I stand by this statement.
  12. It breaks the cup warmer? That's a serious flaw!
  13. Well, first time in several years... I hated that minefield as a kid, and I hate it as an adult too. Maybe at some point in the next week I'll memorize the moves to get through it. Or at least remember the moves to get through the first leg, since I'm sure my younger self NEVER cleared the entire minefield before growing angry at what I recognized even then as blatantly unfair game design. An early example of my love/hate relationship with irem.
  14. If I recall, the FPGA used for the F18A runs much cooler than a 9918a does, and needs no heatsink.
  15. I have limited room to avoid your route. P-box came from the garage with a DSDD disk controller and a Horizon RAM disk. And I already want a Geneve, though they live outside my budget.
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