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  1. Hi JnO, nice that you merged raz0red's changes from Wii7800. This is much welcomed after the hoarding that was going on for years by supposed 'respected' yet unethical members of the community that kept private builds of ProSystem among themselves with fixes and improvements... Anyway, I sent raz0red a few patches upstream for fixing supercart games loading, a bit shift overflow and a database update that you may want to merge into your builds: https://github.com/raz0red/wii7800/commits/master I was also looking at another issue with Pole Position II where you apparently cannot select the two tracks on the left side of the screen with the joystick. According to the changelog for EMU7800 v1.3: So I looked at changing the scanline count for NTSC and PAL to 258 and 308 respectively, and that corrected the track selection issue for Pole Position II in both regions of the cart. I'm not sure if this is the 'correct fix' or if this introduces any regressions, so somebody else that knows the hardware will need to chime in.
  2. Hi nanochess, could you share source code so that others could port to frontends?
  3. kenfused appears to have a newer version of Beef Drop posted on his site at kensclassics.org. The date on the bd7800demo ROM is "Oct 15 2006"
  4. That already happened. It's just that some people in the community, some being the "XM team" and others in this very thread, have selfishly sat on private builds of ProSystem for years with fixes and improvements while the state of 7800 emulation stagnated: 1) http://atariage.com/forums/topic/160363-prosystem-developer-requests/ 2) http://atariage.com/forums/topic/167421-super-circus-atariage-new-wip/page-7?do=findComment&comment=2115736 3) http://atariage.com/forums/topic/213129-trouble-using-16-bit-pokey-sound-on-atari-7800/ 4) http://atariage.com/forums/topic/214554-pro-system-emulator-windows-8/?do=findComment&comment=2793222 A really awful thing to do considering that ProSystem was originally open source for the benefit of everybody. Just imagine if a project such as MAME/MESS kept improvements to open source code private amongst themselves. I reached out to one of those with the "private" ProSystem builds requesting source code and was ignored. Today, you'll get a lot of hand waving from them telling you to just use MAME/MESS now that its 7800/TIA/MARIA/POKEY modules have been improved for accuracy, as if they are now off the hook for the rotten thing they did. Some time ago I ported ProSystem to Libretro API (https://github.com/libretro/prosystem-libretro) so that it's playble in their cross-platform frontend, RetroArch, though still missing the improvements from Wii7800. Raz0red has his old Wii ports on GitHub now and I actually sent a patch his way for posterity's sake to fix loading of good dumps of 64K games: https://github.com/raz0red/wii7800 Anyway, my own port of ProSystem for OpenEmu on OS X (https://github.com/OpenEmu/ProSystem-Core) is being updated with the fixes from Wii7800. Then somebody may want to port those over to the other open source forks if they still find ProSystem usable.
  5. Core updates out for the ProSystem core and several others. Go to menu bar > OpenEmu > Preferences > Cores and click the buttons for the available updates to install.
  6. Please don't run your games in a background thread! We use that method only for debugging purposes and it **will** break functions of some of the other emulator cores. In Terminal.app run the following to reset back to XPC: defaults write org.openemu.OpenEmu OEGameCoreManagerModePreference OEXPCGameCoreManager I will have an update out soon for ProSystem.
  7. My port of the ProSystem emulator had issues that I've just recently fixed, a few of them being where games wouldn't load in some circumstances. It's fixed in source now and I'll push an update soon. I'm also working on updating the ProSystem core with the latest changes from 1.3e and razored's Wii7800 fork. I noticed that some time ago GroovyBee was working on updating ProSystem as well (http://atariage.com/forums/topic/160363-prosystem-developer-requests/) but I haven't found a source code release. Anyone know about this? By the way, make sure you're on the latest developer preview of 10.10 as its fixed some UI problems in the app. There are a few other things broken still in Yosemite that will be patched in our next release.
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