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  1. Okay, I'll check that out--thanks again, Steve, and if anyone else has any thoughts please let me know! Arvan
  2. Thanks, Steve. What card are you using to capture that? And I wonder if there's another composite in capture card out there I could try too, just so I don't feel like I wasted money on the composite mod part. Actually, I wonder if it would still output to the RF out even with the AV mod--in which case I could use the AV to my TV/monitor, and use the RF to Coax to get it to a simple Coax capture card in my computer. Does anyone know if that's usually the way the Intellivision works--would a composite mod out preclude it still being able to put out signal to the RF out as well? Thanks again for all the help so far, Arvan
  3. Ha, well, it seems to be working well--except I can't capture how well it's working. I guess I could spend some time on my Twitch channel telling people how awesome it is.
  4. Thanks, Steve--part of me hopes you'll find it isn't working perfectly, because I got this one with an composite mod output specifically so I wouldn't have to get a separate TV tuner card to use with a coax. I'm not one hundred percent sure that jack is even still working on my Intellivision. Sigh...anyway, any info you discover would be most welcome! And unfortunately, Retro, I'm not trying to record video but stream it live on to the Internet as I play, so I'm afraid a standalone DVD recorder wouldn't work. I considered getting a DVD player or VCR so I could do the RF to coax adapter ---------> DVD player ---------> composite out to the Avermedia LGP, but I thought getting this Intellivision with the composite mod out avoided that problem. Sigh again. Thanks for the feedback...any more help would be welcome! Arvan
  5. ...so I turned to the obvious source for Intellivision knowledge. I have a channel on Twitch TV on which I've been streaming for over a year, and finally got the chance to stream my new Intellivision II (bought from Ebay, after losing my Intellivision II, Sega Master System, TRS-80 and NES during a move. Not a good time in my household when I discovered that loss.). I've confirmed that the Intellivision, which has an AV composite jack mod built in, works great when attached directly to the composite in of my TV/monitor The problem is I haven't been able to find a device to get it to the computer for streaming purposes. I have an Avermedia Live Gamer Pro, but even when using a composite to HDMI adapter, the LGP doesn't seem to have the ability to process the low resolution signal put out by the Intellivision...the best I get is an occasional static-picture on the computer, but that's it (though it should be noted that the HDMI pass through of the LGP does work to transfer the signal to the TV/monitor--so again, no problem with the adapter or the LGP). I've tried a Diamond One Touch Video capture device (which has composite input jacks), and that got me closer--I can get perfect audio--but the image is in black and white (and even that requires tweaking, switching the capture device to be recognized by the computer as PAL-M rather than the NTSC M I would have expected). Finally, no streaming program has worked--Xsplit, OBS, RECentral, even the EZGrabber software which came with the Diamond. I can't afford to bankrupt myself buying every capture device under the sun, so I'm hoping someone here can help. In sum: 1. The Intellivision II itself seems to be working fine when directly output to the TV/monitor via the composite jacks. 2. The LGP can pass through the HDMI signal (via my composite to HDMI adapter) to the TV/monitor, but can't register the console on the computer itself. 3. The Diamond can get perfect audio and black and white video, but no color video, and requires some tweaking to do that much. I streamed some games of Cloudy Mountain, Treasure of Tarmin and Hover Force the other night using a webcam to capture my TV/monitor, but obviously the quality there is horrific. Can anyone help me get this awesome console into the streaming world? Thanks, all, Arvan
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