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  1. Thanks, He had like 2 or more other cart label versions up that he removed but held onto that one for reasons I didn't understand but he was mostly complying so I didn't push it. As of now that listing is down too, though. I really doubt this seller actually "stole" this stuff. He really seems to believe it was given to him. We should be nice to the man as of this moment. Edit: Permission to produce this software was given in error and this has been resolved. In this instance there is no foul play.
  2. Let me open up, by saying I never intended for this thing to just be full on sold in repro shops at places such as etsy and ebay. Not that I can really stop it from happening. I can only really ask. Any cartridges of the Godzilla prototype being sold after the initial release are done without my knowledge. Considering this prototype was made for a small run under specific circumstances, it was never intended to be marketed as a full game either. The rom is available on the original thread for free and you are allowed to have carts made of it, but I dunno, maybe I wasn't specific enough in that I didn't really want this thing available as a retail product? I had plans for a finished version of this game named 'Zilla, however, on June 28, 2015 Neotokeo2001 made the offer of finishing it up. He too, intended to remove Godzilla branding, and I was supposed to receive a 5$ royalty per cartridge of this version, which I opted to share more of with him because of the work he would have put in. After this, I don't know what happened. That's about the last I would hear about Godzilla 2600, until it started showing up on Ebay and Etsy a year ago or so. EDIT: The storefront named Relentless had permission to produce Godzilla Cartridges, but it was given in error. That is solved now. All other places it showed up though should be considered thoroughly unsanctioned by anyone involved with it's creation. I've uploaded a version of the game with the new 'Zilla name. This is what the game was before it edited by Neotokeo2001 for the cartridge release, the assets are a bit different, and he may or may not have fixed a thing or two in the Godzilla version, it's been several years now so my memory isn't fresh. If you see Godzilla 2600 being sold, it's not because of me. As of right now, 'Zilla 2020 is the official version of this game. ZILLA2020.bin
  3. Rom has been available on my own site since the beginning but it may or may not be the current build you see on the cartridge, so I'll attach it here. Also, some of you are beating me at my own game One thing to note, is that I personally play (2600 games in general) on an atari 7800 with the PAL game pad. It's very responsive to me, so if you have one laying around, I recommend trying it with that and see if you might get further during those twitchy later levels. hungershark.0.2.8.bas.bin
  4. Well, now that is interesting. I wish their website had a developer centric FAQ though, the marketing talk tells me nothing about what I'd face to develop. I'm assuming that it's a linux based system ultimately, since I'm seeing some recent computer releases in there. I could make a proper Hunger Shark port with enhanced (or 16 bit typical or whatever they're going for) in like, a weekend. Would need to know more though.
  5. If only I had the sort of money to drop on a Jaguar to do this Is there a jaguar flash cart available yet or would I have to pick up the CD add-on too? Just curious.
  6. I must, absolutely must, get this. I missed out on Princess Rescue, I don't want to make that same mistake again. It would be cool if there was some sort of mailing list to notify of upcoming releases, if there isn't one already.
  7. It's been a while so I don't recall. It might have been something to do with collisions but that's just a guess..
  8. Hello everyone. I've been incredibly busy with life, work, and other non-homebrew game projects, so it's doubtful I will even touch this any time soon. Although the amount of work to push this project forward wouldn't be too daunting, I just can't put myself into a position to want to work on it right now. Deepest apologies for people who were waiting on a full release. Some closing notes: -If someone would like to take over the project, I can dig up the .bas files again and send them your way. -If someone wants a cartridge, I still have the two signed copies, and if they're worth anything to you, I could use the change far more than I could use the cartridges right now with how hectic life has been right now. A PM and we can work something out. Pending no offers, I'll probably be unloading it on ebay along with some other stuff. -I removed the .bin from my own page not to make it inaccessible, but because of the nature of the property, and without watching it closely I don't want to spring the risk of someone sending me a nasty legal letter and missing it. The mirror put up by neotokeo2001 is fine to use, but I do ask that you change the pricing of it from Name Your Own Price to Free, for reasons I'm sure we all understand. Thank you all for understanding, my apologies for not stepping over here sooner. Edit: That's not to say I wouldn't ever pick it up again if no one else wants to take it over, just where I'm at right now in life, it's not feasible for me.
  9. Well, I'm definitely holding on to my own two signed copies for the foreseeable future, but you have the go ahead to have a cartridge created. Godzilla will be developed further however, so you may want to hold off on that unless you're satisfied with the game as it is now. If you'd like to directly support the development of the game, I have a small patreon dedicated to my Atari Dev here: http://www.patreon.com/luckycassette At which point you can just throw a dollar or two at me, donate the 50$ reward tier in which I go and put the order in here at atari age, or do it yourself and give me nothing :^) Regardless of what you (or anyone else) do, the latest rom is here in this post, you are free to do as you wish with it Godzilla NEO.bin.
  10. Indeed, glad everything went well Edit: I gotta say, Akira's Suit is excellent.
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