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  1. I prefer solderless upgrades, myself too. nice work.
  2. Thanks i haven’t been able to use it. thanks especially for the info about output to a monitor and printer!
  3. real time is in real spaxe what is ray casr formula
  4. is this real time? is this tile based. how is ray casting imp.. pleaseexplain. thanks
  5. i had the little lever latchbreak so i had to use my fingernail to open it cpm is good bros? wordstar what else
  6. essentially it is a portable handheld 300 baud modem w/kbrd. rocks! thanks nezgar and gunstar for some reason it is printing garbled characters when connected. any idea why?
  7. Hi friends, This little guy is great! Anybody have one? I need the manual, please. 😄
  8. how is Dragoncart?


    1. danwinslow


      Hi Wally1. It's over, as far as I know. Altirra has a good emulation of the cart.

    2. Wally1


      sorry about that.


      it is an achievement anyway.

    3. danwinslow


      Thanks, Wally. It's true. The software drivers turned out to be harder than I thought, especially when it came to TCP. I do plan on writing a slimmed down UDP only device driver at some point for use with action games, which is what I wanted in the first place.

  9. i coulda bee somebody!

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