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  1. Same thing happened to me. Satdisk got all corrupted and did not work! Twice, with two different. How can you trust a name like that!?!
  2. Here's to a kinder, gentler Atari. How do we make computers fun again, anyway? Someone made a good point that when they first came out the industry was basically inventing itself. Now we have bloated compatibles. And revenge of the nerds.
  3. Congratulations for your victory. There's always a workaround, or a hack.
  4. Thank you Ray. Star Raiders is pretty amazing for only 8k. I will check out the source code.
  5. The light just stays on. One of the absolute best Games and it's shareware.
  6. Sorry Faicuai I made a mistake. Thanks Nezgar.
  7. So then what do you like to compute with?
  8. CyprianK what did necrocia do to make you go back to 6502?
  9. I remember the decomposing of the mushrooms and stuff, finely done. My guess is that it uses hi-res graphics.
  10. the Beatles are great thanks for replies amazing sound from a tiny speaker!
  11. i stand gladly corrected. er actually i am sitting right now 😩
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