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  2. Sadly I'd imagine not all that many since so many multiplayer console games can't operate without their servers and they seem to get taken down very fast when the game loses popularity. In addition, many single-player games seem to have some online features too which won't work long into the future. On top of that, who knows how long the digital downloads will be available for and the DLC bought via. the store as well as the PSN/Xbox Live Account authentication. "Current" modern consoles are definitely going to be more of a pain in 10-20 years assuming the hardware even still works by that point than those a couple of generations before... From purely a gameplay standpoint, I think JRPGs and other types of offline RPGs will probably be the most-played. Other types of games seem to rely on online/multiplayer components much more. I definitely think the PS3/360 will hold up better than the PS4/Xbox One as "retro" gaming systems in future. Hardware failures aside, the PS3/360 (More so the PS3) rely on online features much less than the current generation systems, especially with the earlier PS3 games some of which offer no network connectivity at all.
  3. I've seen some really bad ones, but mine works fine. I guess its just pot luck really, but they are notoriously much less reliable than most other cartridge based systems.
  4. I didn't even know the Saturn existed until some time after I had a PS1, it wasn't very widely advertised here. I did get one around 1997 though and played the hell out of it.
  5. Forgot that I uploaded this one actually: A comparison between the same VA6.8 as in the video above and a Model 2 Mega Drive, you can hear for yourself how bad the VA7 / Model 2 MD sound chip is by comparison lol. Yeah it is possible to improve the sound on the VA7's and Model 2 consoles but it is a fairly extensive mod, I believe its called the "Crystal clear audio mod" but by default these consoles sound nasty. I've got a few different consoles, 2x HDG VA6 (a Genesis and the other is a Japanese MD). The better sounding model 2's seem to be quite uncommon, I only ever see (and own) the nasty sounding Model 2's lol. From what I've read and seen in comparisons though even the "better" model 2's still aren't as good as the pre-VA7 model 1's. They are a big improvement over the older model 2's though.
  6. There is actually nothing wrong with the VA6.8 audio, it also includes the same discrete chip present in the older revisions. As far as I know the only one out of the Mega Drive 1/ Genesis 1 models to have the same borked audio set-up that the early Mega Drive 2 / Genesis 2 is the VA7 model. Audio from my VA6.8 Mega Drive 1: The main one to avoid is the VA7, but as said above the VA2's are known to have various issues as well. From what I've read online, the main difference between the VA6 and 6.8 is the video encoder chip.
  7. Nah, I normally get the consoles that I'm interested in a few days or weeks after launch. Never camped out for one.
  8. The audio difference is personal choice really. I like both but I don't think they're really very comparable there as they both use totally different types of audio set-ups which are better at producing different types of music. Having said that, quite a few 3rd party MD/Genesis titles do sound like my stomach after a hot Saturday night curry.
  9. I don't see the problem with people calling it Genesis. I call it Mega Drive since I live in the UK. Do you expect people to call the SNES the "Super Famicom" all the time and the NES the "Famicom" as well?
  10. I've got two Genesis systems, 1 Japanese MD and 3 PAL MD's. This is the serial number of the one I have hooked up though (a Genesis)... 110009141 No idea what to make of it though. Edit: Other Genesis: 020329481 Japanese MD: G10001733 PAL MD (Model 1, all my others are Model 2's): 40f15039 No idea which one is the oldest console.
  11. To be honest you're much better off getting a newer PS3 and a slim PS2. Even if you do manage to get a 20GB/60GB PS3 working again the chances of it failing again are very high. I just use a 320GB PS3 Slim and a PS2 Slim (with component video cable) now since my 60GB BC PS3 died.
  12. R.Bear

    SkullBlade's collection.

    Pictures of the random retro gaming things that I own.
  13. R.Bear


    I like Steam, its now I play the majority of PC games these days. The servers are very fast and its very convenient to use. Wouldn't want to be without it now.
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