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  1. What about Gravitar for 2600?
  2. You mean your Jag isn't front and centre in your entertainment system at all times? For shame!!!!!
  3. And that game is totally cured now!
  4. I'm pretty sure Disney+, HBO Max, etc. were available in 11 Dec 2020, not 2021.
  5. First Missile Command, now Centipede. Two trackball games... Will a trackball peripheral ever see the light of day? How about an official Atari mouse?
  6. 1993 to 1996? Sounds like the Atari Jaguar life cycle. Coincidence?
  7. tripled79

    Serial numbers

    I wonder if the mother board would have a serial number? If so, I suppose I could have a sticker printed and put it on the back case...
  8. Sorry for the delayed response. One thing I left out is that I recently bought a Composite/S-video mod kit from Winz_mod. I've been chatting with the group on discord. It seems that one of their latest boards that they've been selling recently shorts out and results with the issues I am having. The troubleshooting method that Stephen recommended would have worked to eventually point the finger at the mod board. I hooked up the Atari with RF and the system still works, thankfully. Thanks for all the input, guys. Hopefully I can successfully mod this system with nicer outputs, but until then I'll have to play Atari today in full "retro mode".
  9. I'm not that familiar with xbox game pass. I'll have to look into it. I recall trying Stadia on the VCS and it had major lag and stuttering problems. I'm not sure exactly how high speed of an internet connection required to have a somewhat pleasurable experience with Stadia. Would Xbox be the same?
  10. I had the same problem with the Halloween level. Scientists are standing and waving in space, but I can't pick them up. Plus sometimes the objectives are buried in the rock, so I can't win...
  11. Says the guy who doesn't know how to properly use the word "their"...
  12. tripled79

    Serial numbers

    Mine doesn't have a serial number either...
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