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  1. 4K works just fine for me. It's PC mode that I am having issues with. I've tried so many times to install windows, but I just get a black screen or "no video" for a great length of time before I give up and restart the system in Atari OS...
  2. Nintendo Switch like? That's a hard no!
  3. I'm always picking up these games late when I have the chance as many of them come out under my radar...
  4. I remember following Mad Bodies quite a bit on Jaguar Interactive 2, but somehow the game came and went quickly and I missed the chance to get a copy...
  5. Finally after all these years the Jaguar has a mascot with 'tude! Her catch phrase should be "do the math". But she doesn't say it, it's written as a "tramp stamp"... he he he.
  6. I don't listen to RGT 85, Reviewtech USA, etc because of their close-mindedness towards the VCS.
  7. Cannon Fodder has to be the hardest game on any platform, especially without a mouse. Frog Feast is painfully easy.
  8. I haven't taken my Lynx apart yet, but I imagine the serial number would also be inside, maybe on the main board.
  9. Why am I just hearing about this American Hero game now???
  10. left or back isn't a block button. Ultra Vortek uses the same concept which was popular in Street Fighter at the time so to go back to my original point it's confusing to like Kasumi Ninja over Ultra Vortek because they both use the same control scheme as far as "blocking" goes...
  11. Update! Looks like the package finally moved again! 2nd of June it landed in Chicago. Maybe next month it will cross the border...
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