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  1. Television is the retina of the minds eye...
  2. This may be a redundant question, but is your platter freely spinning?
  3. But the Atari Jaguar CD advertisements in GamePro magazine said it would be an upgrade...
  4. Man, I can barely get past level 50...
  5. I've been watching and listening to the Master-Cast TV review ( ) for over a year now... Can't wait for this game to arrive.
  6. I purchased a loose copy a few years ago to re-visit the game. I used to enjoy it back in 1997, but I have no idea how. This game gives me a headache. It's almost unplayable. I sold it on eBay not long after that. I'll take World Tour Racing any day...
  7. I can't wait for the sequel: Human Centipede
  8. I liked the various different sound options. Took me a while to figure out how to change it. But I like the arcade version of arkanoid. Joust, probably 2600...
  9. A clear shell or a transparent red shell would be awesome. Then we could SEE the 64 bits doing the math.
  10. I have an extra Hover Strike overlay...
  11. Has Doom ever been ported to the 2600?
  12. Thanks for the guide. I was wondering why my Jag CD would sometimes not work. It's probably due to this magnetic issue.
  13. I bought Elansar and Philia off the itch.io website a while back. I'm still stuck on Philia. Can't get past the opening room. Took me a while to find an old windows pc in order to burn the ROMs for my Jaguar CD but I got there. Anyway, I ended up buying a cart version of escape 2042 this summer. It was very fun. Look forward to playing these on Jag GD someday.
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