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  1. It's kind of the "luck of the draw", I think. I bought two NIB 800XL mobo's a few years ago and both are fully socketed, but I remember seeing a post somewhere that another user called on the phone to ask that very question and waited while they opened several of them up to find that none of those were socketed. :^\
  2. Haha! Yes... good point! I may be totally off in what may have happened had Jack not bought Atari when he did, but I would certainly like to have seen where Atari might have gone had he not taken things over and put a lot of the currently-being-developed concepts/products on hold or completely squashed. I think that the 8-bit era was only beginning to wane, but it still had a few good years left in it and some of the 8-bit products that Jack either killed or delayed might have saved Atari long enough for them to regroup and formulate a new plan of attack. I do believe that Atari had good marketing in the Warner era, which seemed to go decidedly downhill after they sold.
  3. I know that there are a lot of differing opinions regarding Jack Tramiel's management and acquisition of Atari, but I am definitely thankful for it. Yes, it wasn't perfect, I know... but without Jack, Atari would have crashed and burned a lot sooner than it did and we wouldn't have gotten the ST (and everything that stemmed from it). One of the times that I heard Leonard Tramiel speak, he had said that the ST went from concept to working prototypes in cases in six months. Wow. Pretty awesome. I wish the ST (and the lines that followed) would have been marketed better with advertising, sales partnerships, etc. When I was a teenager in Santa Cruz, CA (USA) I was only 45 minutes from the Silicon Valley by car and the only Atari dealer in Santa Cruz county was a toy store in Aptos. They didn't carry current models because not enough people knew to ask about them. This was in 1990 and the guy behind the counter (while very Atari knowledgeable) didn't have a single STe to show me; just a 520ST with an external FDD. By the time the Falcon came out, they weren't even interested in carrying them. It was pretty sad.
  4. Hi! I would be using it as the A drive on an original 520ST w/TOS 1.04. My son loves classic machines and has several of them but he doesn't have any experience with ST's, so I was thinking of giving him my old 520ST to play around with. What do you think? Thanks again! Louis
  5. Hello all! I have a poor, lonely, yellow and brittle SF354 that isn't getting any love right now and I was considering turning it into an external GOTEK drive. My question is: Do any of you know if I could simply swap the mechanisms and expect it to work, would I need to tweak/mod the SF354's internals, or is this simply not a good idea? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Louis
  6. Many thanks! I'll give it a go tonight!
  7. Yep... it's a sad, sad state of affairs. I have always told people that you have to be careful with eBay because you can get the deal of a lifetime or people will fight over junk. I know, because I have done both! I do see it from all sides, though. I get disappointed when I see prices that I think are extortionist level. At the same time, if someone offered me a lot of money for something I had sitting around, I'd probably jump on it. :^D
  8. Yeah. it's really sad... some schlub buys a box of stuff for $10 at a yard sale and tries to wring $500 out of it from people like us who actually need it.
  9. Hello all! My 800XL has recently gone to B&W output only and I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers. First, I have tried different monitor cables with no luck. Next, I tried a spare motherboard with said cables and got a full color output without any problems. I'd still like to get this other one working at 100% functionality if I'm going to put it away as a spare. Disclaimer - I have no appreciable knowledge of electronics and am not particularly skilled with a soldering iron. Before I begin switching GTIA's around, can anyone tell me if there is something else I should be looking out for? Many thanks in advance! Louis
  10. I loved that game back in the day (circa 1987)! It was one of the first ones I had for the 64. The games were cheesy, but there were a lot of them and I don't remember it having to access the disk much (or at all) during gameplay.
  11. Yes... that! Put the mileage on the 800XL, get the 1200XLs working and keep them around because they're awesome.
  12. What will you call it? My suggestion: FrankenSTEin
  13. So... flippin'... JEALOUS!!! Seriously, though... this is great! That is just too cool that you took a machine that looked halfway out of hope and brought the awesome back! Thanks for posting pics!
  14. If you choose the TI and want to use it (not just look at it), I might recommend the beige one. It's the cost-reduced model, runs a bit cooler than the black & silver model (which is the really cool-looking one) and there's a guy on ebay with NOS keyboards.
  15. If it works, you can just replace the casing a la B&C Computervison or Best Electronics.
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