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  2. Dear all, now Ms Snake! is available as GitHub repository at https://github.com/mad4j/atari-mssnake Daniele
  3. Hello! Given a constant lack of free time, I decided to finalize the development of Ms Snake! Here the cartridge #0!! One question: what kind of games are eligible to AtariAge store? Thanks to all, mad4j
  4. Thanks a lot! Just a pleasure playing my game on a real equipment. Thanks again, mad4j
  5. Please, find attached to the first topic of this thread the updated release of Ms Snake! Very few changes and two version (NTSC/PAL60 and PAL60). In this release the intro animation should be better but it is bit slow (two seconds eyes open, 1 second eyes closed). Taking into account my notes, your comments and my free time in the next months.... I realized that this is version 1.0!!!! :-) Thanks to all for your comments and suggestions. I will be always pleased to receive your feedbacks, mad4j
  6. Yes, very similar :-) updated the first post of this thread with the cover art!! I'm updating the titlescreen animation... version 1.0 very soon!
  7. eyes closing... but I think that I will update the title screen soon. D
  8. Thanks, very useful clarifications. I will try to use the second player in order to add some colors. See you soon, mad4j
  9. Hello! a new release of Ms Snake! and few questions. In this release: 1. High scores 2. Animated title screen 3. Support for NTSC and PAL (use BW/Col switch) Then two questions for forum gurus: 1. Using the 96x2 minikernel, I'm getting flickering and wavy lines. Am I doing something wrong? 2. Is there some dirty hack that made possible to draw the first and the last columns of the play fields with different colors? It will be very cute if border and snake may have a different color (but, of course, they are both rendered using playfield pixels) Thanks to all for compliments and suggestions. Daniele ms-snake!-0.2-NTSC-PAL60.bas.bin
  10. Released Ms Snake! v0.1-NTSC: fixed scanline count and colors (only NTSC at the moment) tuning of snake speed new drawft of titlescreen See you soon, mad4j ms-snake!-0.1-NTSC.bas.bin
  11. Hello, I'm back! I'm supposing to use bB1.1d, but probably I'm messing up with my local compiler configuration because this is the version reported is batari Basic v1.01 (C)2005-2007 2600 Basic compilation complete. User-defined score_graphics.asm found in current directory DASM V2.20.07, Macro Assembler (C)1988-2003 Anyway, in order to prevent you from wasting time, I've prepared a small example that reproduce the problem (see title_demo.bas). When compiled using PAL and the no_blank_lines options then Stella reports a steady 311 scanline count (see attached snapshot). I hope that this will be useful. Anyway, regarding Ms Snake! I will switch soon to NTSC/PAL60 as promptly suggested. Thanks to all, Daniele title_demo.bas
  12. Wow! I really appreciated. Just one question, I'm interested in different opinions. You will prefer: a simple/classic scoring system (1 eat / 1 point) something more sophisticated (e.g. increasing points accordingly with Ms Snake speed/length) Thanks, Daniele
  13. Oh yes! it is compiled as PAL. I was just reading the interesting post that you made reference. Using the first method "The Fast, On the Fly Way", I'm obtaining something similar to the attached snapshot (311 or 312 counts). is it correct for a PAL video. If you may help me, for an NTSC version I need: change the set tv pal directive adjust the colors Right? Thanks a lot, Daniele
  14. yes, of course! it may be useful! Thanks, Daniele ms-snake!.bas.bin
  15. Dear all, I'm pleased to announce the availability of the first playable release of Ms Snake! my first homebrew game developed using Batari. It is a remake of the classic Snake. It is very simple and tested using Stella on Windows. Obviously is not finished, I'm working on: 1. Graphic of the Title and Game Over screens [DONE] 2. Scoring system [DONE] 3. A second element in the game logic (aka Red Spider) [REMOVED] It's my intention to complete the game before this Autumn. Meanwhile I would be very happy to receive your feedback and suggestions added v1.0 releases NTSC/PAL60 use Color/BW switch to change color palette PAL50 fixed version in this release: no more auto-biting in case or reverse direction restored old title screen with animation (Ms Snake closes eyes every 3 seconds) Thanks, Daniele ms-snake!.bas.bin ms-snake!-0.1-NTSC.bas.bin ms-snake!-0.2-NTSC-PAL60.bas.bin ms-snake.-1.0-PAL50.bas.bin ms-snake!-1.0-NTSC-PAL60.bas.bin
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