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  1. Sweet! Still waiting for my free copy! []
  2. Think I'm starting to get this figured out. New High Score today. Did this with a Sega Genesis controller, but I actually found it harder to use than the Atari joystick...so I may be able to beat this next attempt:
  3. Ah. Well that's slightly less stalker-ish lol! But thanks for putting this up there. I was trying to beat my high score this morning, didn't manage it before I had to get to work. But I've got a weekend ahead! Maybe I'll use my 7800 joypad or a Sega Genesis controller...I was using my left-handed Atari joystick, but even then it can get tricky. []
  4. Wow and here I was just gonna post that picture here! Are you a twitter follower? Btw, my personal high score so far: []
  5. My personal high score so far, but continually working to improve it...tough game, but I love it! []
  6. Can't wait for this...I'm hungry for this game to be released...[]
  7. What? Why? This is why we can't have nice things! Do you just want to watch the world burn? []
  8. Sweet. Took some finagling to get it to run in atari800 for testing purposes, but looks great! []
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