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  1. For me it always begins and ends with Shinobi I & II. I haven't played a ton of GG but you can't beat those two IMO. A personal favorite that no one else will like: Solitaire Poker. I don't even know why someone bought me this game as a kid but I played it way more than I thought.
  2. Sent me an Atari RIOT chip for nothing but postage cost. Generous!
  3. If anyone has advice on listing your items neatly while still giving enough info I'd really appreciate it. My problem is I always want to write too much instead of too little. I have to try and resist having a long drawn out paragraph at the beginning that kind of lays down all the basics ("Here's where I live, if you don't like a price make me an offer, I'll supply any other pics you want, I'm easy to deal with, etc. etc. etc.). Then any items I have with even the most minor blemishes I feel like I have to write a full sentence. When all's said and done it just looks like a lot and I don't want anyone to get bored halfway through my list. I also have trouble figuring out what order to list things in. For instance I'll order games by system but I don't know where to list manuals and miscellaneous items. Those kinds of things are unusual and not always easy to find even if they're cheap so I don't want people to miss those by putting them at the bottom. My list just never looks the way I want it and when you add my Wants it's even more bloated. As you might be able to tell I talk my face off in real life so it's hard for me to not be that way in the B/S/T. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/215876-snatchs-bst-heavy-sixer-added/?hl=%2Bsnatch&do=findComment&comment=2897275
  4. What is the TIA chip and the RIOT chip? As in what makes them different from one another? Also where are you in the states? I'm in PA
  5. I see. How intensive is it to remove and replace it? I know how to solder that's about it, not that I couldn't learn to replace one if needed.
  6. So I've done basic cleaning on a 2600 Vader and cleaned out the card slot with the 'cloth over credit card and windex' method. I've gotten the system to prove it can power on but can't get the games to play. I just get random colored bars on the screen sometimes with Atari-sounding noise, or nothing at all. I've cleaned a couple of carts in particular as best as I reasonably can I think and still nothing. Some games seem to at least give me a wacked out picture like I described above while others do nothing, regardless of whether or not they're cleaned. Do I need to maybe just try to keep cleaning the card slot, or go the extra mile and take that apart as well in order to clean it better? Side notes: I am using the gold cable connector from Radio Shack. Also, I have two 2600s and neither's power supply seems to work. I had an old charger with the same power/wattage with a headphone-style jack so I plugged that in and it gave the system power but again no full picture.
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