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  1. You actually do not need to install it. Install 7z in your Windows computer, right click on the DJ setup file and open it with 7z, extract the contents in a directory of your choosing, run the extracted DJ main program from there ... at least that's how I had to do it .... at the time you start DJ you must have a CD/DVD reader/writer connected or it will crash (at least in my "non-installation" it does). Oh I have been running it on Win10 64bits up to version 20H2 and as far as reading from a USB CD writer (I have no pure reader) it worked just fine and I was able to capture Jag WTR with it. I have not tested if it still works on Win10 21H1 as I installed it only yesterday, worth a shot.
  2. In my case it is the right MRQ, simply the "auto" selected game in the list when entering a directory shows an empty MRQ, that's it for me.
  3. I have the same problem but if I scroll down and up again the MRQ shows up just fine so I penned it to a GD navigation bug, aka when entering a directory where each file has a MRQ including the very first the selection is on the first item on the list but the MRQ is not loaded, going down a couple and up again shows all the MRQs including the first (at least in my case), so only on entering the directory I get no MRQ on the top entry.
  4. Ordered one, pity taxes and shipping are more than the actual money you charge ....
  5. Wrt Trevor McFur I modded my Jag with a 50/60Hz switch and I can tell you in 50Hz mode it gets easier, not by a lot but it's noticeable (at least by me). You need a scart cable (RGB) to see 50Hz correctly unless you are already in PAL land, unfortunately NTSC50 was never a thing (vs PAL60) and so in the US no TV I managed to try likes composite/SVideo at 50Hz.
  6. Here: https://segaretro.org/Video_CD_Card#Compatible_Games I own one of the models (the RG-VC2), and I can use it to watch VCD (not worthy) and play the only one game (https://segaretro.org/Lunar_Silver_Star_Story) that "requires" the MPEG card to work in the "Complete" version but that also exists in a version that doesn't require it at all. Being an RPG and being available in English on a PS1 makes it a better option imho. So yeah, you'll be fine without those games don't worry.
  7. This one does a decent job at introducing FPGAs in general:
  8. From those pictures it looks like you use real golf balls? When you hit it where does it ends? I mean beside lodging itself on US chalkboard walls, or ricochet into the groin if it happens you have EU brick walls, or maybe just smash a window? EDIT: nvm just saw it comes with a net so that's where the balls are supposed to end.
  9. I really hope that whatever happens to this venture we're going to see the improved Steve Snake ( https://segaretro.org/Steve_Snake ) emulation as well a exclusive mednafen Sega Saturn CD support etc.... basically the actual original work that went into this thing separate from whatever this unit is going to-be/not-to-be. (no a skin, a menu selector and an online store do not qualify in my book as something worth of any accolade)
  10. I bow to you, it's always nice to try things first hand vs hearsay maybe!!! Wrt 32X I recently looked at: if nothing else it made me wanted to go and check the manual for Kolibri ( https://www.digitpress.com/library/manuals/32x/kolibri.pdf ) and a guide for Darxide ( http://segabits.com/blog/2014/08/28/a-users-guide-to-darxide/) and the guy talking about Zaxxon Motherbase 2000 also made me want to give it another try. I don't expect any of those to radically change my judgment but neither of them particularly appealed to me for one reason or the other and I rarely ventured past the first level thinking (like they mention in the video) that that was all there was to them.
  11. -- Deleted , joke was not funny. --
  12. We get it you like the Jaguar more, but if you put anyone that went to the Arcade during that timeframe playing a Jag vs a 32X the presence of the Sega properties on the 32X is a big boost no matter how you slice it and dice it. If instead you propose the challenge to a PC gamer then Jag it is via Wolf3D and Doom. The Jag has a few interesting and unique games but same for 32X, the "quantity" argument is meh at best, no amount of garbage (on either system) compensates for the lack of a solid lineup that is not single-digit. Also many of the exclusives while not being garbage by any stretch are just not as fun most of the time, take Tempo on 32X I found it boring (Bubsy on the Jag too but both looks well packaged at least so not garbage for sure). But the Jag has such lows like Fight For Life, Club Drive and more that left me speechless .... didn't feel like that on the 32X but I have not played yet Motocross Championship or Brutal Unleashed: Above the Claw ... not sure I care to try even after I actually played Supercross 3D and Kasumi Ninja on the Jag (I actually finished Kasumi Ninja ... did not like it, Supercross 3D I gave up at the third corner that I happened to slightly cut maybe 3px and the bike keeled over [which part of corner did I not understand !?!], may as well shoot the racers at the start as they already line up pretty neatly, one shot suffices).
  13. I was expecting by now someone would have said it ... in the taunting section, but I call BS on this one. And yes, it comes in Gold too. (I should stop attempting jokes, but hey, I was done with all the BS) Plus it says it right there on the first page:
  14. Does it mean in the 6 btn ctrl we have to "sand it down" aka permanent mod ?
  15. Also I am not sure what you mean here. If you intend to say that because the authors (that can be many hundreds or even thousands) while working under paid time on a project should be entitled to have a choice about it, then we'll agree to disagree. Anything performed while paid by an employer (I really mean while at work) belongs to the employer period, I even agree that usage of any facilities made available by the employer (be it buildings, computers, HVAC etc....) and used for non work related purpose (a personal side project for example) needs explicit language (I am pretty sure anyone that works for cloud computing corps cannot simply start bitcoin mining on "test" hardware). Even more, if the company decides to release SW as open-source there should be no employee opinion involved.
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