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  1. From one of the "most beloved" actors in the jag scene (aka the devil incarnate): https://books.google.com/books?id=KBWMDwAAQBAJ&pg=PT80&lpg=PT80&dq=vladr+klax+jaguar&source=bl&ots=IM9BS_SD23&sig=ACfU3U1rYArQ9VrI-y4CV8kvEY5ydyweyg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiu-Z-BsJ3lAhVQHDQIHbJxCOYQ6AEwBnoECAgQAQ#v=onepage&q=vladr klax jaguar&f=false "Unfortunately for all of us VladR has a long history of proof of concept ....."
  2. If by multiple you mean 1 then yes, an order of magnitude in base 10 is 10x, in base 2 is 2x, either way he says it'll help the second game which comes after the first which hopefully is ready by ?PRGE-ish?/?xmas? I think, I've to admit I lost track but it doesn't really seem to matter anyway.
  3. 3 weeks to brexit, so far the GBP is steady, probably it'll be a wash .... given SainT is busy with manufacturing the second(?) batch it will be a while anyway before I can actually order .... that and I don't have the cash right now
  4. If you have a grid 5x5 do 0 or 5 have special meaning? If not and you need a number from 0 to 4 (or 1 to 5 depending on how you index the grid), you could simply have a lookup table somewhere with the numbers 0,0,0,1,1,1,2,2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4,X (that's 16 entries). You can use the random 0-255 and just take the lowest 4 bits (aka AND 0x0F) as an index in the table. As you see the last element is X and there are options on how to go about its value/handling: 1) choose one and slightly change the balance (if you choose 0, that value would show up 4/16 instead of 3/16) 2) if you want more randomization you can start with 0 and every time X is the one picked up you add 1 to it so that you spread the unbalance over time (note that in this case the value you read from cell 0x0F has to be AND 0x0F) 3) if X comes up (meaning rand AND 0x0F == 0x0F) you can generate another rand, that happens around 1/16 so the extra cost is not executed that often it is smeared over avg of 15 good picks [actually given the rand gives you 0-255 you can just use the high part when that happens with no extra cost aka (rand AND 0xF0) LSR 4) for in as long as its value is also not 0x0F], note that 1/256 avg you need a 3rd rand, 1/4096 avg you need a 4th etc... etc... The same trick can be done for higher random values that are not perfect powers of two: just find a suitable multiplier that does not generate too big of a table and to which you can find a cheap way to compensate the unbalance. I do not know if you can spare 16bytes in your game for this table, strictly speaking a single byte can hold 2 values because your numbers are so small (0-4 -> 3bits) ... so it can be reduced to 8bytes (the high part contains one value, the low part the next), you can actually easily compress 3 of those values into one byte by choosing a different ordering for the elements in the lookup table and a suitable encoding if you really have to but that is even more code which may amount to more than the savings.
  5. The MagicKey has a hackish version of "Unibios" onboard that clashes with the MVS 161-in-1, with the switch in the off position the MagicKey onboard Unibios is disabled and the MVS 161-n-1 boots to the normal selection menu. Yes 161-n-1 is a multicart with about 98 unique MVS games (the rest are bootlegs/hacks). The switch was added to avoid during startup to having to press constantly that little black push button in the front (it does the same thing but it is not of the switch kind).
  6. ... bump ... (I have a premonition ... it will still be mine by XMas)
  7. From that PR: "As part of our ongoing initiative to be caretakers of important cultural touchstones, we are privileged to gain these valuable rights pertaining to the iconic Ms. PACMAN arcade game," says Dr. Ping-Kang Hsiung, CEO of AtGames. I always like the language they used after a lawsuit and related settling out of court .... unfortunately in that regard AtGames is no worse than any other corporation, always putting a spin .... obviously if they just gained the rights they didn't have them before and they knew it given how quickly they gained them. Truth be told "It's better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission."
  8. Just found out MiSTer SNES now supports SPC7110 which I believe is a first ... and here: https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/SNES_MiSTer/issues/102 AND: neogeo core supports some (most?) of the .neo format games (.neo being the NeoSD/Pro format) [with all of the SmokeMonster packs usual places going kaput it may help someone like me that did not take advantage and downloaded the NeoGeo Dark Soft roll-up in the SmokeMonster packs when he had a chance .... my fault really I thought I'd never needed it, who knew that was the set used as a baseline for MiSTer ....... given the previous note about encrypted/unencrypted I venture the unsupported games are the one that require to be in unencrypted format but I do NOT know so don;t quote me on that]
  9. In somewhat thinly related MiSTer news:SPC7110 chip from srg320 MiSTer SNES now supports SPC7110 which I believe is a first ... and here: https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/SNES_MiSTer/issues/102
  10. I thought the version they were using was not directly mednafen but a special build of it that may not get ported back to mainline ... but maybe I imagined it, I am getting old and with this retro-companies stitching BS over the years it is getting harder to keeping track of it all.
  11. It may help looking also here: https://medium.com/rgb-inside/comparing-native-rgb-video-quality-of-different-models-of-mega-drive-and-sega-genesis-english-e3d3703270ba I encountered quite my share of jailbars on my 3 genny, all SVideo modded, I also have RGB SCART cables that run via XRGB mini (none of my display systems takes YPbPr) and that improved quite some but did not fix it entirely, so told the article above seems to indicate that by using a SCART switcher (an 8-n-1) that acts as a low pass filter it improves the situation quite a lot. Anyhow, I have to add my voice to the choir of the Genny jailbars brigaders, they are a thing, they exist, not sure how out of 7 you got no issue. I've never tried the YPbPr conversion cables you have, maybe the converter used does apply some low pass filtering/cleaning ... who knows .... or maybe you really just have a "lucky" setup (Gennys [unlikely], cables, converter [? do you use YPbPr directly?], TV/Monitor). BTW RGB out of a Genny always goes thru to the encoder and does get touched by it, the 3 RGB inputs of the 1145/1645/KA2195D apply clamping to the signal ... check here https://console5.com/wiki/CXA1145 (you can find the other two as well) but the problem apparently is way before that.
  12. 15 or so 2600? .... lol The most I have are 3 Megadrives (one MD1 non TMSS [it came bundled with a MegaCD v1], 2 MD2 [I thought I messed up the first CXA2075 encoder upgrade so bought a spare on eBay just to realize I only messed up the audio reference voltage as the CXA2075 produces none (pin14) ... fixed that and back in business I was with an extra Genny]) and 3 SMS (1JP [for FM], 1EU [for the extra height VDP], 1US [that's were I started]) .... everything else is in single copy and if a fire, flood, lightning or pestilence gets to them .... so be it
  13. ... as Daft Punk used to sing ... "one more time"
  14. Just for shit'n'giggles, would you mind sharing a little list (doesn't have the to be all of them, say your top 50). If memory serves Bill clocked at 500+ and that's a lot of stuff ... I take you also collected for computers.
  15. I played it on the linked website, does the speed on real HW matches? If it does it's in dare need of a hell of a speed up, the way it is now is very very boring. Color-wise is ... weird, the "harlequin road" is not to my taste, also I would avoid using a color for the road that matches any of the "gradient" in the background, the final result is just not right. The spew of tech numbers did not really translate into something that playable somehow: - 25 levels - 22 different color settings (track, sky, land) - Four 3D meshes of enemies - Five 3D meshes for tracks - Sound effects for shooting/HUD (works in emulator) - 5 types of curves and 2 types of hills [semi] randomly merged together to create 25 tracks - Basic RPG stats: Level, HP, Experience, Damage, Armor - Randomized Procedural generation of Enemy Placement (based on Player's level) Maybe at higher speed it would result in a different experience but as it stands most of it is barely noticeable, the game is too sparse and too slow imho, I swear I had a 25 sec straight with nothing at all to do. I played until I level up to 7, I think at that point I was in track 5 I think .... didn't feel I wanted to play any longer, I just wasn't engaged, the only element of curiosity was in the shape of the road, btw in the totally flat one it appears to run smoother (at least on the website). Also the end of a level is so abrupt, 3 times it happened to be as an enemy was approaching .... hopefully the engine is reusable and the speed can be fixed (maybe on the Jag or such) will see. At the same time congrats for meeting the deadline with something tangible, accomplishing something is worth of praise, for that alone you got my respect whether I liked the end product or not.
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