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  1. If you have time: basically MegaED x7 SMSFM only works in "dual audio" when I turn on the MegaSg FM support for the core, if I leave it off on MegaSg the MegaED SMSFM does NOT kick in. When MegaSg has SMSFM on then both play the music (I hope that doesn't cause bus conflicts). I am not sure if it is something your recreation performs that trips the MegaED (or the games) in not detecting the MegaED x7 SMSFM module, or if it is a bug in the MegaED implementation, at any rate, if you like a puzzle And thanks for chiming in.
  2. Any chance you can get Outrun SMS to stop making the terrible noise in FM mode? There's some info here: https://etim.net.au/smsfm/smsfm.html "In late 2014 there was some extra details discovered about the Japanese SMS sound hardware on detailed in this thread. The benefit is there are no longer 'extra' sound effects playing in Outrun at the start of a race." Note I do not know if on a real Genesis+FM-mod it should work as it does on a real JP SMS, but on a real JP SMS there's no uninitialized PSG at the start of the race. (you can get to shut it up if you get offroad, then the noise goes away, if memory serves the noise comes back at the very next section)
  3. UHS-II cards are the ones usually posting such high perfs, and those require different SD readers (more pins on the cards) which are NOT part of these products. As far as normal cards go I found that V30 work well, SD UHS-I has a theoretical max of about 104MB/s, but in the end I am not really sure how fast these devices can really read (wouldn't be surprised if they top between 25MB/sec and 50MB/sec but don't quote me on the exact figure, for example Krikzz ED64 x7 is advertised at about 23MB/sec, the FXPAK Pro at about 9MB/sec, MegaED Pro is at 5MB/sec. I am not sure kevtris/analogue ever reported pure SD perfs). In short I don't think super fast SD cards would make that much of difference over "normal/decent" ones.
  4. All 3 JBs are up at the usual places: https://github.com/SmokeMonsterPacks
  5. What exactly is that? It looks like an AV adapter, from Neo-Geo to what?
  6. More about MegaSg + MegaED x7 and SMS FM sound. So wrt SMS OutRun playing it directly on MegaSg jailbreak (no megaED at all) it has the sound-noise bug due to non-correct emulation of JP SMS (only game with that glitch by the way), note that I do not know if SMS Outrun played on an original Genesis with FM bolted-on (MegaED x7 or Power Base FM) would show the glitch or not. Now onto MegaED x7 not being able to play its on FM when MegaSg has SMS FM off, not sure why but, here is the kicker, if you have both SMS FM on (MegaSg + MegaED x7) then you get double FM glory, thanks to the MegaSg ability to turn its own SMS FM on/off live you can hear the MegaED x7 version underneath it. So weird, so if MegaSg SMS FM is off, the MegaED x7 SMS FM just doesn't work, no "detection" really and the games play in PSG mode, if you turn on MegaSg SMS FM (before starting a game) and Mega ED x7 SMS FM on they both produce sound which the MegaSg mixes (I take that cart audio pin if enabled always mixes no matter the core: Genesis/SMS). My take is that the SMS emulation of the MegaSg with SMS FM off somehow "overrides" the MegaED x7 one, because when both are on you get dualFM (no nothing stereo really and they play in glorious synchrony). And yes, SMS Outrun when played with the MegaED x7 SMS FM only (after switching the MegaSg SMS FM off) still has the same audio glitch (which clears at the first tires-screech or off-road tires noise and reappears at each track section). Note: you need to have MegaSg cart-audio option turned on for MegaED x7 SMS FM obviously. End with a question: is the only thing a MegaED x7 (non pro) can play that a MegaSg cannot Virtua Racing? Literally that 1 game?
  7. Just bought one for no reason whatsoever, I don't have an NtMiniV2 (or even NtMini for that matter) .... lol .... I realized what it was only after I paid ... oh well!
  8. At that point if you have it play it on the MegaSg which emulates SG-1000 with the TMS9918 palette (you can switch that dynamically in the video setting, "extra" menu option). Disclaimer I have not tried Pitfall II but I did try SG-1000 Girl's Garden and also Sega Galaga loaded up straight from a MegaED x7 (it should work the same if not better loading it directly from the MegaSg Jailbreak FW) and the palette makes a big difference.
  9. Can anyone confirm that the MegaSg with latest JB firmware has "noise" while playing SMS outrun with FM on? I tried it via a MegaED x7 and the MegaSg self switches to SMS mode but it does have the same issue Tim SMSFM board had up to ver 2.2: http://etim.net.au/smsfm/smsfm.html " In late 2014 there was some extra details discovered about the Japanese SMS sound hardware on detailed in this thread. The benefit is there are no longer 'extra' sound effects playing in Outrun at the start of a race." I have Tim SMSFM 2.0 on my US SMS and it has the issue, I was hoping the MegaSg emulated it correctly instead (a JP SMS does not show the issue obviously). If you want to test it, just load SMS Outrun with FM turned on, you will hear quite some noise as you play until the first time you activate sound effects that needs the PSG chip, it can be your tires screeching in a tight corner or the bumpy sound when the tires hit the dirt off-road, at that point the noise ceases until the very next segment of the race. On the side it also appears that on the MegaSg the FM sound as emulated by the MegaED x7 on SMS games simply does not work, I turned on MegaSg cart audio, turned off MegaSg SMS FM, turned on MegaED (3.13) FM but I still just got PSG on SMS Outrun .... to be fair I have not tried it on my real Genesis but I expect it to work as it is an advertised feature ( https://krikzz.com/forum/index.php?topic=6702.0 )
  10. Is it? The ARM cpu was their doing so maybe BBC/Electron/Master are not too popular with the retro crowd (are they?) and Archimedes itself was more of a showpiece for the Acorn Risc Machine and too expensive for its time but calling footnote the company that created one of the most popular cpus on the planet is .... a little wrong.
  11. Title is .... something else "con troller": is troller the comparative of troll. Troll, troller, trollest. (sorry couldn't resist, he means well, just me being mean, forgive me)
  12. dafuq? I guess they thought they can not gain anything from being sold at Walmart? And yes it is weird when a company asks you to cancel your order with a reputable distributor to instead reorder directly from them ... aside the fact they get to keep more of the money (cut out the middleman etc....) assuming they know how to ship/distribute it cheaply.
  13. you mean good ROI when you buy low and sell hi? Cause buying any of that lot when it was new would not break you even, just the Plus/4 according to wikipedia: Introductory price $299[1](equivalent to $737 in 2019)
  14. The SC-3000 does not have an upgraded video chip, it's identical to the SG-1000 aka TMS9918A ( https://segaretro.org/TMS9918 ), it does have more RAM (2K instead of 1KB https://segaretro.org/SC-3000 ) and the keyboard. I had one when I was a kid before I returned it for a C64. It requires a cart even for BASIC ... can't remember which one it came in the box (there's a few variants)
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