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  1. What would the Sanwa option cost? I think I would like one of these in the original 1-2-3-4 order, trying to figure out if the Sanwa upgrade is worthy. Any update on when you'll be able to produce more?
  2. The buttons on that picture look reversed (aka 4 is outside vs your first pictures), what gives? I'd be interested in one but I am not sure if I like to keep the original Vectrex layout with 4 at the far right or if there was a solid reason your default layout has 1 in that position.
  3. .... can't .... really ... resist ... sorry but it's kind of funny (I know I'm easily amused and a long day) Was not launching a symmetric dual analog stick configuration the biggest mistake Nintendo made with the N64?
  4. .... can't resist .... must .. copy .. joke .. from .. madman and CJ ... Was not releasing gramophone support at launch the biggest mistake Fairchild made with the Channel F? (which by the way seems to mean Channel Fun .... according to Wikipedia .... get the Fun out of here please!!! ) Was not releasing harpsichord support at launch the biggest mistake Magnavox made with the Odyssey? Was not refraining from more silly jokes the biggest mistake I made this evening?
  5. The Playdia launched at the end of 1994, the Jag one whole year earlier, you can't use that as an example that the Jaguar could have had the same price c'mon, if Atari could have sold the cart based unit at 199US$ at launch they would have (they reduced the price and sold the "core system" in March 1995 for 150US$ no pack in game ... that because their sales numbers were already bad, the timing wasn't terrible mind you as the PS1/Sat had not launched yet in US at that point but they were a known quantity already from the JP launch and magazine previews). From your ads aside the Philips/Mitsumi at 179/189 the rest of the cheap examples do not say 1x or 2x, so it is hard to judge what you get really. You keep on going on consumer sub 99$, the example you showed was for a KOSS CD player (CDP300 it seems) which is 1x as that is all that is needed to play music and it tells little else, I'm pretty sure in the 8years since the first portable audio CD player was launched by Sony at 350US$ the price would have gone down in the portable audio CD player market segments. No console launched with a 2x drive in 1993 for less than 300/350, the Jag launched for 250, adding a 2x CD then (or replacing the cart slot if you prefer) would have added at least 50/75US$ to the final price, again and obviously in my opinion. So in the end and as somewhat expected I think we'll agree to disagree, I personally have decided that the story I believe is that Atari could not pull off a CD based console at end of 1993 for < 300/350 as such they rather went with a cart based system for 249US$, you are fully entitled to your opinions and theories of course.
  6. ...wait, I can think of someone that is saying exactly that (or even cheaper), but I admit he has not stated a price point so maybe I am misreading his statements.
  7. and yet Sega couldn't launch the CDX for <399US$ in Apr 1994, and even the Sega CD2 in late 1993 was 229US$ ... In this case I just don't think Atari could have pulled a Jag+CD combo at <300US$ or imho hardly at 349US$ to launch in Nov 1993. And yes it is just my opinion!
  8. OK Byte Jun 1994 seems to have proof of 2x drives at 179US$/189US$: and pages: https://archive.org/details/eu_BYTE-1994-06_OCR/page/n371/mode/2up even CDW had some:
  9. In Byte Nov 1993 edition there's a CDW advert: I cannot find anything in there <200US$, the Sony CDU31A is a 2x IDE unit but it appears it's 238US$ ... granted it's a Sony, so maybe you can find something "much" cheaper. Here is the link to the actual magazine: https://archive.org/details/byte-magazine-1993-11/page/n385/mode/2up then again this (a Sony CDU31A $189 still not cheap): a few pages later: https://archive.org/details/byte-magazine-1993-11/page/n411/mode/2up And one advertising cheap multi media (at 200US$ and it appears a 1x [150/175 KB/sec]) : page link: https://archive.org/details/byte-magazine-1993-11/page/n421/mode/2up
  10. Because in 1998 the price to cost was only 30%: "Also, reports coming out of Taiwan say that country's CD-ROM drive makers are pricing their drives in Asia at about $54, while the production cost is about $40, according to a report in Nikkei Business Publications, citing a report in the Commercial Times of Taiwan." So in 1998 at the high of the craze where everything was dirt cheap, making a CD-ROM reader was 40US$ and they were selling it for 54US$ .... I have to believe that in 1993 a 2x was likely in that ballpark wrt manufacturing cost maybe 50US$ but it was NOT a 1US$ deal. It would have pushed the Jag to >300US$. Atari likely already struggled with the 249US$, if they could they would have launched at 199US$.
  11. I think, I think we do have some example of CD based systems and launch prices: Tandy VIS 1992-Dec 699US$ Amiga CD32 1993-Sep-14 399US$ (to be fair quite close but cheaper than the price of an A1200) FM Towns Marty 1993-Feb-20 699US$ Sega CDX 1994-Apr 399US$ NEX PC-FX 1994-Dec-23 499US$ NeoGeo CD 1994-?? 599US$ Not sure but if even the old tech in the 1994 Sega CDX still amounts to a sale price of 399US$, I am afraid a Jag+CD combo is hard to imagine that it would have ended up being priced even just 300US$, maybe 329US$/349US$ not sure ... the actual JagCD ended up at 149US$ when it launched in 1995-Oct (so after all the discounts/price-reductions etc...) it is my opinion it would have added at least half of that (75US$) to the Jag launch 2 years earlier. Again this is no longer a discussion on opinions but now we have links to tell everyone that in 1993 2x CD reader could be had for pennies!?! According to this article (Nov. 23, 1993) : https://www.nytimes.com/1993/11/23/science/personal-computers-faster-and-faster-more-data-on-cd-rom.html "NEC offers three models of its Multi Spin 3X drives: an internal version (about $500) that can be installed in a vacant half-height drive bay; an external version (about $600) that sits on the desktop, and a personal version (about $450) that comes with a battery pack for use with or without a computer attached. Each of the drives requires a separate connection kit, which costs $35 for Apple Macintosh computers, $125 for standard I.B.M.-style PC's, and $150 for a version that connects to a PS/2 Micro Channel computer. These so-called 3X drives cost about twice as much as current 2X drives while offering a one-third increase in performance, a price-performance ratio that will initially confine their appeal to people who spend most of their time working on CD-ROM applications, or to the notorious "early adopters" who want to be the first on their block to have a new gadget." So NEC in Nov 1993 was charging about 200US$ for their 2x ... this guy also did some historical research: http://www.oldschooldaw.com/forums/index.php?topic=5028.0 Here: https://www.cnet.com/news/cd-rom-prices-plummeting/ in 1998: "Also, reports coming out of Taiwan say that country's CD-ROM drive makers are pricing their drives in Asia at about $54, while the production cost is about $40, according to a report in Nikkei Business Publications, citing a report in the Commercial Times of Taiwan." The above in 1998 are for sure not 2x (16x likely) but the point stands, in 1992/1993 I'd be surprised if a 2x would be so cheap that it would be no-brainer to add it and keep the price they wanted.
  12. <quoted-out-of-context> ".... unless I'm forgetting something." </quoted-out-of-context> <snarky-remark> mhh, the word you are looking for is "modesty", that seems to be amiss. </snarky-remark>
  13. Holy cow, I sure hope Leeroy ST is not as argumentative in person and not so hung up on things he said he did not say, which include not saying if he was a programmer (he didn't respond to that one so I guess NOT) or a pixel artist but I am not sure what job description would be "help collision detection". My 2 cents it's that maybe he was a pixel artist. As to be in a "support" role to teach/help developers get the most out of the Jag wrt sprite/animation/background-collision that would entail he knew more than the game studios involved, only way for that to be true is that he had access to Atari docs/resources that Atari itself did not share with said game studios but had no issue to share with a contractor .... Atari is known for having done worse so maybe.
  14. <sarcasm>... and if you turn off the TV it literally flies </sarcasm> Honestly I did not know about that, not sure I'll try but still interesting.
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