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  1. Received the TF330 from Supaduper and he has thrown in extra hw to get me going even easier (extra IDE cable, extra CF card adapter etc....) ... speechless, the guy is awesome. The board performs exactly as expected, and it does make for a much better experience on the CD32 all around, we know that clock-for-clock the 030 is about 10% faster than the 020 on the same async bus so a minor change (as the TF330 fw updates have shown, enabling burst [aka sync bus cycles] adds an extra 20% perf in benchmarks though). Now not only I think Commodore should have thrown in 2MB fast RAM in the CD32 but also a faster 020 (or EC030 as it may be) say a 2x (28Mhz) could have made for a much much much more compelling package .... oh well.
  2. Such a slippery slope you're going down here. I guess for you it is fine then if anyone starts to copy the phoenix straight from here: https://github.com/CollectorVision/Phoenix-Colecovision and build their own version because, as you say, it's so hard to police anything. Or the SGM portion which has now all public equations (well it was already in MiSTer to be fair): https://github.com/CollectorVision/Phoenix-Colecovision/blob/master/colecovision.vhd#L626 Or the F18A etc .... etc.... You are right that in countries where IP laws are a joke one can get away with anything but not in a lot of the rest of the world, that's not how it works. If you take the stance that because it's hard to police then anything should go ....
  3. Any chance it is this thing: https://nintendosegajapan.com/2015/10/22/how-to-play-ntsc-j-rf-only-consoles-on-pal-televisions/
  4. @Albert @SainT Do we have a shred of a forecast on availability of the JaguarGD on AA? Nothing too precise, but are we hoping for August or December or maybe directly March 2021? Just a ballpark, not a promise (Covid rebounce may have us all scramble once again).
  5. 50 systems at 199 each is about 10K US$, in a way it's not the worst showing of wanting to take some risk with this "new" Coleco console by the Cardillo guy. The branding itself is the messy part imho, it's hard to judge if the Phoenix, had it been allowed to be Coleco branded since the beginning, would have sold more ... the Cardillo guy has not shown the marketing skills required to use properly the Coleco name (although when it was announced that the RetroVGS would have been the Coleco Chameleon in a weird way it kind of "made sense"). So told and businesswise assuming CollectorVision and Opcode and Matthew Hagerty and TPR manage to enable it, it seems there's a good chance the official Coleco branding could give the Phoenix + related licensed enhancements (SGM, F18A etc..) a chance beyond the current trickle. It needs to be told as a success story that CollectorVision managed to plan, manufacture and distribute an F18A enhanced and HDMI capable ColecoVision and SGM compatible console that works with HDMI TV sets ... that alone is a hell of an achievement and I believe they deserve the chance to take it a notch up and try with the Coleco name. The enabling factors as I see them are CollectorVision for the Phoenix itself and actually a few games (technically if it works out CollectorVision could become the actual HW branch of ColecoVision), Opcode for the SGM part and SGM enabled games, Matthew Hagerty for the F18A core and TPR for being allowed anew to freely promote ColecoVision stuff on his website with the ColecoVision logo and all (and promote and handle marketing) .... maybe ... just maybe the 1K current sales figures stands a chance to get to 10K or 50K ... I mean according to Bill Loguidice AtGames sells way way more than that regularly at every holiday season so it should be in the realm of possibilities. It's purely speculation on my part, my very own OG ColecoVision has a faulty video circuit and can only show me tinges of brownish/yellow as of now so it's been under mothballs until I have a little time to figure out what went wrong but as this stands there's literally no other modern HDMI solution supporting OG ColecoVision carts AND controllers aside the Phoenix .... and if that is allowed to become the ColecoVision++ (or whatever the name ends up being ... please Cardillo do not screw that up during the rebranding) it is not bad, is it? Maybe the Cardillo guy does not deserve the Phoenix and maybe RWB deserves to loose the ColecoVision TM, at the same time it seems both could take quite some time and it could be better to try to make it work ... but I am not in a position to make decisions like that so ... just my .02!
  6. So far CollectorVision stated it was just a simple order, no strings attached, they have not commented about the rebranding piece yet. The Cardillo guy is likely not in "plates/bezels" manufacturing and installation business so he has to contract someone to print/produce the new front plates and maybe even some changes in the BIOS to remove/alter the CollectorVision copyrights/TMs. I doubt he can do it himself, so he must pay someone else to productivize the rebranding which costs money, so will the Coleco version of the Phoenix say cost 50US$ more? What would the support/warranty look like? Stuff like BIOS updates for the occasional incompatibility, case replacement in case of a crack, replacement units for manufacturing defects etc.... I don't think CollectorVision is "in bed" with him but at the same time if they are not agreeing to helping out a little then the Cardillo guy is not really thinking this through as he needs them for the post-sale support/warranty.
  7. No, I don't think AA is bad at all, but a certain breed of Coleco threads are a tad different (less lenient in a manner of speaking).
  8. There is another thread on this: My bet is that one way or another the two threads would derail/become-hostile and end up being locked.
  9. But the article says: "Coleco and CollectorVision have come to a mutual agreement involving the Phoenix console. The Coleco branded console will carry the official ColecoVision branding, a brand that went toe to toe with Atari in the early 1980s. The ColecoVision console will be unique in its support for original ColecoVision cartridges, as well as newer compatible releases." Afaik you can't buy someone else's product on the market and slap your name on it and then sell it branded as yours without an agreement in place or something in writing to avoid getting sued. Even more this has a sublicensed part in the SGM and I don't think you can just leverage that even with an agreement on the first (like for videogames, the music copyrights may be separate and owned by a different entity ... Bomb The Bass in Xenon II missing in the recent sanctioned Jaguar port comes to mind, but it is possible that CollectorVision has the right to transfer SGM license as part of the Phoenix, I don't know .... Opcode's SGM used to have the Coleco branding so maybe it's kosher either way), and then there is the 2600 core which I don't know if it's an open-source re-release or what (but it is NOT mentioned in the article so I assume it is either not officially supported or some separate agreement is in place for that). Not seeking for drama but the article may be pushing it one way stating such a set of agreements exist as a partnership etc... vs here saying no such thing is in place and potentially they are fine having anyone just willy-nilly buy the Phoenix and rebrand it as their own without any further need of any agreement. Sure CollectorVision can just silently let it happen and enjoy the extra sales, but at least a piece of signed documentation should exist, even if it states it involves 0 transfer of money and 0 cross-liability. Pretty sure if RWB wouldn't rebrand it it would not be the same circumstance as it would just be more of a reseller at that point.
  10. You mentioned you have both TF328 and TF330 and we know the TF330 has still the disable bug (as in you can't disable it), so I was wondering if you had any use for the TF328, once mine arrives I'd have little use for the TF328 I think (I am convinced it's a beauty and Commodore should really have tried to add say even just 2MB of fast RAM to the CD32 .... it makes such a difference already). Wrt the riser, mine has a clear plastic sheet covering the backside so it's not really exposed per se.
  11. And I caved ..... 6 months in and I gave in and purchased a TF330, Supaduper gave me a killer deal I couldn't resist. Just bought the populated TF330 board and will be reusing riser, CF adapter and CF card that I got when I purchased my TF328 (also Supaduper outstanding production). Let's see how long it takes to make it through customs etc... I have no idea why I caved but hey .... the hobby is the hobby, later on I'd probably resell the TF328 (maybe). @save2600 when do you use each of them? Is there any game that works on TF328 but not on TF330?
  12. Oh no, my collecting started in 2008-ish and kind of stopped (slowed down to a crawl really) in 2016. During those ~8Y I purchased quite a few "exotic" and they don't get much play or appreciation (aside NeoGeo AES, that thing is a beast, I used it for long time only via a 161-in-1 + converter that I eventually sold here on the forums, I now have a NeoSD Pro and albeit expensive I somehow feel it's been worthy ... as always it's all relative). Bitd I really only synchronized with consoles at the PS1/Sat then N64 timeframe, before that I only had a VCS 2600 when I was a kid in the very early 80s. Growing up in Europe it was home computer a go-go. Wrt 3DO .... it's alright, I purchased it around the same timeframe as the Jag and a CDi (towards the end of my HW obsession), I believe its 3D offering is of higher quality to the Jag (NFS, RoadRash 3d) but all considered I don't think I care too much for its games for whatever reason. 3DO Doom is bad (in postal stamp screen size mode it's actually relatively fast) but its Wolfenstein 3D is good .... I think I prefer its version of Dragon's Lair and Space Ace to the JagCD ones (the codec used on the JagCD has this jaggedness ... it's hard to describe). So told I don't think I would buy it again once I sell it. Same goes for a few others "I had to have". I believe I could probably reduce my HW pre 1999 to a minimum with AES, SNES, MD (+32X maybe), TurboDuo, Saturn, N64 (I have a PS2 for that PS1 hitch that honestly has never come up). I am not 100% sure yet I'd want to keep my Jag or my 7800 although from time to time they are fun (I admit I finished Kasumi Ninja once).
  13. Yeah that sucks ... but in the end if you really have to have real HW (carts and all) then you have to have the real dough to pay for it, there really are no two ways about it. I suggest you give flashcarts a try ... you're not helping any old-time devs by buying at inflated prices ... but it's your money so do as you please. I decided I wanted to play the games and not just pay the games, the Jag set me back the most due to lack of "backup support" (first time I paid basically original retail price for JagCD unit and also a couple/three carts that I really wanted ... Atari Karts, Rayman among them, but at least for the dreaded JagCD I managed with "backups" and glad I did as I don't think I like any of the OG titles so in the end I don't play any of them).
  14. If Atari didn't screw up pretty much anything it touched past the 2600 (well the 800 series was successful and so was the Atari ST) .... to rephrase if Atari would have managed to launch console that were successful/compelling past the 2600 ... maybe the Jag stood a chance as the company would have been able to support it.
  15. Nope, got my first N64 in 2009-ish and snowballed down from there. Stopped in 2016 more or less due to having a kid. I got the Jag towards the end of my HW spree so maybe 2013-ish, can't remember. None of it makes it an emergency. If you want to play the games there are tons of ways (including flash carts) so that takes care of the actual playing. If you want a wall of boxes, I don't know what to say ... again not an emergency so buy slower, instead of 3 buy 1 ... take your time. It is an obsession at a certain point, yes years ago it was cheaper but still an obsession, I got "lucky" that I cared more for the HW than the SW (and flashcarts were coming of age) but then again I could have done without a lot of consoles I have no appreciation for (and will sell once Covid gets under control and I have the time). I also got tired as I was going back to the 8bits so I stopped after a few popular ones as I was getting diminishing returns so to speak. I got most exotics but no Pippin, no Super A'Can, no Virtual Boy, no Tandy VIS, no LaserActive and I made peace with it as already with the rest I don't exactly play that much either ... and in all honesty "the chase" was more fun that the prize ... after a few of those I got tired as well. Don't worry you'll make it through, maybe buy some of the homebrews for the Jag here on AA, those are not exactly scarce yet and they do have box and manuals to put on that wall. Maybe focus on one system only (Jag why not!). I bet you can get the Jag out of your system with about 2K$ for decent games (don't try to "catch them all" ... I believe I own 20-25 Jag original carts only and I'm doing just fine, once the GD is in my hands I'll be happy to part with them).
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