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  1. 'till October 10 is quite the wait, 8 more months. What are the chances that the "type of controller" won't make any difference at all? I wish the Amico the success of the Wii, but of that era no gimmick has remained: the Wii motion controller is gone, the 360 Kinect is gone, the PS3 ice-cream+camera is gone etc...etc... even the PS4 VR is still there but ... Then again a "one hit wonder" with 100M+ units in sales is possible so ... on the good side time will tell so we will know how it ends no matter what.
  2. When "you" say DOS-gaming was underrated which period do you mean? Up until 1989/90 there was no SVGA which imho was the game changer on a 486, before that the "16 bits" computer gaming was on Amiga and Atari ST with very few DOS remarkable games in-between: https://www.pcmag.com/news/ega-turns-35-10-iconic-ega-games-of-yesteryear To put it in perspective Doom was released in 1993, there were good DOS games before it (Sierra adventures just to name a company) but honestly 16-bit gaming was not yet that strong for DOS until somewhere around 1991/92 with 486+SVGA and that is already 32bit territory imho. https://www.denofgeek.com/us/games/pc-gaming/251613/underrated-dos-games
  3. Not sure the 486 was underrated ... it costed a pretty penny to get decent performances (which required a fast SVGA like ET3000/4000 on EISA bus), consoles were a fraction of the price. I do not recall particularly enjoying DOS games in the CGA or even EGA timeframe, it was VGA and then SVGA that really started to turn the tides (and SoundBlaster although AdLib was a decent first step). The move to VL-bus (remember those?) opened up faster graphic cards with linear addressing (I remember enjoying an ATI Mach64) and even more perfs. (the demo second-reality in 1993 was .... "I'm am not an atomic playboy" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Reality )
  4. Pretty much! Which means tripletopper can sleep tight focusing on SCART alone and forgetting about JP21 until/if he buys an XRGB-mini ... not even sure why he brought the JP21 up, or even the SCART. Personally as already stated I have an XRGB-mini and bought a passive SCART->JP21 converter to which I added an LM1881 (as the AES was a bitch to sync, but even an SMS had shown issues with OutRun). Low Pri: I admit I have not added a resistor to the LM1881 output yet and so far the XRGB-mini has not blown out ... will do one of these days https://ianstedman.wordpress.com/2016/07/06/synchronise-your-video-engines/ (I think that I can get away with just a single 75ohm series resistor and be happy, that alone would cut the potential 5V out to 2.5V removing any and all 3.3V concerns)
  5. So the above link does not contain the SW chapters, it only covers the HW + assembler (fair enough). Wrt NAND and DFF being taken for granted this link points to a online-ish university that amended a few chapters and added those details in (awesome): https://inworks.ucdenver.edu/jkb/iwks3300/Book.htm EDIT: I decided to buy the original book from Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Elements-Computing-Systems-Building-Principles/dp/0262640686 as I found it very very intriguing so the authors got my vote.
  6. ...almost speechless... to be fair you could have named the Cruis'n series or the Rush series ... top notch racers
  7. In case you missed it an interesting book on how to make your own CPUs all the way to how to code for it. https://www.nand2tetris.org/course Yeah the assembly syntax they devise is a little different but still a very good reading, it even has its own HDL and set of tools (pity they require java but I can see why that is the case). NOTE: it does not tell you how to build a NAND or a D-type flip-flop from more basic constructs but those are the only basic building blocks it considers "axioms" and there's plenty of docs on how to make them (if you are interested a D-Type flip-flop NAND only implementation is documented on wikipedia at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flip-flop_(electronics)#/media/File:Edge_triggered_D_flip_flop.svg as well as the basic CMOS NAND gate at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:CMOS_NAND.svg ). It's funny how many function they managed to get into the ALU with very simple in/out conditioning.
  8. I don't really think so ... on top of my head there's no single racing game I would recommend that is on N64 aside Mario Kart (but racing per se it is not), for PS1 I can for sure recommend the 4 Ridge Racers (I love every single one of them, with RRR being my preferred one) as well as GT and GT2.
  9. How's the hi-res for Genny implemented? odd/even line at 60-ish hz with the other half black/dark-grey as it may be? Does it just cut luminosity (maybe you compensate for it) or can one see the "original flicker"?
  10. Right, they've got to at least add 1 frame of delay to buffer the original screen and rotate it!
  11. ....guy so belligerent.... but he did call the scale-with-iPods Amico.
  12. Blast! or Boom! or both formats for the console(s)?
  13. Holy crap, that is something else! https://time.com/collection/best-inventions-2019/5733094/analogue-mega-sg/
  14. Funny how the tables have turned with modern top-shelf consoles being x86 (well x64) based (Switch excluded) as well as many many recent coin-op based machines. I'm waiting for the raise of the ARM (like the Switch), it's bound to happen, just a matter of time ... now they have the A76/A77 class cores that start to be competitive in a server market [especially when price is factored in] it shouldn't be too long, give it a couple of generations (maybe 3Y) to see if the tide starts turning. It's interesting as history repeats itself with the rise of the little: mainframe laughed at the x86 CPUs not so much now, and Intel kind of laughed at ARM and their embedded/mobile market ... not so much now. A way ARM Holding could screw this up if the "open-source" RISC-V takes off .... but open sourcing HW design does not per se have the same "immediate" effect as open sourcing SW. We shall see.
  15. If it comes in dongle format (blast!) and they are arcade versions I can see me picking one up. I hope they would sign up Konami as well and I mean for the likes of circus charlie, pooyan, amidar, scramble, yie ar kung-fu, road fighter, time pilot, gyruss, gradius, green beret, contra ... and this just arcade < 1987 so much to go off of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Konami_games#1977–1989 For Konami I wouldn't mind a blast! unit that is MSX centric: antartic adventure, penguin adventure, cabbage patch kinds (but really adventure land), castlevania ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Konami_games#MSX but I reckon the MSX themed one may be way too niche.
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