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  1. That sounds really interesting! I think this would be a great addition to the Lynx-library.
  2. My Multi Card arrived! Looks and feels very valuable and works like a charm. Thank you very much, SainT!
  3. I don't really like the shading on the body. While it certainly looks more plastic, In my eyes the dragon doesn't fit in its surroundings anymore. While it is obviously an improvement when you isolate the dragon, it's kind of too detailed compared to the general style of the scene. But maybe that's just me The wings are much better like that though! Thanks!
  4. Thanks Yeah, I wish there'd be a good Wonder Boy clone on the Lynx. Helmut is supposed to be a fantasy brawler like Golden Axe or Legend though.
  5. Thanks. You're right, that dragon looked kind of flat. At some point whilst drawing something "for the Lynx" I always need at least ONE more colour I originally wanted to avoid mingling the "black" into the characters because I feared it would result in too much contrast. That's why I now set the green one nuance darker and after that followed your advice and added the "black". I also tried to improve the dragon's skin to give it a more "scaly" look. I think it looks a little better now.
  6. Introducing Helmut the Dwarf:
  7. A Berzerk port for the Lynx would be awesome ... this is my favourite "stone age"-game.
  8. Thanks for your quick answer. I was asking because I just discovered the news about EotB. I guess it is impossible to "emulate" a battery/chip for saving by adding similar hardware to the flashcard, i.e. saving games won't work at all? Then again, none of the lynx games I own other than Alpine Games support save games (if I remember correctly). So I'm still looking forward to buy your device. I'm hoping to participate in developing a Lynx game someday and a convenient flashcard like yours is exactly what I'm looking for.
  9. Can't wait to order this! One question (sorry if it has been asked / answered before): Is this compareable to an Everdrive in the sense that you can save the games' progress on the SD-Card?
  10. Great stuff! I think I know what I want for christmas Thank you for your continuous work on those great old handhelds.
  11. It doesn't fit in the cartridge slot, you can see it in Tempest2K's unboxing video: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/236052-alpine-games-final-run/?p=3246417
  12. This looks really interesting, very nice graphics! Thanks for sharing.
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