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  1. Hi Alex, for the power supply you must use a 220 v to 125 v current transformer. To connect to the TV you can use any console cable, but you must have a TV that is multistandard and also has the NTSC system.
  2. There are for 1 copy of each ....😁
  3. They exist without and with heat shrink tubing.......😀
  4. Still on sale ...... without tomatoes 😀 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Intellivision-Super-Pro-Sports-System-Console-w-Box-Manual-Joysticks-TESTED/184267733070?hash=item2ae736784e:g:0R0AAOSwc65epI3I
  5. I'm sorry 😌, he was in an Ebay auction, I think a year ago, I didn't keep track, just took pictures of the auction, that I have lost.
  6. Maybe you are looking for this ....... seen on ebay ..... I missed it ......
  7. I also have a good collection of manuals and overlays
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