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  1. Those Franco / Canadian also with different numbers 3330-0400
  2. Here are some photos, chase quite yellowed. It seems identical to the Radofin version, only the distributor is different. I'm not an expert, I hope you find them useful.
  3. I've sold a few, and the buyer might think of a scam. Also I was curious to know if others had noticed the same ..... variant of WC Soccer.
  4. I can make a guess, these boxes were wired in 1985 from who also produced Intellivision Inc, they still had stocks and put them in the Dextells. Possible?
  5. I assure you that they also came out sealed, I had several boxes.
  6. I have a question for AA members. Has anyone of you ever found inside the Word Cup Soccer box (sealed box) instruction booklet and overlays other than those of Nice Ideas? I have had several from a merchant, sold many on Ebay, no one ever told me about this content. This week I sold one, the buyer found Intellivisuion Inc and Overlays Mattel intructions inside. At this point, warned by the buyer, I opened another one to give him overlays and a nice Ideas booklet, unfortunately also here 'I found always Intellivision Inc booklet, and Mattel overlays, what do you think?
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