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  1. 14 hours ago, Wizewonathome said:

    Another request for the Picture data Base.


    Does anybody have a copy of Football 2610-0810, the Radofin version?

    If so, could you post clear Front view, Back view, Inside view and a Bottom flap view of the box?

    I have only found a low res blurry picture of the box so far.

    Football BX Mattel 2610-0810 (RDF) BRIT-ENG 1980-3a.png

    Can these go?






  2. 7 hours ago, BSRSteve said:

    Getting serious once more, here are a couple boxes that I have not seen (and that are not listed on Funhouse), but which other items indicate (to me, any way) that they should exist:


    Star Strike - there is a HK 0920 manual.  Has anyone seen the HK box that this implies?


    Night Stalker - There is a Mattel Singapore cartridge listed on Funhouse. Is there a box that indicates Singapore as a possibility?


    Chess was originally on this list for me, but someone posted a picture of the HK Chess box within the least 12-17 months to confirm it.

    The Star Strike HK box (if this is what you are looking for) doesn't seem hard to find.



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  3. 5 hours ago, BSRSteve said:

    No evidence of a G1 box, only overlays, with a possibility of a manual (German and FrCan manuals are G1 and US English manuals are base and G3)


    But, is there an international (slotted) or UK box or anything other than the HK and US 0910 boxes, the 0510 French Canadian and the Intellivision Inc box?

    International box 0410




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