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  1. Do you have wall of Imagic Microsurgeon........
  2. Hello, i know there is no Italian edition of Fathom,i only saw the translation of the instruction manual Yes,Istill have copy of Tin Ice greetings Mauro
  3. Yes......to the exlusion of the Fathom and Trukin,all the other games has been sold in the internationals version. This,international version Microsurgeon
  4. These are IMAGIC i found: Internaqtional variant for all to exclusion of Fathom and Trukin. Swords & Serpents internazional has 2 variant,one White a blue back,the other whit silver back. greetings for Italy Mauro
  5. Here i have other things for INTELLIVISION: https://sites.google.com/site/retrointellivisiongames regards
  6. Thank you, glad you enjoyed my modest collection. Gretings to all INTELLIVISIONREVOLUTION Mauro
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