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  1. You can only speak with rancor ......... For me 'the discussion is over ...... there is no one more deaf than those who do not want to listen
  2. More than shady practices, as M-Crew says, it seems to me that there are many here who are jealous of others because they can produce games. So we prefer to try to exclude them instead of facing them, so we eliminate the competition. Grudges and jealousies are not good things for the Atari Age forum. I propose to bury the hatchet and to smoke the calumet of peace, It's the most sensible thing I suggest.
  3. I think the question is now closed. Vroby has made a new game, Artrag is now putting an end to this dispute. Then there will be those who buy the game and who will not buy it, as with all games.
  4. Intellivision also had to be sold in South Africa, some time ago I found this:
  5. The suspect was real, the set playcable will be in Italy , I hope it is complete with all the booklets.
  6. I do not think the Atari Age forum is a court, at least until today it was not this is why I find the expulsion of Dino out of place. Dino apologized and admitted his mistake, also withdrew his game from the market, giving him a liar is not correct. Artrag more 'displeased because someone has copied some ideas (the source code? So' says), had to be happy that one of his idea someone had succeeded, dedicating time and money, to play a game for community enthusiasts and Intellivision admirers. Then, if you want to do the processes also intentions (of Dino), continue this step ......... you are on your way. One last thing ...... ... the cost of € 150 I think is mainly due to the will insert the game in a package similar to the original of the Parker, something that has never happened until now, evidently for the high cost of the realization.
  7. I think it's a duty to listen to the accused too, I do not like one-way processes ............
  8. I think I know ............. the seller. It also ships to America……..
  9. Always from Italy, The intelligent system...................... Note that there are programs in the list of games for the intellivision Keyboard: French spoken Analysis of the stock market Physical training with jack lalanne Computer language Super football
  10. A game that is worth the candle. from Italian magazine of 1983 for translation, contact INTELLIVOTION
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