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  1. Even Intellivision Inc MOTOCROSS exist more 'versions. An NTSC version does not work with PAL and PAL / NTSC version which works on all systems. I got to test more 'cartridges is these days.
  2. Hello Marco, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. When I get you I will send 'a contribution to the expenses that you have incurred. Thank you Mauro
  3. Hello Marc, I have not got the boxes Coleco. You can check if you made the delivery? Thank you Mauro
  4. I'm sorry, I hope soon that things can improve. I send pm
  5. Beautiful, you had already 'talent ... a painter of Intellivision
  6. To achieve the Platinum status, I still miss the box of Learning Fun I. I have an unboxed, in good condition and perfectly working Videoplexer that I would trade for a complete Learning Fun I. Please feel free to PM if interested
  7. Per raggiungere lo status Platinum, mi manca ancora la scatola di apprendimento divertente I. Ho un Videoplexer unboxed, in buone condizioni e perfettamente funzionante che avrei scambiare per un completo I. apprendimento divertente Non esitate a PM se interessati
  8. Hello Rev, the other package and 'arrived today. Many thanks When you are selling other intelligentvision catalogs ?? Good day Mauro
  9. Hello Rev, today and 'arrived in Italy the pack with 1 Missile Domination and 1 land battle + 1 catalog Intelligenvision. Thanks are very beautiful. Also look another pack 'cause I bought two copies of each title. Regards Spadazzi mauro
  10. The overlays GM are quite common, I often encountered. Coleco labels use intellivision and intellivision II I met Donkey Kong Junior and Lady bugs
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