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  1. Here are a few links regarding UNIX / System V on the Atari TT: http://www.atarimuseum.com/computers/16bits/systemv.html http://atariunix.com/ http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=9629
  2. Although not Atari UNIX, here is a link to NetBSD that can be installed on Motorola 68030 or greater CPU Atari computers (TT and Falcon). As I understand it, NetBSD is a Unix-like OS, and may even share some of the same commands: https://wiki.netbsd.org/ports/atari/
  3. My order finally arrived today! The units look very nice and very professional, great job! Now I just hope I can find the time needed to learn to program games on the CV and SGM! Thanks for your efforts Eduardo and congratulations on your accomplishment, the quality product you have created is something you can be proud of.
  4. I received the shipping address confirmation and replied to it. I look forward to receiving the 2 SGMs, thank you Eduardo and Grazi for your work in making these products a reality for the community!
  5. Sweet! I am looking forward to receiving these and then I hope to develop some CV games enhanced for the SGM! Exciting news that they are almost ready to ship!!
  6. I also received an email in late December 2015, indicating a planned delivery sometime in early 2016.
  7. Hi dZ, thanks for the welcome and encouragement! And yes I can certainly send bigger pics ... I am hoping the next one will be past 1000. I hope you had a good Christmas! Only a few days left in this year's contest.
  8. This is a neat Intellivision homebrew game! I'm new at this, but my goal is to try to break 1000. So far 853 is the closest I've come!
  9. gamer1867

    Carol game photos

    A few photos of the 2015 Christmas Carol game contest entries
  10. Hi Grazy (or is that spelled Grazi?), thanks for the announcement and I wish both you and Eduardo success in your Colecovision endeavors!
  11. That is good news! I can't wait to receive the 2 SGM's I ordered, and I hope to develop a few original games on the Colecovision that will utilize the SGMs. I also have a working Adam computer, and so I also look forward to trying the SGM with that as well. It's been a long wait, but I am excited about it and look forward to being able to use these hopefully in the not very distant future. I feel like a kid anxiously counting the days until Christmas arrives!
  12. Congrats Eduardo! Best wishes to both yourself and Grazy.
  13. I received a PM from Eduardo a few months ago when I requested confirmation that I had ordered and paid for 2 SGMs (I am also included on the list he posted in this thread for those who had ordered and paid for the 2nd run). Maybe it's a bit "hit and miss" as to whether or not he will respond to emails and PMs at any given time, but I can confirm that he did respond to my message and confirmed my order (which hasn't yet been shipped because it is part of the 2nd run of SGMs). I hope my account of the communication I received provides a little reassurance to anyone concerned in similar circumstances.
  14. Hi Eduardo, Thank you I see that I am included on the list in post #538. Just a friendly reminder, please note that I had paid for 2 SGMs. I look forward to receiving them - thanks! Neil Schmidt
  15. Hi Eduardo, Thanks for the update! I prepaid via Paypal for 2 modules in April of 2014 and received an email confirmation from you at that time (Apr 13, 2014) that you received payment. I will wait to be contacted again in the following weeks, thank you. My post in this forum thread was #1867 and #1868. Thank you! Neil
  16. I have a MM32 and there are only 3 jumpers on my board as well. I assume the MM64 must have 4 jumpers, and the MM32 has only 3 jumpers. The following excerpt is shown from another website, "http://www.zhell.co.uk/ttpage.html" Please note: This copyrighted material is shown in this forum under "fair use" for review or reference purposes only, and is not meant to infringe on any copyright.
  17. Hi Eduardo, I sent a Paypal payment to you for 2 SGMs on April 3, 2014. Could you please confirm by email that you received the order & payment? Thank you.
  18. That's strange, the forum put the two links together for some reason. link 1: www.opcodegames.com link 2: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/211340-super-game-module-second-run/ That's better (these links work in this post #1868) Thanks!
  19. Hi Eduardo, I have just sent you a PayPal payment of $190 USD for an order for 2 SGMs (to Canada) according to the ordering instructions on http://www.opcodegames.com/ and http://atariage.com/forums/topic/211340-super-game-module-second-run/ Thank you; please send me a confirmation email upon receipt of this payment.
  20. I'm coming to this thread late, but are there any remaining slots available for the SGM 2nd run? I tried to PM Opcode, but the AtariAge messaging system says that the member cannot receive messages. I was also wondering in case anyone might know, are SGM-enhanced cartridges playable on a Coleco Adam computer? (The Adam has 32k or more RAM from what I understand which is as much as the SGM, unlike the console's limited 1k correct?) Would the only incompatibility be the extra sound chip on the SGM which the Adam does not have? Thanks
  21. Is there going to be another run of SGMs? I missed the first one, but I'm interested if there will be another. Is anyone interested in selling one possibly? I have excellent ebay feedback which I could cross-reference : )
  22. Hi, I also have a Mega STe but the hard drive does boot on mine. You might need to boot from a floppy drive which contains the ICD hard drive boot driver, and then the hard drive could be recognized. If I recall correctly, the Mega STe will by default boot off of floppy disk if it detects a disk in the drive; otherwise after something like 5 seconds or so it will instead boot off of the hard drive (but it can't boot off the hard drive if the drive is not bootable - if it hasn't been configured with a boot sector, then the hard drive requires a driver to be loaded off of floppy). Or maybe you need to press and hold down <shift> while the computer boots up in order to cause it to look at the floppy drive first and bypass the hard drive, I don't quite remember. I'm pretty sure it's in the owner's manual though. You may want to check here: http://dev-docs.atariforge.org/files/Mega_STE_Owners_Manual.pdf I hope that helps a bit. I'm not sure where you could get the ICD driver. Maybe a Google search could locate it? Or maybe your collection came with a boot disk too? [EDIT] Sorry, I just saw in your photo that it looks like you already have the user's manual there. That looks like a nice collection and in good condition! Congratulations on your find!
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