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  1. You could get an original Playstation and Iron Soldier 3.
  2. Please could you add me to the preorder list. I would like one with the case for Lynx II. Thanks.
  3. I ordered a shell and two carts on 2nd September but still not had any confirmation if my order has been sent. I'm in the UK but would like to know if it is on it's way.
  4. Sorry to promote my own aution but I am in desprarte need to raise some money to pay for my daugters dance lessons - so I am selling my one and only copy of Battlesphere Gold http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/199132-battlesphere-gold-on-ebay/
  5. Just in case anyone is interested - My copy of Battlesphere Gold is on Ebay and ends tomorrow (Wednesday 13th June - 3.04pm UK time) . Did not what to have to sell this but need to pay for my daughters dance lessons! eBay Auction -- Item Number: 330743061708 (Finally sorted out how to do the ebay tag!)
  6. TTman


    If you are still looking I could burn you a BJL ROM. I've just been upgrading the TOS ROMS in my STEs so I'm sure my EPROM burner is still working OK. One of my Jags has been modded to use an Alpine card that I got from Nick a few years ago, which I could test the chip in before shipping. I could do it for £10 including postage.
  7. I would like one white and two clear if the price is OK. Blue or grey tint would be my pref. but it's easy to tint the clear.
  8. TTman

    Jagfest '07

    Good news to hear that it will be back in Rochester. The last one was too far away with my work comitments. I hope to be able to bring a lot more of my collection this year.
  9. I have a 2Meg Alpine with a white label saying Zero 5, which is crossed out and GOTCHA! written in biro. It also has in one corner the numbers 3107 crossed out and 0809 written next to them.
  10. I was given a Panasonic 3DO system without any controllers or games so I would like to get it running. It comes up the the CD menu on screen when an audio disk is put in so I guess it works, but I'm not looking to spend a lot of money on it. Just looking for a controller and a few games to try it out to see how it compares with the Jaguar and the Saturn which are my main Retro interests!
  11. If you what to get to stock selling then the prices would have to be that low to atract customers. I think it is a good thing to make these games more accessable to those of us with limited funds. A few years ago GAME shops were selling a lot of Jag games at very low prices. A lot of my collection was aquired at that time and it realy got me interested in the system again. I bought a Jag CD from Telegames after that, and have even gone as far as getting Battlesphere. For the last three years I have atteneded the Jagfest UK events which have been great fun and have made many new friends. How many others there are here that have a similar story?
  12. Very impressive work! It would be great if you could write a tutorial or at least give some tips on how you created this CD. If more people had an understanding on how to create cinepak file and put it onto a CD then I'm sure it would inspire more creative intros for homebrew games
  13. You can run a Lynx emulator on the Dreamcast
  14. Thanks for all the advice. Stones instructions got Phase Zero and the AvP alpha to load so I'm happy that the Alpine is working fine! I'll let you know when I start having headaches over writing my own code!
  15. At long last I have a working eprom programmer and have modifed one of my Jags with the stub '94 rom and stop cable. I have tested the Alpine by loading some of the demos on the Starcat Developments CD using the rdbjag and wdb programs. All seems to be working OK but being new to the Jaguar Alpine system I'm not sure how to load some of the rom files. On the Starcat disc most of the rom files are .jag. Can some of these be loaded onto a 2Mb Alpine ? I have also tried to load the Phase Zero demo without success. I would be greatful for any advice on using the Alpine system. Before anyone says it, I am working my way through the developers manual. I need to know my system is working correctly before I get too deep!
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