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  1. Here is the video I made on my channel! https://youtu.be/5lo5AHXrhCU
  2. Just a question I just thought of. The plastic bag I saw in the picture to cover the cartridge, where did you get those at? Thanks.
  3. I just ordered! Can't wait to try this and add this to my complete collection and I'll make a video out of this on my channel.
  4. I was at a gas station one day and a guy came up to me and asked if that was the Atari Jaguar logo. I told him yes and he started telling me how he had the console back in the day and the games he played on in lol. But I also notice when I'm at the drive thru or at the stop light that people will take pictures of my back window lol.
  5. Not really gaming but I thought this would be fun showing everyone that's a Atari Jaguar fan. Here are a few pictures. Let me know what you think and if anything else I could add to the car.
  6. When it comes to power supplies for the Jaguar, you have to be careful. The console is VERY picky with how much power it gets. Make sure you use an authentic Atari branded plug or one that was designed for the Jaguar. Even with the Atari plugs, depending on the age and how warn out they get, I had one where the Jaguar would go dark when playing a game after about 10 minutes. I changed the power supply and it works fine. You can find Atari Jaguar plugs between $20-$30 for an authentic one, even new. That's what I did until I got a custom made plug that powers both the Jaguar and the Jaguar CD. Just a note, there are two styles of the Jaguar power plug, one that's larger like the Sega Genesis model 1 and a smaller one with a grey sticker on it, from what I remember, the specs are the same so either one will work, but the one with the grey sticker is the newer version, I'd say go with that.
  7. Towers 2 is Cart only. But damn, the pro controller cost that much now? Good thing I have two pro controllers! The only thing I'm looking for is the Jaguar CD box lol. anyone wants to give me one? Besides that,I have everything else lol.
  8. Take some close up pictures of your unit with and without the CD at different angles so I can see if I'm able to see what you are not seeing. If the spinner part where the CD sits is to high, that will cause to much pressure and won't spin the CD. But try that link from the other poster and see if that works. Also, make sure you are using a genuine power supply for the Jaguar CD (and the console itself) The Jaguar is very picky with how much power the unit is getting.
  9. I bought my refurbished Jag CD from Best Electronics and it still works like new. At the time they had both new and refurb units and I asked if refurb was just as good, I was told the refurb was better because they replaced all the caps and test everything before shipping so they know it works. I got it and it still works to this day! I only paid $150 for it and I still use it today because its really the only CD player I have anymore lol.
  10. I've had my Jag CD for a few years now and my Jaguar for almost 10 years now (time flies!). When I bought my Jag CD, just got the unit itself but recently I wanted to get the box for the Jag CD, is it still possible to find one where when I do see one they wouldn't be asking a lot like they do on eBay? I was looking to get one to display it with the rest of my Jaguar collection.
  11. Do you plan to have this as a cart or on the CD?
  12. Part of the problem is that the games uses the keypad. I'm sure there's a way to rig something up but the time and money you'll put in might not be worth it. This was why I wanted to complete my Jaguar collection because I knew the longer I wait, the more this stuff was going to cost. Have you looked on eBay and see the prices of those controllers?
  13. I have two Pro Controllers and the problem now is that collectors that has them, are not willing to get rid of them unless they are dumping their collection. And at least for me, I don't plan to dump my complete collection.
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