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  1. About time I listed my one :-) U.S.A Serial 83S DA 009860 103
  2. Last year I managed to win an auction (not on eBay) for an Atari STe in a pristine box and the unit in great condition....what did the seller do when he sent it? He stuck two pieces of A4 paper directly on to the front and back of the box with my address on one and his on the other and then ran masking tape all over it! So when it arrived the pristine box now had tape all over it and had been squashed in three places. I was very unhappy but the seller was not prepared to do anything except to say "Sorry Dude" GRUMBLE
  3. Not Required anymore
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  5. Thanks for the reply I have two Commodore monitors (a 1701 and a 1702) can't beat em really. The 1702 is my original one that went with my 130XE my parents bought my Brother, Sister and I and it is still going strong so I should be good to go on that front. I have read that the old 1050 power supply's work on them as well and I have an old 1050 240v one here I can use. I wish I known about bob1200xl's ones when they were around, from what I have heard they are great I did notice that Classics has one listed on his page that is modded so maybe I should go for one of those as I am not super confident at modding yet (I have a old cruddy 800XL I'm mucking around with to get my skill level up). I'm just keen on having the box for completeness, but to be honest I would probably use it as my main machine if it was modded Cheers Rel
  6. Thanks I might ask the guy some questions and see what shipping costs to New Zealand are. I'm not to worry about it missing the power supply as I wouldn't be able to use it here without a step down and I probably have a spare power supply here I can use from a busted 1050. But yeah not really going to pay $180 if it doesn't work Maybe I will wait Cheers Rel
  7. Hi Guy, I have searched the forum for an idea on this but can't seem to find anything (might be this flu bug I have at the moment making my brain fuzzy!) . Anyway I am thinking of getting hold of an Atari 1200XL for my collection. I was wondering what you guys think is a reasonable price for one that is boxed and one that isn't? I have located one that is boxed but it is untested and missing the power supply but it does look in good condition. They what $180 USD for it and I am unsure if that is steep? I know that 1200XL aren't that common anymore and are totaly non existent in New Zealand Cheers Rel
  8. Hi tep392, I am definitely interested in one too if there are any still available Cheers Rel
  9. I would be interested in one of these as well if it's not too late. They look fantastic Cheers Rel
  10. Thanks, I just wish as a kid I had thought to keep the boxes for the ones from our original collection
  11. Hi All, Here is my growing collection, though a lot of it I already had from my Childhood Atari 130XE system Atari 8-bit Games Atari 8-bit Software Atari 8-bit Hardware Atari ST Hardware Atari 7800 Games Atari 7800 Hardware Atari Lynx Game (Newest Collecting item so don't have many games yet) Atari Lynx Hardware Misc Hardware My trusty Commodore 1701 Monitor Quickshot Joysticks (I killed many of these as a child on Decathlon!) So there ya have it I just missed out on a PAL Atari 400 last night so looking out for one of those Cheers Rel
  12. Hi All, There is currently an Auction on an NZ site where the person is selling a boxed (But used) 2600 Vader. It looks in good condition and comes with all the controllers and cables plus comes with 11 games (one is a boxed Space Invaders open). It is listed at $100NZD which is about $80USD. Sound like a good deal? Ultimately I am looking for the Atari 2600 Wood grain model boxed but though this might be worth it too? Cheers Rel
  13. Here's my 7800: Serial X 211 099362 PAL B and comes with Asteroids built in. No expansion port. Cheers Rel
  14. Thanks I'm pretty stoked. I paid about $90 in US Dollars which might seem like too much but it is in fantastic condition and they are hard to come by in New Zealand unless you buy from overseas. The game pads seem ok but I haven't had a really good play with them yet. So looking at the composite mods there seem to be a few though this one looks nice and simple though it does not preserve the RF output: http://www.ebay.com/itm/300592126324?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 Are there any others I should consider? Cheers Rel
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