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  1. Ok, I'm a donkey !!😖 .... and blind !! Everything works now! You were very kind and patient !!! Thank you so much!
  2. Make it!......no works...... ;(
  3. Ok Senior, I haven't got it! This is compressed source in XB256 I put here the file to load with classic99 TI-LEM
  4. OK, Senior, your routine works on XB 256, but remain the compiler problem.
  5. Thanks, Senior, I'll try and report here. But now I've another one problem. The compiled file go in crash, it show after some glitch the intro but in crash system and some color and char glitch, with random sprite too. Doesn't the compiler work with compress data in xb256?
  6. As I wrote in the topic, the game will eventually be compiled. However, the compression procedure is done with XB 256 by adding the line CALL COMPRESS (1) after the section that redefines the screen.
  7. I'm using XB256 in ISABELLA Package
  8. ELSE isn't supported on XB256
  9. Hi guys! I recently started an old project for TI99, TI-L.E.M. a conversion of the original game developed by Philsan for ATARI VCS. Recently I managed to develop a pseudo-random lunar soil generation system and an algorithm that identifies the ideal moon landing point. I also managed to compress the intro image, but I noticed that in this case I can't use the access to the VDP registers to turn off the video signal during the construction of the graphic and turn it back on at the end of it. https://youtu.be/bjuCckI7v80 The form in which the system normally works is this: REM DRAW MAP(S) 1420 CALL CLEAR 1423 CALL LOAD(14864,128) 1425 CALL LINK("SCREEN",-1391) 1430 RESTORE 900 1440 READ W,H,SC::CALL SCREEN(SC)::CALL CLEAR 1450 FOR Y=1 TO H 1460 FOR X=1 TO W 1470 READ CP::CALL VCHAR(Y,X,CP) 1480 NEXT X 1490 NEXT Y 1495 CALL LINK("SCREEN",-1327) 1500 CALL KEY(0,K,S)::IF S=0 THEN 1500 1510 END While in this form it does not work: 50 CALL LINK("SCRN2") 70 CALL LOAD(14864,128) 80 CALL LINK("SCREEN",-1391) 100 restore 30000 110 read a$ :: if a$="" then 2600 :: call link("CWRITE",a$) :: goto 110 120 CALL LINK("SCREEN",-1327) Ok master friends, someone can help me? Thanks
  10. I know that with XB256 it is possible to write and read in the VDP, in addition to being able to compress the graphics in a table, but I would need an example to understand how to do it.
  11. Hi guys! Information on creating software sprites. I designed these sprite tiles with the charset for the idea of ​​a game that I would like to create. Is it possible to save these sprite tiles on a memory area and then recall them at the moment without manually redrawing them each time in XB256 or RXB? Thanks
  12. Is there some memory address to use with Call Peek for to know sprite position, without use call position?
  13. Hi guys! I'm developing a little version of brekout for a contest in basic 4k, but....damn sprite! They have big control latency on CALL MOTION and CALL COINC. My quest are these: #1 is there a mode like CALL LOAD or similar to make better check collision? #2 is there a mode for check sprite position on character name table, like CALL GCHAR? THANKS.
  14. Great job!!! only....I can't ear any sound from game on Stella...... Why?
  15. That's all works....for now! Thanks to everybody! https://youtu.be/JrOzOLVGhkc
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